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    Cheap Auction

    Bets after 1 hour are getting ignored Editing of the bets are not allowed You need to have the GD to pay, otherwise you will get blacklisted from the upcoming once. If you are blacklisted, your bets are getting ignored/deleted You need to be online max. 15 mins after the ending (atleast the contact between you and me) Contact has to go through forum private message Posts which have nothing to do with a bet are going to be ignored/deleted Spaming bets/posts will be ignored/deleted Start price will get posted on top of the skin post The minimum bet are 10000 GD A auction is running for 3 hours, the thread will close automaticly after the time. Start price: 600,000
  2. wolf you better forbid the replies idiots will bid they didnt know that the auction is over lol
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