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  1. Loot is not low. Absolutely not
  2. Dude, I totally agree! There are many interesting features in the survival mode but the survival value is spoiled. There is almost no fear of losing loot because you can go back and find everything again in 5 minutes. The graphics are disgusting! The lighting is too bright and not pretty. You need to strain your eyes very much. I really don't understand why the developers are increasing the amount of loot over and over again. So that pvp players can find guns faster? Pvp also existed in WarZ. We fought with fu****g kruger's or pistols. Sometimes we were lucky and fired from m16 or m4. There was a great interest in going to loot another city or military base because the loot was different everywhere. Now on the FARM I can find Famas or a damn PKM. In any residential building, you can easily find a military semi-automatic gun or a rifle. It absolutely kills the interest. I walked around the airport and in every tent and on every crate I could find several rifles or shotguns. I didn't even have enough space in the large Hunter Backpack to carry everything. A huge part was still there. I remember the old days when you could go to a military base and find only a single M4 and a few helmets. I am terribly offended that they themselves bury this game and then don't understand why players leave it again ...
  3. I'll just never understand these developers. They make a wipe. They promise that the loot will be VERY RARE and the survival in the style of WarZ will return. None of this was done and now the amount of loot is even more than it was before! Also in the description for survival mode it is written that LOOT IS RARE...OMG Where is your promised return of ISS? People are constantly asking to return the old. And for this you just need to make the LOOT RARE, DAMN! Instead, you continue to increase the amount of loot AGAIN TURNING SURVIVAL INTO THE SECOND ARCADE! Tired of telling this for the hundredth time...
  4. I agree, the color is awful, but the texture is the most annoying. I've already asked for this about three times
  5. And I am very annoyed by the ghillie suit. It looks awful now. It would be worth remaking!!! Here! It looks cool and realistic. But what is this?
  6. I think that with such vegetation, a player with any skin could hide. Unless the skin glows in the dark
  7. These sounds don't scare me. ;D It adds a little atmosphere. Because I have been playing the game since 2012 (I mean warz and ISS). Then these sounds were cool. But these sounds are not the main thing for me! First of all, I am worried about the sounds of nature that are very wrong.
  8. Hello. I noticed that the sounds of nature sometimes appear and abruptly disappear after a couple of seconds. You need to expand sound radius. Please add more sounds of nature. Very often there are none at all. I run through the woods or near cities and all the time there is silence. It is very annoying. Scary sounds - they can also appear and abruptly disappear after a couple of seconds. Or replaced with another sound. And these sounds I can only hear when I spawn. Then scary sounds are extremely rare. Can you make them a little more often? As I write this post, there is one more question. Is it possible to return similar vegetation to the game? It is much more beautiful and realistic than now. It used to be easier to hide in the forest.
  9. I just suggest not to change the quality of loot, but to greatly reduce its amount on the map. When there is a lot of loot, it gets very boring to loot. Items are just everywhere, at every turn. Do this and it will add interest in survival. It is very stupid that even on a farm or in a small village you can find military loot (different armor and rifles). Finding any loot is too easy now. You just go and collect everything. It's not interesting. More zombies in big cities and military bases, less loot. And I strongly advise you to reduce the quality of loot in large crates, which are located in Boulder City, Superior Junction, etc. Each crate contains 2 AK or 2 M4. This is too much. I want to look for loot and not just collect it at every step. I'm not even happy that I find a firearm in the form of an AK or M4. You are misleading the players because the description of survival says that the loot is RARE One player quote from discord: Right now pretty much every place is easy and this is why there can only be little loot, and this is why looting gets boring. There is no challange and there is no reward. Imagine if the zombies were an actual challange. Now a mass of zombies can be just pulled out of their zone until they are stuck, or you can just climb onto something and hit them for free. While the latter is somewhat "realistic", since you could do that irl, the first option is quite sad. Also, if SZs could climb and thus actually be a challenge, maybe at a cost of a bit lower HP, certain places could contain more loot while being harder to get - thus being reliably rewarding. The places that are "easy", would have little loot, but good for starters, and the places that are "hard" - more. What I would like to see is an overall DECREASE in loot in general, but more challenging ways to reliably get MORE of it The airdrops and helis are a step in a good direction, but that's not it yet.
  10. We talked about loot and other things, but the hotfix only affected the RECOIL AND SPREAD ... WARZ REBOOT! Ahah, I laugh and sad at the same time! We got the same open world again with fewer snipers and slightly fewer weapons. I was so excited to hear about the game's return. It was pretty good at first, but with this patch you ruined everything again! Thanks
  11. Oh yeah! What is the point of calling it survival if food is everywhere, medicines are constantly falling out of zombies and weapons,guns can be found in every building? Yesterday I just wanted to run around Crearview, but as always, I was killed by the damn campers sitting on the rooftops and just waiting for the players. This is not survival. Not at all! F*** these campers, let them go looking for food and medicine around! There used to be groups. There was survival and fear. Now we again have only huge masses of loot and pvp. Why you guys don't listen to players when they ask for really important things? If you released real survival, people would not leave this game.
  12. Damn ... Guys, you said the loot was slightly increased. I walked around Boulder City and found so many guns and weapons that they didn't fit into my Alice backpack. I don't understand why you made a wipe if there is even more loot now? (Especially guns) With the rest of the loot, everything is almost fine, but why so much military loot and guns? Especially in civilian places. I advise you to fix it faster before the game turns back to what it was. People started leaving again because they realized that no changes had happened and this was not an old ISS(WarZ). There is a lot of loot again, there is no sense of survival, etc. It's sad that the old game won't come back. You had to fundamentally change everything. Lots of zombies, rare AR and a sense of fear. But everything returned to what it was before the wipe.
  13. I really hope that loot will not be greatly increased. It's already enough in general. If the amount of loot increases, then the point was from the wipe, if there is more loot again? Don't do this guys. I'm sorry for my English if it's bad.
  14. Hello developers! Could you finally remove ladders from the bridges? It's very ridiculous and easy. It is also advisable to remove it from five-story buildings. Or make the climb on these ladders more realistic and slower. Please remove the melee from the character's leg! This has been asked for a long time. Probably two years ago. Have you ever seen how chainsaw looks like when it is on your leg?Awful. Why has the number of zombies decreased in some places? Campos City and Clearview. Maybe I was just unlucky, but it seems to me that there were much more of them before. You recently did a survey about adding bus stops. Don't do that...! Why I can't find an ordinary wooden bat anywhere? This is a trifle but where is it? And also a bat with nails, which is now available only in craft, but I can't even find an ordinary one. WILL WRITE about it for the hundredth time.There are skins for the M9 helmet (green,desert,forest,black,urban etc.) and some body armor (MTV, light gear). Those who haven't played before don't have skins for this equipment. Can all types of Helmets be returned in Survival? This will make loot more varied. You can also add armor for respawn. (MTV Forest, MTV green,Sand or Desert, Light Gear Forest, etc.) These are actually basic skins that can be added back, but not as skins. I think it's interesting.. Thanks!
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