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  1. You are absolutely correct in saying response times can be much better on the forums, and I will make it an effort to improve this as much as possible. And as Steve as said i'm sure everyone from the staff team feels the same way and will make an effort in improving this and being more inclusive towards players who might not have discord or don't intend on using it. Regarding the discord bot, there seems to be a little bit of confusion in regards to this. When we say "discord support bot" it simply means it is a script/api which allows discord users to submit a request for support obviously which then gets sent to the appropriate staff members which then reply and assist said person as soon as possible. Every ticket, interaction, and support request is read and acted on by a human (unless I suddenly turn into terminator).
  2. I shouldn't type my thoughts out when I am just waking up, the 70, 80, 90 argument didn't make too much sense at all. In simple terms I personally don't mind the asking price of $15 as I have faith they have done enough meaningful work on the game and with the promise of future support and new content. The asking price might alienate players, which is very reasonable given the questionable at best history of past studios and their decision making. In terms of a strong release I agree it is very important, in this case their work will have to sway player opinion towards their corner. But your concerns are all valid, time will tell as with many things. Like I said I am optimistic and I am excited to see what has been done to the game, and I think a F2P weekend or even week with a potential discount to anyone who participated in said event would be tremendously beneficial to the game. Because ideally the game releases, hardcore or straight up new players pay the $15 to experience everything immediately and some time in the game's near future the F2P event rolls out, and if returning or skeptical players like what they see they would be given an easier to swallow pill of maybe a 25-50% off the original price to contribute to a healthy player-base. My thoughts are everywhere today it seems, bottom line I am optimistic and can't wait to see the released product. Hopefully many others will be looking, and then make their judgement on whether the price is reasonable or not.
  3. To be honest I have limited if any history with the drama and controversy with past Nether titles. But given what I know about the current staff team and their history of supporting their work years after release I don't mind paying an admittedly low game price of $15 especially since developers are feeling more and more comfortable asking 80, 90, or even more for unfinished titles at the AAA level or even indie titles. Development costs are obviously a concern, and money will be needed eventually to continue work on the title. Bottom line is people will be turned away at the asking price especially since they have payed for the game in the past, sometimes more then once. But I am sure people will give it a chance when they see constant improvements to the game, and the heavy engagement with the community that Fred, Elias, Sven, and Silent are giving before the game is even released. (I'm sure a free-to-play weekend event would be possible, to entice skeptics to at least give the game another shot. If they like it they have a reason to spend the $15 and if they don't perhaps they are willing to offer feedback or suggestions.)
  4. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!
  5. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
  6. Vintorez

    Weapon Statistics

    Apologies everyone posting weapon feedback recently, I was supposed to be helping with this issue but I haven't been able to these past few weeks. However I am back! So thank you to everyone for your support and feedback!
  7. Zombie Barricades still streams random games along with Quarantine Chris. As RDK said Dakotaz mainly streams Fortnite now and is doing excellent. Artemis Knives is still in game development I believe but no longer streams as far as I know. As for Zejx and Gotembro I don't know what they are up to these days.
  8. I'm open to this idea in the future, but there is a long list of priorities that need to be addressed or added before something like this would be considered I feel.
  9. Sorry to hear that, when you say you can't login to the site what error or issue do you get? Invalid password or username? Or perhaps a different issue. The more information you can provide the better we can help you. Thank you!
  10. Thank you for the report, however saying this like this is and does happen everyday across all multiplayer games every day. Unless this individual said something sexist, racist, or anything along those lines it is best to mute them (it now mutes their chat too) or press H to hide the chat entirely.
  11. Hopefully people register! If you need anything like help with prizes or server support I am confident the staff team can work something out for you!
  12. Thank you for the suggestion! We are discussing the possibility of a chat system in the main menu between friends. The global chat in the main menu is a good idea, I personally like that! Stay tuned for more information regarding this.
  13. If I am not mistaken in survival the alien SZ is only spawning on Oregon with the same spawning conditions as open world. However I believe he will be added to Colorado in the future. (This is my guess, not rock solid fact.)
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