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  1. i think it is a good idea, brings back the idea of the old warz ;D
  3. you should grow up, you are the fuckwit in the case, not us. cause you should be saying sorry for us, but no, u are racist and you are proud of it, well done ! nice organizer doing mistakes all the time and dont fix it, just cover it up and blame something else. !! NICE JOB Now you want to argue about answering in time... OMG sometimes people do that in life, be late 5min 10min can happen.. What CANT happen is a organizer doing stupid decision all the time and picking on a team cause the organizer doesnt like them at all.. so Shut up, grow up, and stop been a fuckwit,fix ur own issues, dont blame other people, its just your fault thats all.. just stop with your EGO, its too high but you are just miserable as others in this game,JUST PUT THAT IN YOUR HEAD
  4. if you wroto 1x1 in the chat nobody saw it.. cause we would of call you attention straight away.., when we do realizei you give them the point we did say it.. so dont fuck come to say we didnt agree in the rules.. you should follow ur own rule, not just make things up and do next rounds and shit. cause when i wrote to you in the chat that the forth round was useless to play if we were right.. u did agreed on that.. so why the fuck you didnt give us the point.. it just show me yoiu dont pay attention on this when it is relation to us southamericans.. so thats why i call you a fucking recist, and you are.. but you have the right to defend yourself. but still you always gonna be that person, racist always a racist just think twice when get bashed in the streets so you realize that isnt right. youwere picking in both Gods Team, desqualifing both. so for sure you deserved to be trolled and insulted, cause it was your fault not ours, so do you expect that guys from 15 to 17 years old treat you like what?? you are lucky that i didnt troll you, cause i dont give a fuck about ur cup, cup that not even follow their own rules.. you dont need to give another chance for a fifth round, you just had to tell the other team that you were wrong , and it was 3 - nil for us! thats all you had to do.. but no, you wanted to play 2 more rounds, that is the stupid thing about all that. your decision is against us. thats why my team call you stupid, and i agreed know with it, you decision was silly and you ignoring that is even sillier. So dont fuck tell lies over here, cause you and whoever is defending you are just wrong, as i said everything could be avoided if you didnt ignore what we were saying to you.. you just would of checked, realise that it was wrong, come back , and tell the other guys that we won. but no you are a racist, so be it , dont worry mate things in life will get back to you.
  5. no fucking way, u just didnt listen, u just was trying to do anything else but see the replay. DONT LIE OVER HERE, CAUSE WE KNOW WHEN WE TOLD YOU TO WATCH STREAM AGAIN YOU DIDNT DO IT CAUSE YOU WERE TALKING TO US IN THE SERVER, dont lie about it, just recognize that you simple ignore that, and want to do a new round, u are just like that, we know it, anyother team you would check it out properly before anything else. you wouldnt not even start a new round. you would check it out before anything else. so stop lying, and making things up. tell the community you fucked it up and was your fault that all that happened stop denying it is your fault
  6. the whole stream. first round starting at 43:00
  7. as usual, streamer that just want the viewers, telling us in the middle of the round that his own viewers agree in his decission, hahaha the cup staff is his own viewers OMG
  8. Gandalf cup is really a bias cup, basiclly what appers it that gandalf dont like brazilians, dont like clan gods, and is not trying to do the right thing, (he says in a draw round, who got the first kill wins the round) , in this case we did win the round but he deny that happaned and he not even check his on stream to see what happened at the second round of the cup gods x gosu asia !! so Clearly it is a rabbish cup, cause the streamer are not doing the right thing at his own cup. so my conclusion is that not just with us (clan gods) but any team that he doesnt like can be treated with the same arrogance and ignorance from the "good streamer" as gandalf.. ! For the community, good luck in play his cup, For Gosu asia, well done boys, not even tell the true for gandalf, you guys not even spoke up to tell him the true, but anyways, honest people are just a few in this the world as we all know!! Well done gandalf foi a "great job" u have done in this cup, you might get heaps of players on the next one.
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