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  1. Hmm cant seem to find any boxes or tridents... war axes.. someone help
  2. Thanks for fixing BR. Thanks for bringing back the best BR map, Thanks for making it fair for people who don't team! Now fix the spawns. In such a big map with hundreds of spawns why am I almost always spawned next to 2 or sometimes 3 other people with only 25 people in the game lol other that that
  3. how much for the adventuererrr twitch
  4. I use to love BR it was really the only reason I would play the game still. As of the past few months the BR is just no fun if you are alone. There is almost no way to win by yourself. Please make a server with people playing alone or remove grouping in BR...
  5. Please revert whatever you just did to BR. or give us the option to play it the old way. for real its the only reason I play still and pay money..
  6. nah its trash. or atleast give us back the old BR
  7. its madness. gimme back the classic
  8. Zarrd

    PvP Servers...

    How about instead having to log out after death in PvP servers instead maybe have a min timer where you have to wait and respawn..
  9. No you cant heal with soup or pasta lol.... you can only heal 5% with gatorades. and literally going into almost any building there are tons of soup or pastas... med buildings especially.
  10. lol... food doesn't nothing for you in BR which is where this topic is posted. the games dont last long enough to have u go even 25% threw your food and water. It just seems like they are there to take up spawn spots
  11. Why is there so much soup and pasta spawning? lol went into a med shack and no joke 11 of the 12 items were soup or pasta. why even put food even in BR (aside from gatorade)? Less food and more meds or something please?
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