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  1. Hi guys, My problem is the following: I was in a private server (farming etc..), and I was driving in a car, but suddenly "You have been disconnected form the server". So I reconnected quickly, but the car was not there, so I lost my car. Is that normal? I think It's a mistake that they should correct, because getting a car is not so easy to lose it that way.
  2. Greetings for everyone, I'm Nicolas and I'm 21 years old. I played this game like 2 years ago, I'm from Colombia, but I know to speak English very well aswell speaking and writing. I'm not the best player like Solaten or Glad, but I defend myself xD. I could play for a long time because I'm on vacations (For the university). I just want to enjoy the game with other people. Thank you for your attention,
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