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  1. Alright so the lockers have finally been brought in huh? Well the Gears are not so rare as you would hope but that is not what i want to bring up. What i feel like we need to talk about is how i farmed metal like i was gonna get raped if i didn't reach 50 by the end of the day. And now that i have it i feel like a little kid on christmas, i rush back to safezone to craft if and when i have crafted it i feel like i got the most "Rare" item in the game or something. (I brag like a Bi*ch to my friends about it) Anyway we set on a looting mission towards airport, we get there and when i finally about to break the Locker virginity.... THE THING WONT WORK`? I felt molested by the fact that i wasn't able to put it down anywhere... That was alot of time straight down the drain. BUT there might be a way to fix this right? If anyone has a idea how to would be Greatly welcome
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