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  1. On 10/12/2017 at 0:27 AM, CampersRUs said:

    Just so you know, soup is a good thing to carry. It replenishes both hunger and thirst. You can quench your thirst and hunger quickly because it only takes one item rather than say chocolate bars and water. Soda is also a good item to have in your pack. It does just about the same as soup, leaning heavier toward thirst though. BTW... If you come across any Bag of MRE, jump on them. They are the best item to satisfy hunger and thirst in the game.

    As you progress in the game you will find that you will actually need more food than meds because you won't take as much damage. But, you will always need to eat and drink to survive. You can die of hunger and/or thirst in this game.

    Stay well fed and watered and... Have a Nice Day!!! B|

    lol... food doesn't nothing for you in BR which is where this topic is posted. the games dont last long enough to have u go even 25% threw your food and water. It just seems like they are there to take up spawn spots 

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  2. 9 hours ago, MazerJoca said:

    About Survival Mode:

    • REMOVE skins from Survival Mode 
    • Put original Zombies from ISS
    • Fix the sensitive of mouse
    • We dont want anything new , we just want a real ISS feeling, same map, same loot table, same statistics. Just stay that mode as we "old ISS Players" want and everybody will be happy. look you just wasting your time doing useless things when you could do important things like i said. i think would be better for everyone.

    This is what we want - From Old ISS players

    Yes i actually like skins, and I played back when it first changed to ISS. I'd be sad if all my skins i worked (paid) for i couldn't use. The zombies are my only real complain.

  3. First off let me say GOOD JOB making it feel like old ISS. I miss the way it use to be when i played several years ago.


    -Loot (guns) is definitely more rare. (pulled 1 m4, 1 p90, and 1 rpk out of a whole norad run) this is good.

    -Car spawns! Thanks!

    -I love the new UI

    -I don't have to worry about someone jumping me all decked out in full heavy + nvg + sig elite c-mags.


    -Super zombie doesn't drop any loot at all... this makes me sad.

    -Why are there so many attachments spawning and not much of anything else?

    -As its been stated the zombies melee seems a bit much, they seem to hit you no matter what you do (maybe this was intended)

    -Found a item box and it was a desert eaglexD lol..... When i see an item box i think its gonna be something good (good AR - skin box - sniper)

    -I wish the market place worked in safe zones for at least ammo. This is just a preference and i would understand if it wasn't in the actual game after beta.


    Overall I really enjoyed playing I just wish I had more time to play. I understand its still in its final beta stages and its gonna be reworked still. 

    I think you guys did a hell of a good job thus far! The pros to me definitely out way the cons! KEEP IT UP!

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