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  1. Official , all of them have most of the time 2-4 items or none in the whole area ( but i think thats bc of the low amount of event spots per map ,players just put a character there in each map and then they loot all the maps in all the regions)
  2. The finger problem is fixed , now remains the amount of event spots and the slow respawning time of the items in the area , which my friend @v1j3 was trying to say by "big spawning rate". (Most of the time the spot has almost no loot when i join a server)
  3. Also i would rather find 10 boxes per hour and not get any good skins from them , rather then not finding anything at all or 1 box per 2 hours THIS IS NOT FUN, *sigh* the previous halloween was 10x better , this one just feels like a joke to the community ( and im not the only one who said it , my entire clan(20 peeps) already gave up looting just bc of it )
  4. Good things: *good skins Bad things: *not enough secret event places on map *not enough loot in the secret spot or spawn time is too slow and too low chances for something good *i like the idea with the finger as an alternative for getting the skinbox BUT it is pointless to do it if you make the finger hard as feck to find
  5. So , were gona be able to find halloween items after the patch at the halloween locations or on friday ?
  6. Add more cars on the road for more cover and push-ups
  7. @Sven I am more then sure, even with the server entering sleep mode and entering back in , they're still not spawning/not there , and yes open world . Since i dont know which one was removed ill tell the location of all the missong ones : crashed plane , brown containers , and town helicopter
  8. Ok 1 is gone , but where are the other 2 normal supers ? Cuz 3 are gone :* .
  9. @Sven I am very sure , at nato there was supposed to be 8 normal supers ( 2 on airstrip , 1 crashed plane , 1 tanks , 1 at brown containers , 2 near tents and 1 at town helicopter ) . Now there is only 5 ( 2 airstrip , 1 tank , 2 tents ) . SOO the normal supers from crashed plane , brown containers and town helicopter , are not spawning ( or are removed )
  10. @Sven Can i ask why there is only 5 super zombies on NATO , instead of 8 ? it used to be 8 . Did you removed 3 supers of wut ? if you did , then thats a bad move sir .
  11. I dont think fn fall is that op , the damage is good actually ,for headshots only is 3 and bodyshots is 6 ,BUT the mag only has 20 bullets which makes you to think when to take the decision to shoot and not waste the bullets . And as a findable weapon i would class it as an uncommon rarity
  12. Here is my vision on how EU servers should look : 3 or 4 colorado servers - ping limit 2 caliwood servers - ping limit 2 oregon servers - ping limit And 2 trade servers - no limit
  13. I agree with Freddy D. EUs should be on EU , and thais on HK. Doing this WILL fix it , ik you'll say ping limited servers are empty but thats bc people will always choose where there is more people. Making all servers ping limited and leaving only a few number of servers to crowd the people and expanding the number over time when people come back SHOULD FIX THE PROBLEM.
  14. I agree on the thai problem , most of my friends want to leave just bc of them . The only solution will surely be making eu servers ping limited. I know youll say it will kill the population on the eu servers. But its not. The EU players dont want any longer to fight thais . And bc of them, the eu population will die and only asians will play this game . Sad but true
  15. If you guys really dont like the respawn sistem on official servers ( as i can see above ), why not make the revive timer to 1 minute ? ( it takes 1 min for me to log back in , ssd powa )
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