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  1. 1. Put ammo, meds, and gd items on sale again. 2. 50% speed increase on rockyford pvp map 3. Mystery box or revolution box random spawns on map. 4. 50% speed increase on colorado v2 servers private and an official. Make simple weekday events, not just weekend.
  2. THE LOST KINGS (TLKC) EARTH/all over, U.S.A, Danada, Denmark, Germany, Poland, New zealand, Australia, Chille, South Africa, U.K., Phillipines ,Singapore, Malaysia, Iceland, Sweden, Lithuania, Greece, Netherlands, Etc. 1. Nipples 2. D_A_R_I_U_S 3. J S M O O T H 4. CLEANUP 5. BAMBBI 6. MOSSEN 7. S T A N 8. KING WHISPER 9. 369 10. IMAGINATION 11. L I Z A K 12. DOUBLE DOS 13. J I G S A W 14. Stefansen 15. Bxnks 16. dark syrex 17. El burrito 18. lexyroxxxx 19. mist 20. platinum disco 21. quan chi 22. nepsi 23. shortguy 24. thaslayer2 25. u trash git gud 26. joker 27. since 1997 28. - n - 29. arbilbil 30. a k r o 31. _ m j m _ 32. chuckgamer 33. coolzombiekiller 34. hrollo1 35. d i z z i i 36. d i x o n p i p e r 37. K m o l t z 38. el janina 39. g e t s i c k 40. gotrice04 41. koolkid_edgar 42. l o r d z e n 43. leftlite03 44. m r d 4 45. moji 46. mooch 47. oskarwilde 48. prince bullet 49. rice rice baby 50. scrub da god 51. shayne l j h 52. t t 53. the chemist 54. thebutcher1 55. xonje 56. smoke *Your team will need to be in the SAME clan in every match, with the name and tag you signed up for. No exceptions, so prepare yourselves before the match. ** Players must inform character change/name change before the match starts. Individual kills will be accounted for, so it's very important for your team.
  3. I've talked about this many times and their solution was to ban me from their discord. Sven knows from a conversation how i suggested we add "spawn inside closest city/town" instead of a spawn at safezone option when quick reviving. Since noone would ever wanna spawn at a safezone in open world servers. This would solve the problem of when you keep getting spawned further and further away from town and can't seem to get back to it. Also with how there's no pvp in towns/cities anymore... That's because all the spawns are in the woods. The fights start in the woods and since everyone is sniping, they stay in the woods. It's as simple as changing spawns. If 70% of the spawns were in cities to actually highlight the one thing that makes the maps.... then people would be compelled to use more than just snipers sometimes. This would also give new players and bambi's a fighting chance since they'll spawn close to or on gear and will have cover in houses after spawning in, instead of being wide open for snipers to pick off. Now a big thing to make other guns as popular as snipers would be to make them as good as snipers or atleast closer... However with the random spread multiplier i've complained about multiple times. the insanely stupidly crap stats on pistols, smgs, and some ar's... their usefulness really only works in the 0 to 50 meter range. And vs any half decent sniper with shields.. forget it.. you stand no chance. Back in the original warz the jerrico and b92 did like 30-33 damage? m4 semi did 34 damage.. This made sense. This made being close to someone with a gun scary. Now i know some people are gonna complain about that making it "OP" cause they don't want change and only like sniping.... But how is something ever OP when u can spin, med macro, shield, and point blank oneshot quick scope someone effortlessly with a sniper and 1 shot anyone from any distance with peaks etc. And don't get me wrong, i LOVE sniping. They should NOT change that or take away from it. But it took me a whole year of messaging about it literally everyday just to get dmr's to be useful.... And they literally nerfed the dmr's 5 days after good changes were made... after months of spaming about these "secret nerfs" (most likely because some of the devs/admins abuse their position to limit the games playstyles and capabilities to fit their own agenda.) Sven said he looked a the logs and see's how the dmr stats were randomly secretly nerfed and that he would re implement them in the next patch. So finally dmr's are worth using! yaaay! Are they op? fuck no. Are they worth using and deadly? yes. Cause they should be just like any gun at the proper distance in specific situation. All of this can easily be changed with simple stat changes by upping the damage , lowering the spread, and controlling the guns functionality with damage decay. I spent countless hours thinking about how the stats should be to maximize gameplay possibilities to make about 30-50% more of the guns worth using. However, like i said... their solution was to insult me and silence me instead of listening.
  4. 1.Spawn protection time is too short with quick revive. People used to be able to run too the corner house from barricades with spawn protectionin case someone was camping there. now u get shot instantly in the back before you even make it to the dumpster. 2.Gear despawns too fast. 3. Add something to the inside of the church, like a big box in the middle. The map it self is fine once you fix the respawns so you don't get instantly shotin the back and don't even have enough spawn protection time touse attachments along with loot despawning too fast.
  5. Please do not nerf the asval, famas, or thompson. No one really uses them and i love them. I swear every patch, the odd guns i use get nerfed even though no ones complaining about them or using them. i spent over 40m gd on as val 60 ammo just to read that my 3 main guns are getting nerfed this next patch. Just don't ever nerf any gun honestly. No gun is overpowered compared to snipers so why ever make them worse until they are significantly better where they beat snipers more than 60% of the time within 60 meters. As of now it's no where close to that and any non sniper gun will lose to a sniper atleast 98% of the time at 60 meters. All the guns that aren't snipers, tar, aug, or sig, struggle to find any real place in the game... Yet i'm seeing the 2 most popular guns that no ones complaining about being too weak getting buffed... while the unpopular guns are getting nerfed? I try very very hard to show people there is a wide variety of effective playstyles for new and veteran players to enjoy and have fun with... and i know you guys value mine and everyone's input... But some of the changes i see in the patch notes feel like you're trying to limit the game more to just snipers, tars, and augs. Which i'm also wondering why the supercup was limited to 3 ar's ... why not allow all of them so people can see the effectiveness of some of them? Right now players say, tar or augs the best to use so everyone uses it and they don't even consider trying other guns. the supercup could've been a great time to show how good some of the other guns are and could've really opened up a lot more fun encounters in the game.. But again.. seems like were getting dragged back into the same small pool of 1 effective playstyle, use snipers, tar. run past everything else. And i didn't see anything about the spawn protection on the quick respawn system.. people don't even have time to put their attachments on before the spawn protection runs out and u get maybe 6-7 meters away from the spawn points before having 3 spawners behind u instantly shooting u even though you just checked and no one was there. I'm hoping these patch notes are not the final outcome of this patch. I really really hope they aren't.
  6. All Random AR spread that picks up after shooting for a second should be reduced by a lot at least half to almost none in my opinion so that the main factor in shooting is recoil and where the user decides to aim. Balance the gun with decay if people think it's too OP like that. Though i don't see why 3-4 headshots within 40 meters shouldn't kill you. Apparently the only guns that some people want to be dangerous after 20 meters are snipers. The biggest reason i say this though is cause it'll help battle right and left peak. Since it seems impossible to really get rid of it, if ar's shot accurately enough to where you could aim at where they're gonna peak from.. You can have a chance of melting them when they try to abuse that glitch, but with the way the spread is.. right and left peak is always the winning move when given the scenario. As for individual boosts.. if we're only talking about spread.. then there's not much else i have to say. but i think many of the guns need retweaking to make some more of them fun and efficient to use which will make many new and veteran players happy as it breaks the monotony. And hopefully open up new styles of gameplay or scenarios a bit. Equally lower the spread on all the guns and control their effectiveness with decay.
  7. Maybe move the spawns so that you can see some of these zombies in boulder. or move the zombies to the boulder whitestone woods so they actually make a difference during open world gameplay!
  8. do cars randomly spawn in open world official to be used? I was finally excitied for official servers to have something to break the cycle of spawning in the woods and fighting with snipers all day to stand a chance. Having some cars (very few and only ones u find there that can't be picked up or placed down.) will drastically add to the game to break the monotony and have people use more of the map. And the other most important factor is to start making the majority of spawns INSIDE of towns and buildings so that the key feature that's different from just fighting by a bunch of rocks and tree's 90% of the time due to spawns is the towns and cities! Barely anyone ever gets inside them (especially at boulder.) Might as well make boulder just be woods, a corner building. and a bridge at this point.
  9. CHARACTER NAME: nipples https://gyazo.com/8d900e9344376e18b362c1ef01732b77 https://gyazo.com/3f9c79f8d99d3a59c37cdbbc9ad55ce4 https://gyazo.com/f38128192de2bd3cb47b78dc4bbca5af https://gyazo.com/dd3bc50d6a9b4c30ce85b7c64ba66d7d https://gyazo.com/001102c3d115d7fb241e7a01cacb0838
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