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  1. Can we get a rocky warmup the map now is to big for 6-10 people. cant really warm shit up against spawn camping.
  2. I just wondering why you guys keep adding more maps to the PVP server tab? Its getting to a point now that Im just changing regions to find people to play against on these maps. The participation on these maps are dipping insanely low because the amount of people who play as a 4 or 5 man group on a server that has a population of 15 or less. It makes the newer/casual player have almost no chance at having a shot at scoring some kills. I myself have played and do play as a 5 man group on these servers to compete with most of the groups doing it, but after a few runs of wiping out the server people stop joining, and i find myself fighting the same clan endlessly, but after a while it gets boring and not to mention it ruins the fun for other people trying to get into the smaller fast paced maps who don't have high tier players. My suggestion to fixing this issue is to eliminate ALOT of same maps selections. Change the rotation to be more specific. Right now you are running 6 of each map on each region, You are spreading the community so thin their is barely anyone to fight on these servers. We play these servers to avoid the huge clans and have some fair fights. Why not change the cap to 3 players on pvp severs? Lets face it the game is in a different state than it was a year ago, the population has dipped very low but yet nothing has changed on these servers. We dont need ping capped servers i have yet to see a player even enter one of those servers mainly because so many people are playing from different regions trying to find some half decent pvp, so just remove them. So lets figure out a fix, instead of having Smallville, Rocky , Springvalley and now west oaks all having 6 servers each per region change that to 2. Lets say you have a set rotation on a 1 or 2 week basis for example our servers would look like this. Rocky 001: (anything) 0/20 Rocky 002: (Sniper only) 0/20 Smallville 001: (Anything) 0/20 Smallville 002: (AR only) 0/20 And you can go on and rotate these maps/choices on a 2 week or monthly basis for example change the sniper map to smallville on the next weeks rotation and give rocky the AR only server. The problem is you are giving people to many options to completely rule a server with a 5 man group and everyone is spread thin across the mass amounts of servers you keep adding. So maybe change the server cap to 3 per clan and force people to fight on the same map as other groups of 3. Its to easy to avoid fighting certain people on certain maps because the selection is huge, these are supposed to be fast paced pvp maps not where clans feel safe to bring 5 awps in and rule a server. Because right now the only option is to fight at rocky against the 5 man clan sitting in the middle of the map watching spawns with awps, Its just not enjoyable to most people entering these maps. I just think some of these things need to be addressed and nobody is speaking out about it. These are my ideas to make the game better, and the people who comment saying "get good" are the people abusing these servers and ruining the experience for a ton of the community, Not everyone enjoys playing as a 5 man group on a 10-15 population server. its boring and takes the fun out of the game for most people. The same thing goes for the official open world servers aswell there are just to many options for people to avoid contact with other players. TL;DR: To many map selections, not enough participation, spreading the community thin, need more strict map rotations and server limits. Leave your opinions/suggestions down below!
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