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  1. I think they do spawn in radiation zones ( or are those considered radiated SZ idk don't play OW ).
  2. @JOSESIERRAA you might want to repost that in the topic below, it's more in line with what you have to say and I feel like it's more likely to be seen by staff.
  3. Costum I agree that's why I uped the price once already. Ammo I am not so sure it needs increasing because if we assume one zombie is ~4.225$ x2 (because we look at premium multiplier) =9 that translates into 1350/9= 150 zombies to kills for one stanag 30 ( ~300 for non premium / 100 for extreme accounts ). I consider uping armor costs in general otherwise the already big enough gap between IBA/MTV and costum gets ridiculous. Update: In short: Armor prices X2 / Ammo prices +50% / Attachment prices +50% / medic +50% ( Antibitics additionally +100% ) Armor/Backpacks: Base armor price 100$ per armor point => Base armor price 200$ per armor point ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AMMO: ADDED: +50% in price to all ammo types ( Nail gun strip excuded ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Medic: Base medic price 10$ per health point restored => Base medic price 15$ per health point restored Antibiotic: +100% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attachments: - Base price 40$ for every % spread buff => 60$ for every % spread buff 20$ for every % recoil buff => 30$ for every % recoil buff 20$ for every % range buff => 30$ for every % range buff (-10$ for every % stat nerf) => ( -15$ for every % stat debuff ) Flashlights: 200$ base => 400$ base Changed sniper scope prices. Changed Range finder / Binocular and Gasoline prices.
  4. I always look at Wakizashi and Jokoto just as some funky looking katanas but I guess they can be considered something special. When it came to the food prices I guess I became a little lazy copying from OW + didn't necessarily balance around a "survival" setting so I'll adjust that. civ NVG were always of little value to me but I'll admit pricing them a little to low aswell. Update: Food/Water: As OW -50% => Base price 10$ food/water restored + 20$ per 0.1 stamina recorvery + 5$ per health point restored Shrimp noodles: -80% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Armor/Backpacks: NVG goggles civilian: 400$ => 1000$ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Melee/Grenades: Wakizashi: REMOVED Jokoto katana: REMOVED
  5. This game is and always has been more of an open world looter/shooter than an actually survival game. ( I don't think there is anything particularly wrong with that ) The general player experience over these idk ~9 years the game exists in combination with the to low playercounts to reliably ensure random encounter pvp have lead to people just meeting up at one point ( rn that would be campos city ) and pretty much abondon the rest of the map ( except for some locations for looting sake ). The only ways I see to "make this game great again" is to either fundamentally change PvE threats to an extend I honestly don't see them doing. ( It would require a ridiculous amount of reworking and might not end up working out with this engine anyway ), simply get a shit ton of new players ( which is as we all know easier said then done ( this game really needs at least a good chunck of new faces though)) or add/rework mechanics that constantly create new POIs shifting PvP periodically all across the map ( e.g. Airdrops/radiation zones would be what we have rn ), but then again the problem with that is that people expect big come ups from those otherwise they're not going to bother making a detour. ( giving enough incentive to go after these events while at the same time not making them to valuable is really hard though ) mediocre loot and a ( what feels like ) 0.001% chance to actually find a huge come up like a sniper makes these events pretty boring pretty quick. For me personally POI shifting events are the most interesting, but figuring out the right balance is certainly really tricky. Radiation zones already feel relativly balanced and rewarding right now. The only real problem I see with them is that they suddenly appear at location X and if you're further then 1-2 close by towns away you already not want to go for them since they'll disappear shortly after arrival. Also nighttime + radiation vison + gas mask is a nightmare at daytime it is bad enough but at night I can't see a thing in these zones, zombies sometimes within hit range right infront of me and I don't see them. I guess the obscured vision is there to not be as spotable as usually for other players so you don't just get farmed by players while you try to kill some zombies, but it sometimes feels like it's a little to much. Airdrop on the other hand felt just boring and not worth my time. I can't go into detail for them tbh. ( can't even guarantee my opinion is worth anything) since I really really rarely take the time to loot them. Just an idea if not already realised would be to not give out items of insane value in these to make them appealing but items with decent value that are sought after but not really "OP". (e.g. armor plates, heavy armor parts, juggernaut parts, medium amout of B. DX, Barricades, ( maybe even small amounts of some highly sought after crafting materials e.g. ( medium-large amount) gunpowder, glue, duct tape, (medium-large amount) pills, aluminum foil, tech, nails, rope, empty can ) (Colors are rarity suggestions X = uncommon, X = common, X = rare, X = extremely rare)
  6. Update: Armor/Backpacks: "Tier 2" armor: +25% => +50% ( IBA,MTV,K. style NVG/helmet ) "Tier 3" armor: +100% => +200% ( Costum Guerilla ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Base backpack price (100$ per slot + 100$ per KG) /2 => Base backpack price (25$ per slot + 25$ per KG) Alice backpack: +50% => +150% Military backpack: +100% => +150%
  7. Like the poultice suggestion and about crafting not being worth your time it's literally not because crafting is to expensive it's because you don't find any crafting materials period. A CO1 vac needs 3 plastic when you sometimes don't see even 1 for over an hour. Mag crafting is by far the worst you don't find gunpowder anywhere near as much as you'd need to. You need 30 gunpowder for 30 bullets ( 1 stanag ) gl finding 30 gunpowder in idk under 15 hours or some shit. By the time you find enough gunpowder you could have just unloaded weapons for god knows how many stanags ... a shit ton, that's how many. Crafting is just like why even bother when it's not even worth my time im not going anywhere anyways with how slow you get the stuff required.
  8. How was general pricing decided? To determine the prices for my pricelist I first did a money gain sample to figure out the expected money gain per zombie: I also based price balancing on 2x multiplied money income since basic premium is rather wide spread and with a 3€ pricetag pretty accessable. Balancing around 1x multiplier would have made items to accessable for deluxe (2.5x) and extreme (3x) users and potentially broken the survival economy. Pricelist: If I missed any important items feel free to correct me some items were left out on purpose though e.g. Heavy armor. **(not sure if available in survival) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AMMO: Stanag mag: 2050$ Stanag [45] mag: 3350$ Stanag [60] mag: 4460$ Stanag c-mag: 8100$ AK 7.62 mag: 2050$ AK 7.62 [45] mag: 3350$ AK 7.62 drum: 8100$ G36 mag: 2050$ G36 [60] mag: 4460$ G36 c-mag: 8100$ PKM ammo [100] box: 6750$ M249 ammo box: 6750$ Kruger mini mag: 300$ Kruger rifle mag: 300$ Kruger rifle [20] mag: 750$ Kruger rifle [30] mag: 1800$ G11 mag: 3380$ SVD mag: 6750$ SVD [20] mag: 14850$ .308 winchester [10] mag: 8400$ .308 winchester [20] mag: 18480$ **QBL drum: 18300$ **AWP mag: 12960$ **DMR mag: 4200$ .50 cal-5 mag: 5100$ .50 cal-10 mag: 10200$ VSS mag: 12380$ VSS [20] mag: 24750$ Mosin mag: 1880$ Arrow: 300$ SMG mag: 1050$ SMG [40] mag: 2520$ MP7 mag: 1580$ MP7 [40] mag: 2100$ P90 [50] mag: 2630$ Bizon mag: 3360$ EVO-3 mag: 1580$ MP5 mag: 1580$ 9mm [13] mag: 590$ Kruger .22 pistol mag: 300$ ( Kruger based ) 1911 mag: 320$ FN57 mag: 450$ FN57 [20] mag: 990$ P226 mag: 680$ Nail strip: 50$ STI mag: 450$ Anaconda rounds: 270$ Shotgun shells [2]: 600$ Shotgun shells [8]: 3000$ Saiga [10] mag: 3750$ AA-12 [20] drum: 7500$ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Melee/Grenades: Wrench: 1000$ Power drill: 3000$ Police baton: 1650$ Pitchfork: 3000$ Golf club: 1250$ Garden shears: 2630$ Frying pan: 1000$ Fire axe: 3710$ Crowbar: 1500$ Butterfly knife: 5000$ Chainsaw: 6500$ Shovel: 1500$ Cricket bat: 1250$ Canoe paddel: 1100$ Brass knuckles: 1500$ Machete: 6000$ Katana: 7500$ Metal bat: 2630$ Spiked bat: 3000$ Pickaxe: 6000$ Hatchet: 6000$ Hammer: 2630$ Flashlight: 750$ Bat: 1250$ M9 Bayonet: 3300$ Chemlight: 250$ Smoke grenade: 1000$ Frag Grenade: 2000$ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Armor/Backpacks: Gas mask: 1000$ Gas mask advanced: 1200$ Construction hat: 80$ Fireman helmet: 80$ Boonie hat leather: 80$ Boonie hat green: 80$ Boonie hat desert: 80$ Slash mask: 220$ Skull mask: 220$ Jason mask: 220$ Clown mask: 220$ Black mask: 220$ Shadow mask: 220$ Boonie hat: 80$ Beret cover: 80$ M9 helmet basic: 2000$ Light gear: 3000$ Medium gear: 3000$ IBA: 3780$ MTV: 3780$ K. style helmet: 3000$ K. style NVG: 3300$ Costum guerilla: 9000$ Medium backpack: ??? Large backpack: 2375$ Alice backpack: 6000$ Military backpack: 9600$ NVG goggles civilian: 1000$ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Food/Water: Shrimp noodles: 575$ Minicabras: 200$ Water 375ml: 260$ Water 1L: 525$ Juice: 425$ Can of soda: 200$ Electro-Aid: 775$ Energy drink: 240$ Can of tuna: 475$ Can of ham: 375$ Can of soup: 500$ Can of pasta: 375$ Granola bar: 160$ Chocolate bar: 75$ Coconut water: 575$ Instant oatmeal: 210$ Bag of MRE: 1675$ Bag of chips: 45$ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Medic: Gasoline: 1100$ Binoculars: 800$ Range finder: 800$ Bandages: 230$ Poultice: 300$ Painkillers: 750$ Antibiotics: 1800$ Bandages DX: 2700$ Medkit: 3600$ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attachments: Pistol silencer: 240$ Pistol laser: 600$ Pistol flashlight: 360$ SMG grip: 1050$ Forward grip: 1050$ Rifle laser: 750$ Rifle Flashlight: 400$ Red dot sight: 1500$ Compact scope: 1890$ Cobra sight: 1050$ Holographic sight: 1200$ ACOG sight: 900$ Swiss arms scope 8X: 1800$ Tactical sniper scope: 1500$ Blackwater long range: 1200$ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shields: Sandbag barricade: 500$ Barb wire barricade: 450$ Wood shield barricade: 3000$ Riot shield: 5000$ Determined by: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AMMO: ADDED: +50% in price to all ammo types ( Nail gun strip excuded ) - AR/LMG base price per bullet = 45$ ( ~4.5$ money per zombie *2 (prices are based on premium multiplier ) =9*5 ( 1 AR bullet earned through ~5 zombies) = 45 ) Bigger mag capacities are more valuable in PvP (LMGs are excluded from this rule) [45] mag: +10% in price [60] mag: +10% in price [100] mag: +20% in price ( digits behind the "." get ignored prices are rounded to 10s ) - Sniper base price per bullet = X ( 45$ (AR base price) * damage of weapon it's used for /10 ( highest damage weapon )(rounded)) This calculation leads to extremly high ammo prices for sinper rifles, this was done due to the fact that snipers are a game changer in survival and extremly valuable ammo for these guns should be very hard to come by. [20] mags: +10% AWP mag: +20% due to 1 shot potential VSS mag: +50% due to being silenced - SMG base price per bullet= 35$ ( ~4.5$ money per zombie *2 (prices are based on premium multiplier ) = 9*4 ( 1 SMG bullet earned through ~4 zombies) = 36 = 35 (rounded)) SMG [40] mag: +20% to not shift Thompson MK-2 to much into meta - HG base price per bullet= 30$ ( ~4.5$ money per zombie *2 (prices are based on premium multiplier ) = 9*3 (1 HG bullet earned through ~3.3 zombies (because of rounding)) =27 = 30 (rounded)) extended mags: +10% Nail strip: -95% no value in PvP + should be used to kill zombies faster at a slight cost penalty - SHG base price per bullet= 250$ ( based on it's capability to kill SZs ) Shotgun shells [2]: -20% slight buff due to capacity. - Kruger base price per bullet= 20$ ( 45$ (AR base price) /2 = 22.5$ = 20$ (rounded)) Kruger rifle [20] mag: +25% price due to increased viability in PvP. Kruger rifle [30] mag: +100% price due to viability in PvP. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Melee/Grenades: - Base price per Z damage point = 50$ Z damage 34-49: +50% Z damage 50+: +100% Used in crafting: +10% Karambit/craftable melees not available! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Armor/Backpacks: - Base armor price 200$ per armor point "Tier 0": -80% (Masks <=10 armor points) "Tier 2" armor: +25% => +50% ( IBA,MTV,K. style NVG/helmet ) "Tier 3" armor: +100% => +200% ( Costum Guerilla ) Headwear: -33% K. style NVG: +10% - Base backpack price (25$ per slot + 25$ per KG) Large backpack: +25% Alice backpack: +50% => +150% Military backpack: +100% => +150% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Food/Water: As OW -50% => Base price 10$ food/water restored + 20$ per 0.1 stamina recorvery + 5$ per health point restored Shrimp noodles: -80% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Medic: - Base medic price 15$ per health point restored "Tier 1": +0% ( Bandages,Poultice ) "Tier 2": +100% ( Painkillers, Antibiotics ) "Tier 3": +300% ( Bandages DX, Medkit ) Antibiotic: +100% Medkit: -40% due to rarely outperforming Bandages DX when full skilled ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attachments: - Base price 60$ for every % spread buff 30$ for every % recoil buff 30$ for every % range buff (-15$ for every % stat nerf) Noise reduction: +100% Pistol attachments: -20% Flashlights: 400$ base Compact scope: +20% due to magnification ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shields: Baricade prices are really high to ensure they can't be bought in high quantities and to encourage to spend money on other items instead.
  9. Bruh I was about to lose my god damn mind ... so much for my sampling though Guess I'll just start working on a pricelist based on the sampling I was able to do and potentially adjust later. :v
  10. Ok I have to say I'm really confused right now, yesterday I saw an average droprate of ~40% but when I started my 5000 zombie sampling earlier today I experienced a droprate closer to 33% for the first 600 zombies or so and suddenly after that ( the past hour or so every zombies drops either items or money ) literally every zombie as in 100% droprate. I had my 33% droprate in boulder then it suddenly turned into 100% after I relogged. Later that day then I switched to multiple different locations and experienced 100% droprate there aswell. Naturally my result are vastly different this time instead of the ~4800$ after 1141 zombies I found myself at ~7000$ after 1141 zombies this time. I don't know if they just changed droprates or if droprates depend on something I am unaware of but I don't know what possible factor could just turn 33% droprate into 100% droprate seemingly out of nowhere. Ok, great now the majority of zombies drops items/money ... idk what to think anymore
  11. Zombies being "to easy" is due to the fact that they don't do anything except run after you making them bullet sponges wouldn't make them any harder just more annoying ( especially since hit zombies tend to just teleport glitch right next to you and hit you ).
  12. @CampersRUs well there is "scaring of new players" with high prices and there is flooding the economy with to low prices. The problem I see which makes it so items NEED to be atleast somewhat expensive is the different subscription typs adding a multiplier to all money picked up. If you balance prices around a 1x multiplier ( non premium ) which most new players will most likely be people with 2.5x or 3x money drop will sweep through the market picking up c-mags, bandages DX, you name it left and right. I'll probably personally aim for really accessible prices balanced around ~2x multiplier since standard premium is really affordable and wide spread, I'm not sure whether or not this is capable to ensure a balanced economy. The fact that your money income has multipliers ranging from 1x to 3x makes it really hard to ensure a reasonable price that isn't totally unaccessable for 1x but at the same time not far to easy to access for 3x players. This never really was a problem for OW since items were always meant to be easily accessed for anyone and it didn't really matter how much easier it was for those with 3x the money access. I honestly have my doubts that a healthy economy can be assured for survival with money multiplier up to 300% @Sven . You could argue that balancing around 2x would mean that 3x players only have an additional +50% income over the balancing point ( if I balanced around 1x they'd be +200% over balancing point ) which does make items alot more accessable but not necessarily to a economy breaking point, and the fact that these players are willing to support the game with 15$ a month justifies this benefit. It kinda stings that 1x players end up being -50% income under the balancing point but balancing around them just wouldn't work. The end question is can you even balance around 2x while not being to expensive for 1x or (by far) to cheap for 3x.
  13. Testing was done without premium so 1x multiplier! Ok first sampling was ( I noted everything for this sampling) : txt file ( - = no drop; ~ = item drop; X = amount dropped ) 1141 zombies 453 money drops (39.7%) so money drop rate might be 40%. total amount droped: 4821$ Avg. drop per zombie: ~4.225$ All zombies for this sampling were killed in Campos/+Parkerville ( I doubt it matters but just in case ) I will do another 5000 zombies sample size later ( or tomorrow ), will edit it to this post then.
  14. It's not about being cheap, it's about being "worth your time" to farm for. I don't think your prices are necessarily far off for the majority of the items but it'd personally like to go about it by looking at the effort required to get a certain amount of money first and then decide on prices based on concepts ( dependent on personal opinions ) e.g. Stanag prices: - Stanags shouldn't be self sufficent ( meaning 30 shots stang shouldn't yield enough money to buy a 30 Stanag ) -Stanags should be comparatively expensive ( since they are used for most PvP meta weapons ) -Since Stanags are mostly PvP focused ammo mags with bigger capacity should be considered more valuable and thus might be more expensive in price per bullet. ( you could also argue you already pay your price in stats ) e.g. Stanag 30 1500$ ( 1500 is a random number here ) Stanag 45 2475$ (+10% price per bullet) Stanag 60 3300$ (+10% price per bullet) Stanag-C 6000$ (+20% price per bullet) Concepts like these in combination with the average money gain per zombie ( which I am trying to somewhat figure out by sampling rn ) are what I'll use to determine my pricelist. I'll put my pricelist up probably tomorrow or the day after since I need some time to sample and consider first. ( will post sampling results aswell )
  15. Testing money income rn to give a suitable pricelist based on that. ofc what I believe to be suitable isn't necessarily going to cut it for others so we'll see.
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