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  1. TEAM: BIXA Gaming COUNTRY: Finland, Poland, Germany, USA, UK CONTACT: Voimis (aka. Kenny Omega on discord) PLAYERS: Voimis, PaC, P A R A N O I D, Dyness, Surzeus Reserves: PLAYOFF, NinjaGonePro, Julii, MLG Rockstar, Xatoo, Shimozu, Rickzy
  2. Why should that mean that you can't try to clear your reputation, which is exactly what PLAYOFF is doing here.
  3. We've faced the same accusations since day one of WarZ. "BIXA noob, BIXA cheat, BIXA esp, BIXA macro", etc. People have always tried to tarnish our reputation by falsely accusing us of cheating and macroing, yet every time we have proved them wrong. BIXA is, has been, and will always be legit. PLAYOFF is literally getting so much shite for no reason, and he is constantly getting stream sniped too. You guys really need to learn to differentiate actual cheaters/rapid fire macroers from legit players. Kind Regards, Voimis, the leader of BIXA Gaming, BIXA Gaming Team
  4. Still waiting for new Survival content, the new Survival map and some reasonable adjustments to the guns (why is something as common as Scar CQC or G36 better than rare Night/Red Stalkers etc..?). All you do is talk about "big Open World changes".
  5. Aren't super zombies on Survival supposed to drop 2 items, like 100% of the time? I've only had 1 drop twice now after this latest patch.
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