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  1. Exactly. That's why the rapidfire macro abusers are not happy now. They thought they were 'skilled'. Now they are more vulnerable than before. Welcome to AR only servers, 'skilled' clickers. Sven, I expected you somehow control the rate of fire stats now with these changes. But you obviously don't run that stats don't you? Every gun has its own rate of fire, some abusers exceed it firing more bullets at a burst. You could have added a live punish to this abuse somehow... I am upset you don't address your efforts in this direction. Nevertheless, thanks a lot for this update. As well as for giving Colorado back to us. Cheers.
  2. And the main thig: please post more video footage to the development process. The q&a sessions, modelling process, arts, polls, etc. Constantly more public attention in the media to what you're doing with the Survival.
  3. I suggested a few ideas to Survival here: https://suggest.playnewz.com/viewsuggestion?/137-morr-anomaly-zones Developers mentioned they could dynamically change things like weapon or movement characteristics - why not add more anomaly zones in addition to the current radiation? 1. Melee zone where firearms won't work. 2. Teleport zones migrating over looting spots throughout the map, with occasional random spots porting you randomly away. Bus travel mechanics would be okay. 3. Ghost zones where a no-hitbox NPC disguised as a player would run along a street and dissapear. 4. Random ghost-player sounds like far away shooting and close running footsteps.
  4. Good ideas. Instead of wipe, add some more unique pve content, you won't have in GlobalWorld. Developers mentioned they could dynamically change things like weapon or movement characteristics - why not add huge anomaly zones where firearms won't work? With melee only, for the sake of safe looting, and melee fun?
  5. Same goes with crafting. Where is the fun to loot garbage and craft cheap unnecessary things, without killing anyone? Server hopping as well as combat log has always bern there in WarZ. It is easily resolved through longer log-off timing, to make the hopper or logger wait everytime, putting him a more risk. 2 minutes? 3 minutes? 5?? People need to sleep, after all. Being vulnerable while asleep.
  6. Nice When i just started playing WarZ, I was robbed near Campos - a few people told me in proximity chat to stop and leave all my loot, or they shoot me. I did!))
  7. Just say hello to them! They are only friends enjoying their grouping and clan tags, c'mon! They might just wanna help you and throw you some stuff to make your life easier, and other veterans will do so too. Just kidding.
  8. These are just two things i suggest and support, see a few more core reasons above. Grouping is why i don't play survival, and my friends rarely do too - the well armed and organized groups. It is clear they won't be happy to loose their group-wallhack tags. This is not a dramatic change at all. It would take a bit more effort to communicate as a team. Let alone their macros on shooting and moving. So this is my suggestion. I could also suggest you tell fairy tales about random friends enjoing thrills of zomby apocalyps together, to someone else, not me.
  9. Exactly! Switch off the grouping and clantags!
  10. Wipe is nothing without core changes to ballistics, rarity and positioning of items, and easening the crafting system. Cmon, I bet nobody crafts anything in the current survival. The current survival is just a lite version of OpenWorld.
  11. If the reachest guy in Survival has got 150 snipers only, i would suggest saving the whole bunch of snipers for everyone (rare snipers used to be the main value in WarZ), wiping ARs etc., and making long and midrange rifles as rare as posible. It's a Survival game, guys! Every rifle found must be a celebration and a challenge to get with it to the safezone.
  12. I personally stopped playing survival as it does not much differ from GlobalWorld mode. With this fact in mind, the following is worth mentioning: 1. Too much primary loot around in general (weapons, ammo, attachments, armor). This should be removed, and rarely spawn at a few spots only. The original WarZ balanced that to military spots such as bases, mil. cars, random crashed helicopters, police depts. 2. Sniper rifles and good AR be extremely rare. 3. Crafting ingredients loot be much more common, and crafting be less demanding to quantity of the loot. I would personally like an idea of farming ingredients and easy crafting armors, ammo and attachments. Don'make me look for the same loot all day long to craft one armor. It is not worth efforts at all, using it with all those random deaths from groups of macro users or illness. 4. Make simple ARs with less damage, less rate of fire, more sway and recoil, than in OpenWorld Promote use of melee in pvp. 5. No grouping. No clan tags. 6. Wipe, yes. 'Rust' has regular wipes, 'DayZ' has no GI at all. You also have to think about constructions wipe, to avoid building spam like in 'Miscreated'. That's okay to make this kind of difference between OpenWorld and Survival. Probably partial wipe would be okay. I would suggest partial wipe every quarter, seasonal wipe. This will most probably make you promote Survival here and there, post videos, stressing pros and pressing cons if the wipe. 7. Make days different one from another. Someday cloudy, someday shiny, the other day with random thunders and flashes, etc. Thx for supporting this game, guys.
  13. Your approach to theme events gets more and more interesting and funny. Thanks a lot!
  14. Wow great. Thanks for fixing the military spot under the Bridge crossroads at Cali. Have you fixed the missing "D" letter btw? It dissapears at a far range, I mean the large "CALIWOOD" letters set on a mountain. And one more thing. Unfortunately we cannot enjoy the Easter grenades on OpenWorld AR only maps. You have switched them off for the mode. Probably because grenades are not ARs LOL.
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