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  1. What would happen with players who limit play to ONLY one map ( with rotating maps)? Also from the sounds of things, farming will be difficult unless you have a private server bc pushing that many onto a server ( especially those that don't like grouping sounds no fun). Also, if you cause a waiting que, people wont necessarily hang around and "wait". I know I don't now with the survival timer as it is. If not for my server, I think I would find something else to do and Im probably not the only one short on patience in waiting for a game. Also what do you do with players who play not just certain ( whatever) map but specific parts? Back when I spent time on maps with other people, you could count on seeing certain names at certain spots on the map bc they played there all the time. What would happen if the map rotated and made an area a player who did PVE only did to a PVP or "co-op" area? Too many unknowns for those of us who don't enjoy PVP as much as some that are either neutral or dislike it altogether on this game. Drag them kicking and screaming into play this way or quit?? @Sven Force players like me to "Cross PVP land" when I am not wanting to PVP, or worse not equipt to do so to "Complete a mission" … Ummm please let me know when you plan do this so I can immediately QUIT!!! You WILL NOT be able to FORCE PVE players to play PVP no matter how you dress this up!!! The only sane option for PVE ers is either buy a private server or leave.
  2. First off, skinboxes were around where even those " free players" could find them and either make money with the skins or boxes in trade. Then they changed that to a pay for play system where if you wanted the super nice skins those boxes were now costing real money. Now while I will pay for my server, I wont spent real money on a skinbox where I have to open 10 or more to get a rarer skin. Unlike the kids that play and spend holiday money, many adults kinda drifted off to games that you earned skins. Real life prevailed, kids need stuff for school, car repairs... life. Then there is a whole other group that we watched leave over issues of things needing fixed. Their complaints are everywhere I don't need to go into where and not just on here. Now we have another group being pushed off in favor of Survival, BR, and PVP. They will leave before they cross over and those of us who tried were kicked in the teeth for trying by the very people "wanting" players on those modes.
  3. Maybe you should check into what a private server costs before you start about " Free players". There is not a DAMN THING FREE about it. I didn't just buy a week ago, I have held mine nearly a year. As for "not getting to test it" Im sitting with enough GC I could be except I haven't bothered to re buy ( not buy, but REPURCHASE ) my premium account. You want to complain about "free players" take that up with them. I am not one of them, and you clearly don't understand a THING about this game. There are NO OFFICIAL SERVERS that are PVE servers that are "FREE". EVERY one SOMEONE(s) pays for and if its usually password protected. You want an Invite to mine so you can see that. Actually asking around here there are players who play on there. Maybe you need to watch who youre accusing of getting a free ride. Each MONTH of my renewal cost more than 3 premium accounts to buy. Go look for yourself, see what a server rental runs. Maybe had you not been like this you could have been invited to play on there regularly.
  4. The rank of " killer" on the forum is a forum rank, not my player rank. My oldest character is a CIVILLIAN with 0 player kills and with a VET TAG (VET tags every player who has played more than 1 year has and carries with the player regardless what character they have) over a year imagine that!!! My second oldest hmmm curiously ALSO CIVILLIAN with 0 player kills. Lets go for the next... Hmmm 24 bandits 9 civilians no lawmen or good guy types all on small map PVP... " ohhh real hard core PVPer aren't I??? My 4th 24 bandits killed 1 civilian who decided to shoot at me so I shot back, No lawmen types killed. My other is a trade only so yeah Im HEAVY in to PVP you can see. Oh and my survival character, 0 player kills as well and has killed a whopping 735 zombies! Yeah, another HARDCORE PVP one right?? My record in game stands regardless of whatever fairytale you want to believe. What I say here can be verified, can your comment?? I for one don't think I EVER said I played longer than ANYONE on here. Please quote If I did. Now as I have said dozens of times in the past there are a crap ton of PVP games out there. I am here BC I do NOT want to PVP 100% of the time. I have other game options on my consoles ( Xbox and PlayStation) that allow me to do that and I don't have to spend the money I do for my private server ( yes, im a paying player too) and one other thing about that you should know. I like Sven, don't get me wrong here, but I don't get all hung up on "Oh he replied to me....blah blah blah" "We speak the same lingo...( therefore I must be more important)" Players that don't "speak the lingo" have another language we speak.. its goes something like " If I don't like it I stop paying $$$ for it" and some have already closed the wallets. We have had several conversations where he has addressed my concerns as a player. I guess after driving politicians, top charts musicians, and pro sports stars around back when I drove limo I just don't care how much money people have, who they are, or their connections. I'm not star-struck with anyone. I don't care if Sven replied to you individually , Im glad he took time to reply to the forum. Try understanding why you drew my ire. We have been PUSHING for more interaction with DEVS over game related issues and so far he's been one to actually listen to any concerns AND REPLY. However, my reaction to you is purely over your own words, and my irritation with people doing exactly what you did...make yet one more attempt to cram PVP down PVE players throats. AS for "adapt or die" how about "Run off those most loyal" . Like I said, I actually TRIED to enjoy PVP on here, and some of the players made that a disgusting exp. But after the user names Ive seen, and racial slurs I guess youll make excuses for them too, But hey... Let the new guy ( whom I agree with @CampersRUs sounds a LOT like one of the old players under a new name) run players off. Clearly he wants to see us go... That could be done but with A LOT OF NOISE on our way out . Also, as to how I have welcomed new people, I guess giving away a ton of loot to new people, teaching them how to get on stuff when they don't have high jump ect doesn't count therefor I should just stop helping them since im so bad at it. That includes giving pricey items ( not just basic supplies ). Now when I refuse to help anyone they can thank you for it.
  5. Wow, you really hate the pve players don't you?!?! While some of have "Tried" pvp bc we are sick of hearing how great it is and some of you PUSHING players that direction who don't want to play pvp, others get sick of even hearing about it. I came over, I have been trying to "like" it but with some of the most HATEFUL comments being hurled at new players I see why they don't stick around. I have been cussed out, called racial slurs for a country im not even remotely tied to, and finally had to start tossing the language back and talk in chat( which is distracting to type on and try to play at all ) to keep some nutcase from saying I was a bot, and laughing about my playing bc I don't rely on the macros cheats to prevent me from being shot!! SO... while you soooooooo want to recruit other players who play PVE only, maybe you should talk to your friends about how they treat people. This is not my first post on the subject. Curb the crappy behavior many players dump on their "EZZZzzzz" prey. You run people off then come on here and cry about it. STOP. There is no one to blame but PVPers themselves for why PVEers don't want to come play with you!!! I know some who would rather quit than PVP with you!!
  6. I guess you missed the whole thing where players were asked about even a temporary removal of cars while they fixed them. Maybe you should go read their comments...
  7. I don't think he realizes how many players already said theyd quit the game over vehicles being removed. Plus anything that can be done to make noobs easy prey... way harder to snipe as they zoom by no matter what mode we're talking.
  8. I guess that all depends on how common such " explosives " are and how much is needed to damage or destroy a structure. The whole idea sounds cool, im just waiting to see how it goes in implementation
  9. @Steve Thank you. Good to hear as I know other players have had this issue as well! Any ETA for the new patch to solve this?
  10. I got it on a vid clip, how it did the motions ect and zero health added, Hope this helps:
  11. Ive had this happen a few times but when using dx, bandages, meds, ect from quick slots using the # keys makes the sound, makes the motion, removes the item used but does NOT add health, food, drink whatever. But IF I open my backpack and "USE ITEM" it does what it was supposed to. It seems to lock into this ( ie it doesn't catch up so its not a lag issue) and I watched my ping and FPS and they both stayed within reason ( FPS 32-50 and Ping was 57-110 ) I can log out and reload and it goes back to normal. Im going to try to get this on vid next time it does it so you can see it, just wondering if others had issue with it as well.
  12. thank you for taking time to clarify, that was pretty much what I thought you meant. Sounds exciting to have this as a future patch and I look forward to seeing what you guys do with it.
  13. This is why I asked if it was lockers in general or just the Black personal ones. That really makes a difference. Im no fan of a locker wipe, wipes of all sorts just push players away. BUT, making some lockers hackable give each player the chance to choose what goes in. I could potentially load a locker with stupid items no one really uses then laugh at someone for hacking into it. Maybe they finally got enough players requesting to build, theyre finally going to make that happen? They seem to follow popular ideas, maybe you were the first and loudest yet they liked enough to try to take their time and do right. AT least they are trying, at least some are listening. At least give those that are a little credit. Also, maybe the reason he responded to a new player on here was to encourage them to interact. As we have seen with others maybe theyre a returning player. We don't know. Don't get too mad til we have all the facts...
  14. With this idea, would you only be talking about the black personal lockers or the white GI ones? The white ones allow direct access it a players main GI so not sure I like that aspect. Also, you said make them so they had to be placed inside a base, with that does that mean each player would have to use one they built or could clans or groups build one they share. Oh and since clans are big on here, maybe make a locker members of that clan share. ( like a clan's GI) Just a thought for something they could do. OW players would still enjoy the ability to raid, be it a players GI or an clans. Even on PVE this still has a lot of potential as players there often vie for loot as it is, give them more to challenge them. There is much here could be done to make PVE play interesting here. Make the thiefs hoods valuable, maybe increase the chance of lockpick while wearing? Theyre already in the game, give them purpose! Just a couple more thoughts, not really related but MAYBE make a spray that says "No begging" or " Beggar free zone" or similar? ( you have one for free skins) Also, is there a way to maybe block the word combination " sell GC " on chat unless its followed by the word "airdrop"? Doing so or finding a way to do so could go a long way to combatting the GC scam posts in trade. Anyway something to think about.
  15. @Sven youre very very right in your statement! My last post was more my direct reaction to JKS as some push to change the dynamics of this game further and further from PVE , On the plus side with this at least we can maybe "mine" and get rid of rock piles or " cut " trees growing in the road ourselves LOL. ( Sorry just had to tease you guys on that one I could resist. If I didn't think it up and joke with you, @CampersRUs would!! ) Sounds like an awesome patch! Looking forward to this!!! +1
  16. Here we go again... another of the "every new game feature must be for PVP only" players. UGGGGGHhhhh !!! Its cool yes, still not enough to pull me onto an OW PVP large map server. Why not allow it,? There are PVE only players who OWN private servers who might enoy having something they built on their server. I do a lil PVP... but this kind of mentality is sad really. This is something again brought up and liked by sooooooooo many players. Keep asking, we all have been, and hope for a solution someday! We agree on this.
  17. I get that some issues do take time, Im not discounting that at all. What I am saying is if no one is available, just say it. If a problem is going to take a while, maybe sent a reply saying such. My point, the player should know where they stand with their ticket. If support is overwhelmed, then notify the player the ticket numbers are high. Little things … This is not acceptable @ElChupacabra , and while I am thankful someone did respond, and did explain why his ticket took longer, my point is he shouldn't have felt so left behind that he needed to post in the first place, let alone receive this post days later when others chime in! Thanks for taking time to read and listen to us.
  18. DNI_Adrian


    For the forums maybe it's not exactly in place how we'd like to have it, our goal initially was that IF Nether were to get a big forum community to move it over to it's own. In the end the Fredaikis forums are the 'Fredaikis' forums where we'd like to have all of our games in one place. Maybe that format doesn't work, or maybe (which is what my opinion is) it's not set-up correctly at the moment. Maybe the games should be divided more clearly. Anyways, about further forum feedback you could always post stuff here: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/forum/84-forum-suggestions/ You are right, and yes it is totally true our PVP community is pro as hell. In this sense we do kind of have a problem. It does have a theoretical easy fix which is by getting more players but in reality that's the hardest task of all. @Sven Thank you for trying. As for getting/ keeping players, much of what we have said even though not easy, would help. You cant keep/ or attract new players especially when they see players called such as " Thai dogs" in open chat. I was nowhere near kidding about the verbal abusiveness that played out. ( I know this can be reported, not my point). My point is that some of those prized players comments run people off, and they don't care. They have on more than one occasion, ( even on this very forum in the past) told me and others to quit the game... not a peep from a mod... crickets! Im stubborn and I don't run off so easily, but how many silently read that and left? How many waited days on replies from support and said screw this or worse had been one of the people who got short replies that didn't answer anything or suffered when tickets closed quickly? Yes, some of this was resolved, yet some is "overlooked" because of who a player is. Like I said in short its going to be hard to bring in players with big name high point ( negative and positive rep) players getting passes. There are some of the pro players who don't resort to this asinine behavior, but a few too many do.
  19. Campers June 5 : "Why is it that we can stack items in our backpack like ammo, bandages, gas cans, repair kits, and food, but something that basically has no weight cannot be stacked? I'm talking about contracts. It seems silly to me that, if you want to carry multiple contracts for one thing, ie: Kill 3 Super Zombies, require one space for each one you carry? Space is already limited in our backpack as it is. So, in order to carry a repeat of one contract, you have to give up precious space needed for other items. " johnstar43 April 19: "maybe have an unskin all and empty all buttons or stack all for ammo on global inv because it gets a pain taking hours to manually stack all them together. so adding some buttons like those so people could easily manage inventory for easy use of global rather than having everything spread out. so a un-skin all for all for guns melee and armor and a stack all button in ammo so it all stacks to 1 box" Christ is Lord January 6: " I feel a stash button on the GI locker would be beneficial. " Katryna247 July3 2018 "1.) Is there any way thay we could have a 'stash' feature for your Gi when you are ion a safe zone? This would increase game play time. It is really time consuming to have an adventure pack with EVERY slot full of items (some items multiple) and have to unload it. if there was a 'stash' feature for when you were in a safe zone area GI this would be awesome!! A quick unload and a quick return to play...looting, killing zombies or killing people, however you play:) 2.) For those of us older (or slightly vision impaired) players, is there ANY way we could increase the size of the font in our chat window (even if it is on an individual basis)? Currently the font is so small and kind of hard to read when you are playing on a laptop. " jewdiciousorange Aug 28, 2018 "I have done so much trading in this game it is a pain in the butt now, they could have improved the system so long ago to make it faster and easier, but nope, a Fun edition ghillie suit skin is more important. " BinIsDed Aug 27, 2018 "there are lots of posts on inventory and how it sucks. After thinking about it from a pure database angle here is what I think may work.  I am assuming weapon items have a series of attributes which store the magazine type, number of rounds in magazine, any attachments like scopes, grips, suppressors etc so manipulating these becomes a simple programmatic exercise." MrSuspiciousX April 30, 2018 " So I have a few minor suggestions for the G.I. that I feel would be very simple to implement. Not to mention make things far easier on players. 1. currently in order to stack and condense partial clips/mags/drums, we have to load em all up and go into a server. Maybe give us the ability to empty weapons of their ammo and stack our clips from the G.I. ? 2. when you unskin something in Global it stays separate from other items even though they are the same weapon/ item with no skin on them. Make it so they can auto stack when unskinned? 3. Allow us to organize our global by drag and drop. Some of us are very OCD with our globals and it sucks that all the work we do swapping stuff around is undone, as when you exit the game or a server the GI randomly throws the items in random order again 4. Allow us to change the skin on something in the Global rather than us having to be in game, self explanatory 5. Stackable items can be shift+right clicked to move any number back and forth. Maybe allow us to do this with unstackable items providing we have the back pack space or trade window slots available to make trading and easier" Heartbreaker replied to this post April 30, 2018: "Up to now they are the improvements and more useful suggestions, I like them all +1 This can save us a lot of time in the Trade Lounge" As did krys101 April 30, 2018: "I saw a post like this a WHILE ago and no response was given to that one, I hope this one WILL be considered, also a "stack all clips" / items button would be usefull +10000 for this one! " I could go on and on. But yeah... its just me eh @Steve??
  20. @Steve how many players OTHER than ME or @N_e_n_o have asked and or complained about the GI issue just since I Joined? How many in the forums before that even?? Players have begged this situation corrected for a very long time, way longer than I played ( because their posts were on here when I joined). I remember sitting here over a year before I even tried the game reading posts as my wife was on here. SO, saying "oh its just you"... maybe you need to be a bit more historically accurate in your writings. This forums history tells a different tale, doubly so when this forum was far more active because it was not sharing player population with discord. ( Discord wasn't being used and TeamSpeak was popular as was the voice chat on the the servers! SO saying that because I see an issue that has been asked for repeatedly, and DOES EFECT every player, not just myself you were trying to play down my comment as that ONLY me or ONLY N_E_N_O have an issue with how the GI's load, or how we stash items, how how long it takes to move /skin items. I will let history speak for itself... OH, and if you dared, Im sure that a polled game pop would also tell you that "messy Gi's " and "way to stash in game at GI locker" or "Stash in trade" or "skin all item" … these aren't something that only effects one player. How many HATE logging out of trade after buying weapons bc its quicker to LOG OUT and STASH than to put those items in your GI WHILE IN TRADE. How many quotes can I find IF I just look??
  21. maybe then support should not tell players response time less than 2 hours? Maybe make it clear " we aren't in right now, but support cares about your ticket and we will work on it when we return on -------- in the order they were received". That way, players aren't going and checking every hour or two hoping for an answer not coming til Monday.. Think about the customer service aspect here. Players respect honesty, even when it isn't what they want to hear.
  22. Question, If items are kept from stacking to prevent "duping" how did you prevent duping of stackable items? Clearly it CAN be prevented or it would be an issue with other items. Also, for a couple of years now we were told that adding a send to GI button from player backpack just was impossible. Now we find that it has not only been possible but something you removed from players? Any idea just how much more of the data base people are really having to use bc of screwed up GI's? Your players have been begging for a way to fix this for at least 3 yrs that I know of. I have read time and again about these issues, and it stands to reason that listening to the players and finding some kind of fix for this would be beneficial to all. This is one of those issues that effects EVERY players in the game to some degree or other. Just some thoughts...
  23. Im glad you got that on vid, im starting to catch a lot on vid that " doesn't happen" .
  24. First of all, its hard to attract new players or even convince players of other modes to come over when the behavior of OW PVP own players is exactly what runs them off. Watching them in chat laughing about noob hunting, bambi killing or how many bambis they KOSed today does nothing to encourage new players. AT ALL. Having new players young or older see live streamers ( better yet partners) all but naming someone they "blame" for being their stream sniper yet doesn't even play on those boards. Better yet in watching them closer, these same streamers are hiding on password protected private servers so the typical viewer ( not a subscriber or friend) would not have access!! Basically they KNOW who is doing it yet blame others. So, how about before making changes like this and forcing mega crowded servers ( which no new person will want to visit more than once) you leave places where they can at least begin to get their feet under them, if they can get past the ugly mentality of shooting for easy rep. ( Lazy players who are afraid to take on their own kind)
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