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  1. Those pictures are beautiful. The overgrowth got removed form the game as they brought a lot of FPS issues. They were really realllly not optimized. I guess now, devs have a plan to compensate it with another system of overgrowth. We will let you know if yes. Anyways, those pictures are really nice !!
  2. Yea I know what you mean now. They go through the floor when you kill them. Seems like we should try to fix it.
  3. Those moments when you could find a mossberg, camping in the clinic for hours and then getting noclipped
  4. Nothing to do with it here. That kind of issue happens because of an incompatibility with a software. Here's a list of softwares that could cause it: - AMD Gaming Evolved - Raptr - Plays.TV - Radeon Settings - EVGA Precision - MSI Afterburner - MSI Nahimic - Nvidia Experience - Shadowplay - RivaTuner - Some Anti-Viruses (the most common are McAffee and nod32) - Asus Sonic Studio - Sonic Sound
  5. On Openworld it will take a lot of times. It actually depends where you play. If you play on Open World maps, it will be even more long because you die less than on PvP servers. Everytime you log on a server and then you die, then it counts like one "run" (or match, or game... Call it like you want). It takes a lot of runs to get ranked.
  6. I can't wait for that ! This is going to be so funny !
  7. kazmightONFIRE

    Reload Glitch

    Maybe because you are still running. If you run, you cannot reload. Make sure you are walking or not moving when you reload
  8. One of them are a stack of ammo that you bought from marketplace (or that you traded from a player who bought it on market), and another one is probably from a weapon that you cleant.
  9. Then get ready, that Legacy mode will be really funny for you
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