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  1. @V A C A N C Y I will think about it. Like I said, my experience on Open World ( big map) PVP was not at all fun. I have been playing the smaller map PVP. I know no one wants to team once their buddies show up bc its so clickish. Everyone else is there for their "easy rep" or "entertainment" but at least there is a limit to how much of my loot they can take bc if I don't want to lose it I just don't take it. Unlike what happens in Open World PVP( big map) or on premium... where a server can be empty and suddenly someone ghost in, know exactly where on the map you are and KOS you even when you are between cities. There is a reason I got a private server and quit trying with anything PVP for the longest...
  2. @V A C A N C Y Much of what you said is exactly why I HATE playing PVP on the larger OW maps just to be clear. Honestly, it made me HATE PVP altogether on here for the longest. When I joined there was no "warm up" server active... something they made active after I was no longer able to use it. I stayed completely away from nearly all of it and every time I gave any of it a chance it was one bad experience after another. I can still say as a new PVPer on here is still isn't great, people are not at all nice, they enjoy their clicques and TH with the rest of anyone playing. Now I play to SPITE THEM.
  3. Here is my opinion, coming from someone who is primarily a PVE only player who only has tried BR, Survival, and recently began playing PVP on Rockyford, School House, ect and have in the past just ventured onto small Premium and reg PVP servers. Now having stated a bit about where I do play maybe it will be easier for you to understand the same as I have told others trying to do the same as you only for Survival and asking the same. You will NOT get players like me convinced to play, Period. Closing modes other players enjoy just drive them away. Honestly what needs to be done is work more on recruitment and retention. Maybe loyalty bonuses, or super nice skins that are earned by playing for however long that cant be bought or traded. You want it? EARN IT! There is SOOOOoooo much could be done here, but closing doors is shuting out players. And thinking they will just "move" to whatever is left... dead wrong. Fixing issues, ( I know theyre working on now) will go a long way to helping. You have to realize, people talk... a lot. That can and has been good and bad. Time and energy can fix this but people being negative all the time, or forcing theyre play style on others is not going to help at all. Personally I feel like I need to just keep copying an pasting my responses to and just interchange a word here and there.
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    Let me toss this out here I know its slightly off topic as far as events and yet not really. I know how hard you guys are working on TWO games, but tangling the forums, and Discord...while it may be easier for you guys I often get notifications about one of you I follow only to read about Nether. ( or worse have to back the thread up to find out it was about Nether) While I like the new look of the forum, ( more modern and professional looking now than before) I do wish you would separate the two. Im not going to say all, but "some" of the player loss is just some ( not all) gamers being gamers chasing after shiny objects. Gotta have the newest, hottest, shiniest of objects... Im not saying this as a slant, but follow the console community for 5 minutes. Oh heres a new game system that's 1 month newer than the one I just wore out and bought another brand new so gotta get it bc mines old! Doesn't matter they're bringing out a new one every 18 mo I gotta have it!! Also, as much as I have ALWAYS been a JUST PVE only player, I am trying hard to give PVP a chance on here. ( Yeah, I know right... shocked me too!!) What I found was high end pro players make it very difficult for new or even new-ish players. I didn't and had not tried PVP on here so I had no idea how anything worked. Maybe not having pro players or even top level players on server with newish players who are " Too EZzzz" " Easy Rep" pick from a list of other comments made about shooting players pretty much as fast as they change color, or 5 of them camped around the next known spawn in bc they know the spawn in patterns. Even though you have the warmup server, that doesn't help players like me who finally venture out of their comfort zone only to be called a myriad of names the best of which would get me banned here. Many don't venture onto the PVP until they have built up skills, or had time to collect items and money to play it with.... so.... Maybe separating the players on PVP by Rep levels. Match up similar levels and when you get better, you advance out. Also, adding a cool down timer on riot shields like everything else would help. Honestly banning macros would have been best for the game, yet another reason I never ventured over and I still refuse to use as I see it as a cheat. Sadly its something so many complained about but was ignored over time, now you still have those top players who used it, the rest moved on to other games who ban its use for everything. No matter what events you create, these items still haunt you. ********Now for the good********* Awesome job on this event! So much detail put into to art, music choice, ect! I love the extended event as well! Its a refreshing change.
  5. @TheWraith I hope it works for you! Good luck!
  6. Im not sure if this info will help either of you, but my laptops. ( old and new) have done this. Usually its been if I closed my laptop and did not quit the game. If this is what happened, quitting the game and re starting usually helps. Sometimes, for some reason it doesn't and restarting the computer helps. . Im no dev, just some player who has had many game issues in time. Hope this info helps fix the issue guys.
  7. @Sven May I please add to all of this, that while yes the contracts do perform a unique action, so do many other "stackable" items in game. As to @N_e_n_o 's comment not only do I too wish it was possible to remove more than 1 item of the same type like was mentioned. I also question why it takes soooooooo long to manually put items into or remove items from your own GI yet it takes a split second to toss up in trade and transfer the items. There has to be some sort of way, ( beyond just stashing items here I mean) to move items around. SO, lol maybe when youre looking for improvement ideas you could add this one too??
  8. "The New Z: Viking Edition" ! I LOVE IT!!
  9. I am soooo looking forward to see this!! Excited to see the change up with events! I like themed events, usually the items and skins are pretty cool.
  10. I wish they would put a PVE server on premium. I might have kept my premium. I mean, it has some good perks, don't get me wrong, but I hated going onto the servers. I am just now starting to do SOME of the PVP, but open world PVP still sucks imho. ( Just not my thing )
  11. When might we see an event suggestion board? Until then where should we place those event ideas ( other than Katryna247 who already has one here) ? ##### Edit --->>> I meant an official one
  12. Thank you for saying this and reminding us we are welcome here and double that for us primarily PVE only players. Many of us have been told time and again to leave by players of PVP and Survival to quit.in various ways or other attempts to run us off. Sadly some have come right out and said PVE players have no place here and we should either be forced to play their way or leave. Clearly we love our PVE boards, and this game. Many of us have been around for years. Even when we are critical , we are a loyal bunch . A suggestion board would be great! I also had another idea, and I voiced it earlier. Sooo many have posted ideas in the past, maybe now is a good time to go back through all of those and give them a bit more serious consideration? The forums over time have provided a treasure trove of ideas from gamers who play all kinds of games and get their inspirations everywhere. Those possibilities are nearly endless! Also, while Steve and I often lock horns often, I don't discredit the amount of work he does behind the scenes. I'm sure for you guys running this game and starting up Nether is not easy. That being said, please don't forget there are 2 games not just one. So much energy is being put into Nether right now, maybe what we are seeing on our end is not Steve not doing things but one very over work and under appreciated Steve? Just a thought? ( Not saying it in a bad way you all are probably over worked and under appreciated in some way shape or form right now trying to start up this other game, fix issues on Newz too) Thank you for stopping by and hearing us out, it means a lot. Please do so more often!
  13. I am part of the population who has a private server so farming was not my point, my personal loss was not my point. I am by far not the only player in the game. Thank you for the invite though, as for that, I would like for you to extend that to @Pigen rather than myself. I guess you fail to understand me sometimes @Steve . I am not on here complaining about things that simply effect me...I am bringing up things that effect many or all. The double GD event issue, while only noticed by a few of us, effected all players . My going on your server to farm wont fix that. I ask if they would do something for the players who played that weekend who were effected. There are sooo many thing they could do to say," yes, there was an issue, we are fixing it or fixed it , and here we are sorry..."
  14. Here is the issue I see here in my recent experience: You can report things on the bug / glitch thread and wait. Still waiting on our spawners to be fixed, to fix the crashes upon entering, not kill us when we crash in them and have to re spawn back in inside them with not a zombie in sight. Report zombies clipping through objects, ect…How about crashes where half the pop of a server disappear( or more) On the couple of times it was my pc instead of any proper help I got dumb player, old equipt, bad dns, or a host of any other excuses and zero real help. 90% of my get my game back to playable fixes came from other players on YouTube sadly. That should not have been the case. But posting to that thread, putting in ticket.... yeah. Ok... so you KNEW we were having an issue. YET the whole weekend event went by and no fix, no patch. How much GD are players out? I guess that to do list matters for later but the players were owed for GD earned over the weekend. Are you going to do a quadruple GD weekend to make up for it? Or is it going to be like the arrows...
  15. @Sven Thank you so much for at least hearing us out. For the longest time it seams like issues we have reported over and over be it publicly or privately have fallen on deaf ears. One of the things that made this game so special was the fact the the Devs were so accessible, and problems bugs, glitches were addressed quickly. Players loved how you guys dropped by and checked in with players as well ( with some posts having 1200+ views clearly not everyone went to Discord) . We fully understand you yourself cant change the world for us. Just having one person who cares enough about the player base to listen at all and even voice some of our concerns means more to us than you know! Thank you so much!! You are awesome!!
  16. I have several XMR myself . While they are somewhat difficult to acquire, use the right contracts on private servers and they are not as difficult as one might think. If I really put some effort into it I COULD get one in a bit over a week with ZERO CHEATING required,. There's a reason I love my private server... I have 3/4 of the coins needed toward my next xmr. Sadly since the ammo is so rare it will be a long time til they are really useful at all.
  17. They could easily add a timer, put a cool down timer on riots just like meds, DX ect. that could in theory help that. As for the bunny hopping, they COULD stop it if they wanted. Right now, only high jumping expends energy, but IF they made bunny hopping expend energy as well... Im sure that you would see far lees of it unless someone was being shot at... Just imho.
  18. What I find even more ridiculous is the bunny hopping about as they just move from point A to point B in trade lounge, LOL!! I mean, for real man, there is not a safer place in the entire game. That bunny suit , bunny head, or those bunny ears should be really popular considering LMAO!! Bunnies EVERYWHERE!!
  19. While I agree with sooo much of your post @Darkio , I have not only read from the other players but the devs about NEVER doing another wipe, I was not a player when that happened, but I have talked to sooo many who were. A huge chunk of the players left in anger over it. I don't think the devs are willing to put the players through that again,,, especially as is my understanding they were told it wouldn't happen again. ( If my memory serves me right anyway) . I think the devs gave up on macros... I really do. I do get where youre coming from though,,, honest players who don't camp, macro, snipe every bambi in site are very difficult to build. And they wonder about my disdain for PVP...….
  20. I have 2 of the XMRs and theyre worthless. I cant really use them bc ammo is so hard to get or expensive, and no else wants them for the same reasons. I will continue to collect them and hope this changes.
  21. I agree Campers. What is the need to shut down active, non volatile threads?? I understand those where a conversation starts to get heated or there are warring factions, but civil conversation? A simple post of " Hey guys I need to close this up, I'm moving your thread here to _____________ so you can continue discussing _________________ , sorry " Sven is always so polite and diplomatic even in delivery of news players may not necessarily like...I'm surprised this happened at all no matter who did it Campers...
  22. Here is another thought about this ( BTW not at all offended by your post, THANK YOU for replying to us, we know how busy you are!!) Players have offered up many ideas in the past for events, maybe now is the time to go back, re- read those comments and maybe consider them a bit more seriously? Just a thought! Im sure its hard to come up with something to make everyone happy every weekend.. Even some sort of rotation so that ( even if not an obvious one) that makes sure that events have aspects that involve all. Please don't count sales,... not everyone has money .
  23. That's exactly what I meant. Someone disrespected the server owner, and now they had to lock it. Its sad. One other thing you might do, is maybe find someone you can trust and maybe go in on a server?? its and option too. Talk to one of the clans... Oh and also... SOME of the Twitch streamers also have servers the let out for their subscribers.. subscription for their their channels is pretty cheap ( I think like $5 but I may be wrong so feel free to correct me on that one guys, I haven't watched in a minute or two lol) plus it supports our live streamers like Koolaid, Bravo Dog, Easy Dad ( Russian I think?) , and soooo many others. Just an option. Please note ##### IF I did NOT mention your name please don't be offended . I am not good with names at all, I never was. Fibro made that 100 times worse. Sorry! .
  24. Thank you for your kind words Pigeon. Best of luck to you and your BF!! Happy looting!
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