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  1. I am a casual player, but i have rent a server to harvest items peacefully. So I do have some issues now: First, the heli crash does not pop up at any moment in my sever, and second: when i first enter to a town, it is full of items (almost like open world) but after i loot everything, days come and go, and very few items spawn. So i wanted to let you know about this, so you may be aware of the needs we, as private players, have. Thanks for the wonderful game tough, it is really helpful when i want to play something without commiting to it (thats why i dont enter to WoW and i prefer to spend my money in here) tough the events make me connect more often, so you should keep doing that.
  2. Lol, I didn't see that before. At least this topic will be useful to newbies
  3. It is not a problem that the servers are PVP, but i think it should be specified on the options as well.
  4. Dear Developers: It is my suggestion that you change the PVE icon next to every Open World Premium Server because, as I have tested, one can be killed by another player in those servers. Yesterday I asked a player to try and kill me, giving that i wanted to make sure it couldn´t be done. I was wrong. I died on the spot after giving away my location, willingly, to whom would be my perpetator. Kind Regards, XarthurK
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