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  1. But it happens more then you think, it really isn't that hard. I have seen a 5 man team at times back when I played BR a ton. Sadly it looks as if it is still a problem. It would be nice to see a solo option but is there even enough active players on BR to do that anymore? If there are you guys should really look into that. It would make BR more competitive for teamers and give solo players at least a chance to play without getting blasted for 3-5 people at once.
  2. Not really the best idea. You are pretty much giving them money for items which is not allowed in this game. GD should stay in the market place and nowhere else. If you want to give some GD for items you might as well make a paypal and give them real money instead (which I do not recommend btw)
  3. MrSloth


    I never really worried about rep when I played Warz back then, it was all about loot and killing counts. I think two main things in this game is how many kills you have and rep. Yes rep is big for some weird damn reason but it honestly should not be something they need to worry about right now. There are so many other things they need to fix and do before then can worry about reputation because it is not something that is killing off players like other stuff in this game
  4. MrSloth


    Um.... This is a pvp game, if you are not wanting to lose your high rep rank then stop joining pvp servers bud. You are crying about something that makes you look ignorant. Devs are not going to do anything about this because guess what.... its just rep. It is not a game changer and if you do not like it go join open world. Honestly you have no reason to be crying about high rep trolling you because this game is full of them already. It sucks bud but you really need to just get a different character if you want to pvp because being high rep is going to be difficult and you aren't going to get a free pass
  5. Honestly they have tried fixing this macro crap before and failed. There were only a select few that actually reported people and most of the time a ban for using a macro was only three days so people went right back to macroing afterwards. If they were to ban people permanently then people would probably not want to risk losing their account because of macroing. Make using a macro a perm ban and I bet you people would stop except for those who dont care, and those that do not care will have a nice perm ban on their account.
  6. Vehicles for this game should have never happened. I feel like this engine is just not made for vehicles. It would take a lot of revamping if they wanted to really fix the cars in this game because they were already implemented before they bought the game. It would be nice to see vehicles optimized but how long would that take the devs? No one knows unless they tell us in this thread
  7. Ya! that guy reminds me a little of hilter oddly enough I will probably post like 50 just showing how common that one zombie is lol
  8. Dang I thought sniper pvp was full of 3000 dpi players but I was wrong Nice video, PVP on this game has change so much :l
  9. It sucks for solo players but I do not see this working due to the amount of players that actually play BR regularly. I barely see new faces in BR except for the occasional newbie. If there were more people playing BR that would be cool but rn I think it would split the player base so much that BR would be unplayable because there would be nobody on
  10. So far it seems like they might lose pretty cool way to explain it
  11. Most likely a external program that overlays the game. Those programs can probably get you banned because in a way it is like a external cheat. So be careful it might not be a good idea
  12. Ya something a little different would be nice. I get tired of seeing the pharmacy worker zombie 1,000+ times a day
  13. Yup both good ideas. Would live to see parachuting instead of just getting random spawns. I like the system we have now compared to the old one where everyone spawned together but having the option to pick your spot or parachute in would be so much more fun and make it easier. But the problem here is can this engine even do that? It is buggy enough with airdrops how bad would it be with actually parachuting as a player lmao
  14. Exactly there are so many that honestly have no AR's in their GI and it is just full of snipers. I am glad someone else has the same opinion I have about snipers. They are over used and nobody even tries to AR pvp anymore because of snipers. Plus as you stated the cancer (snipers) are ruining many chances for new players to really learn this game. If it was mostly AR pvp on this game the bambis would at least have a chance to fight back and not be one shotted and get confused/mad. If I were otsed by someone and I was a bambi I would be pretty damn pissed because I have no idea how the game really works and I would have almost 0 chance to get loot. Tis a sad sight to see
  15. ^ Yes this should have been fixed long ago I always brought up the point of how hong kong servers are so close to some players such as Thailand's yet they still come to United States servers which those servers are thousands of miles away from where they are. Ping limits seem to be on certain servers but they do not even work against foreign players. This is still a issue even after months of us posting about it so honestly it will never change in my opinion (plus thailands are what run this game money wise so you don't want to piss them off right? )
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