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  1. @GENETICZZ this game will fall same as smmo even after changes ;v
  2. Team Name: BOXBOX Nationality: Poland,Philipines,Thailand,Indonesia Players:TBD,TBD,VEGETA,SALOKIN,CARMELO,VIRTUAL Substitutional Players: TBD, TBD Leader Contact: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198065076215/
  3. Good quicks like in 2k15, that reminds me of smmo
  4. We were playing br tropico and we got into safezone (last one) then we saw no one inside but there were 3more ppl still alive There is video of 20 mins but we were in this safezone for like 42 minutes i dont belive that someone had that much meds to survive that so they must be glitching please if u could check them
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