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  1. Hello everyone,
    my name is Alexandre and i am one of the mods in Sully's Twitch Channel i came here to feedback his work until now and saying my thoughts about his stream / content.
    Well first of all Sully it's part of my NERDCLAN Kappa, second he is a very good person and love's what he's doing in twitch and for us as community.
    My sincere thoughts about him and his stream are very very positive so for this reasons he's one of my favourite Twitch streamers and Honest people i met in this game called Infestation : The NewZ.

    Love u y'all ?,

    1. SullyStackz


      Thanks for the Feed back and being honest. i appreciate the love you show for all the fellow streamers i play with as well. Its good to know people support what we are doing for the community with the unity we show because i dont think you will find a group of streamers who support/ back up each other as much as our group of streamers do. So thanks for all the support and love you show us as streamers.

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