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  1. Im glad you are. Sadly I don't know about anyone elses exp here BUT I have Video of reports Ive personally made about a player whos name glorified Nazis, days in a row. As of a couple days ago they were still on here, same name, still thinking Hitler was cool... I thought you had people who took care of the in game reporting of such. I feel bad for new people of any race logging in to see that. As for skipping the insults ( which wasn't made by the person you replied to BTW ) I do tend to agree with them tho. You asked us to not use them yet allow much worse said in game. I don't think its so much of " Oh someone did worse so..." as it its "Its ok as long as it isn't at one of us, then its problematic. As long as it you ( a player) theyre insulting its fine, its just part of the game..." Right now I equate this to a parent saying "do as I say, not as I do" bc its equally hypocritical. But since you brought it up about someone said worse, what was said here PALES in comparison to what gets said in game and gets a pass. I guess my point is either its ok or its not. Its either part of the territory that comes with dealing with players or its not ok at all even for players to use toward other players. Ask any farmer why straddling the fence is a bad idea...
  2. We breathe @CampersRUs and we refuse to just be quiet and accept what ever comes down the pipes. That is the attitude of some of the Devs, and they wonder why the game just keeps losing people... There is no point to report, they do nothing about it. It isn't just lewd, or vulgar names its ones with clear racial bias. I have vid where I reported the same player at least 4 times for a name that involved one of the leaders of the hate speech era who caused the deaths of MILLIONS... crickets chirped. Nothing done. Im sure new players and old agree that should not be permitted... yet to this day that players holds that name and bragged about how cool it was in open chat. I guess even hate speech is acceptable now. PVE players just keep saying the same thing. Then after one or 2 events that include everyone, it goes right back to events that are for BR, or PVP only. A while back one of the Devs even said " well, the sale is for everyone" (paraphrased here mind you). Great, have your sales, but that is nothing to the "double rep" , "double BR boxes" ect that goes on week after week. I have about 18 days left on my server and I am really not sure I want to renew it again... not for this! You're right @Sven, we do deserve an answer why nearly every event is for the PVP only crowd. We were promised before that events would be more inclusive, what happened to that?? So far that I personally read recently the game lost 4 players money for servers, premium accounts, even an extreme account. That's the handful who still cared enough about the game to hang around and hope for change. Now you have 2 more about to do the same. How much lost revenue yearly you think that adds up to? How much more you think just up and left with zero explanations? No, the game is NOT PVP only, but lately the DEVS seem to forget that ( Minus you. You're the only one who seems to give a damn about ALL the players. While my comments may be sharp, it is not at all aimed at you. You're just really the only one who bothers to respond. so you seem to catch the brunt of our anger) The last real event that included everyone was the Viking event. I can be fair and say 80-90% of the events FAIL to have anything for PVE ONLY players except ways to spend money. Where are the events that don't for PVE. There are tons of ideas been dropped, and yet here we are.. again. Week after week Double rep, something for BR, even survival and nothing for PVE ONLY. Yes an answer is deserved!
  3. I stopped our premium accts first, giving them a chance to do things different. Im about at the end of my server rental, and the GC I have wont renew it long as I am tired of having to sound like a broken record. After that, I don't see me spending a dime to support a game that no longer cares about the player base. I can play for free and they can support the PVP only crowd out of their own pockets.
  4. I am a pve player too. PO'd everything is for PVP and BR. I have been trying out other modes ( not bc of their events but bc of players telling me I should try to understand where their coming from) and still not impressed that all caters to the PVP players alone. Even if you play survival and not PVP they still have NOTHING for the players. Maybe I read their comment differently @TheWraith, but looks like they asked if they needed to ask to get them to do something for PVE players. I went back and read some of their other posts and that seems to be what they talk about.
  5. Is there really a need to divide the BR pop at all? Seems like it would make more sense to have BR start from 1 basic location/ region and everyone play from there. If they did, you could have it said to open more servers as needed ( Not run 5 servers when the pop is only enough for say 3 whatever on a slow day). Overall the total server number could be cut, lobby fills faster, games start sooner, and players don't get stuck where there is 14-16 people in lobby waiting to play. I tried BR, that was my biggest issue with playing it more. May have liked it otherwise.. I think changing the reward boxes out faster could help also. It seems as the same box become to common fewer play. When new boxes come out there is a scramble to get them,. Just a thought. I like the idea but in general the biggest issue is getting players to stay until it starts. Pushing harder ping limits ( or reducing higher ping servers ) just further limits who can play and could cut down the amount of players further yet. It sounds good on the surface, but when it knocks players out due to conditions they cant always control is it something that really makes sense to do? I have had my ping go stupid because of storms. Doesn't make me a bad player it means the connection between me and the server and back has issues. Players cant always control that, Why penalize them further. Have you ever tried playing with a high ping?? It is not fun, at all. It sucks really. I don't necessarily like the idea of less maps, but reducing the over all number of servers could make this situation better. If I read your comments wrong I apologize in advance.
  6. Its messed up. Hell part was on your own time! WTH are they thinking? I guess they're too worried about adding more rock piles and trees growing in the middle of roads that what the game looks like. Sorry man, we understand you tried to do something nice for the game AND for the players. Thank you, you're still going to have our support bc no one else cares as much for the player base. We appreciate you more than you know!!
  7. @Sven Clearly not the players are loving it and whoever said it was is an ID10T. Even the games harshest critics love it, that's an accomplishment !
  8. I agree 1000+ % , yet sadly they wont. They allowed them to use macros for healing and riots which was bad enough, then players began using it for GI & other thing and not a peep. One even bragged about sittin on his shields all dayand all he did was kill a new player repeatedly and laugh in chat about doing it.. It gives the false impression they actually make more kills bc other players ( even noobs) would have had them if they couldn't throw up a shield and med up instantly. Doing so their kills to deaths ratio is super inflated artificially. It puts honest players who don't use any cheats at all @ a disadvantage. That's what they should do for an event... ban macros for a weekend ( one of the 4 day ones) of PURE play and double rep... Let them see what the game COULD be like without such cheats. Way more fun, and might even coax some PVE only players over for that! Im sure im not the only one who agrees either. I know other players who either wont play or quit pvp over macros. Lol I play over there once in a while, and I may suck but at least my play is clean and I used NO cheats to get where I am. Not many on here can say that... thank you for being another honest player.
  9. How about this as an option to make everyone happy: Make one server on each PVE and reduce the # of PVP boards. That way, the PVPers get what they want ( a more heavily popped server and PVE players get what they want too! The PVP players can go PVP with others who WANT TO, while PVE players have their own and no longer have to deal with PVP play if they don't choose it. Its actually a win/ win. Plus when the total number of servers is cut the boards will be MORE heavily POPPED so they get what they want as well. How about trying that and see if that cuts down the issues on PVP vs PVE players, plus all modes ( except BR and competition) have something to offer everyone. Less stress for everyone!!
  10. Everyone time and again has thrown their ideas out there, here is mine to help build and keep player base: Just a question since you can see the Halloween and Specialist skins better in here( they look great by the way, wow the detail! ) But curious why are they almost identical in coloration? Have you ever thought of maybe updating the skins from the contracts, Ie a new color less like the Halloween color? Maybe make contracts have levels ( you have them for supers, other things)? Maybe make the skins for those different colors and add matching armors/ NVG items. Let them choose at the vending matching which they want but they could cost way more coins for example armors than an nvg or sniper . Maybe let the sniper ammo be buyable, but only at the vending machine and only for specialist coins? Maybe instead of players hunting for easy prey they could be more aimed at players of their level or higher for PVP. Players with no rep count against you regardless good or bad rep making " bambi " hunting less fun. Make it a bigger hit to their rep points to kill them and take anything at all dropped. Enough penalty points for this and you begin to lose rank. Make them earn it. Also maybe add some rapid cycling zombies in places where they like to camp. That forces players to keep moving instead of just waiting on kills to "come to them" . Make competitions ( and maybe a couple pvp servers) divided by skill level. If you rep out -/ + for that level you move to a group that's more equal to your skills. Not all "bambis or noobs" play on the pvp servers at first. Trying to get stuff to play with takes priority so they find a PVE server, and often they don't play on or learn from the beginner or warm up servers especially when they realize things don't count the same way. The once that don't find such don't last long after being killed for their hard earned loot that often these players don't really want ( they pick up a valuable item or two and leave the rest, even taking the players backpack just to make life harder) Just some thoughts.
  11. All I have to say here is I agree with @CampersRUs. @Sven You are entitled to your opinion Sir, and so are we.
  12. Thank you for clearing this up better. Its confusing when the ranks over lap ( I looked and I didn't find any rank structure for the forums so being that new people can find them) . It it just made it more confusingfor people. Same ranks played out on both left me scratching me head. In game rank is searchable so its I understand it. They need a key for this and the small icons about the servers; you know where you log onto the servers themselves. .
  13. Not sure how to take youre comment, can be read different ways. Is removing servers to get PVE players to leave youre hope? If so, why?
  14. Premium servers are Premium player only territory already, and have premium ( better) loot now and have been that way. They also have zero to do with PVE as they are NOT PVE servers. ( Again, not even a 1 for the PVE players who purchase premium. ) When you get to the bottom of it and REALLY play, there is darn little that IS for the PVE player. You have described you ideal vision of this game rather well, and no I don't think I am missing opportunities of a mixed server. I see having which area I can play without being shot by PVPers limited to areas of the map I don't like or prefer not to play of be forced to wait til the map rotates again. Again, zero interest in the coop side as it still allows any type PVP at all. Campers gave you a pretty darn good repeat of what happened there and it happens constantly , Maybe if players could show first that they COULD be TRUSTED and not have been how they were in the past It might have changed how I feel now, but honestly I just see it as a new way for them to abuse things.
  15. This is a good idea, but I doubt it goes anywhere. Considering what it costs for a server, this would be nice. It would also be nice if they did something to reward player loyalty. How about a really cool skin that cant be sold/ traded that you get with X hours of play or each year your anniversary as long as you play X hours? Those things, and fixing vehicles and other things DEVs know are issues would go MILES toward player retention alone. Things like this that can BENEFIT every player I will get behind. ( Like Sven redoing the icons and optimizing as he goes. THAT is the kind of things that get the most critical of us to support ideas. I am equally quick to praise a good idea as I am be critical of damaging ones.
  16. You do realize that many of us who PVE don't want to socialize nor even remotely be involved in PVP? I do a tiny bit on here but I am again in no way interested in a "blended experience" or interacting more or engaging / interacting with other players more. I have options on how to do this now and I CHOSE not to. If you are " for PVE" then realize what PVE is and what it is NOT. PVE is NOT blended/ mixed/ or interacting so much with others. Before everyone locked down their PVE servers there used to be "more interaction" as you call it. Again, Player behavior became an issue as clans sent groups out to pick up every item they could, often stripping areas of not only zombies but loot as well. Players had to compete with other players over super zombie kills and YES they would wait til you expended the majority of the ammo, wait for you to reload and not only steal your kill but also sat back nearby or came up behind you and as soon as the super was down steal your snipers, boxes ect. No, Ive had enough unwanted "interaction" to last a lifetime on this game. No, there will not be a change my mind point either. Dealing with other players and not on my very limited terms is a hard NO for me. I want to play against the environment be it what ever kind of zombie, super, alien, radiated super or radiation they want to do. BUT IF I want to play with other people I will, IF I want to PVP I WILL, but ONLY when I "want" to which is the whole point to PVE is NOT wanting to. Now I am not the "only one" who feels this way so throwing the whole " its about you" thing is pointless. Like I told you on one of the first posts I made to you, you really need to "KNOW" the players here before deciding what you "think" they want. Go read the OLD posts. See what players have said, not just recently but over even the last 2 years. Get to KNOW the player base before putting out ideas for dramatic changes that borders on creating a whole new game rather than fixing what we've asked for. GO read that. LEARN where players are coming from. Read the "get rid of PVE" posts by a few that were so repetitive we almost didn't have to read them to know what was going to be said. The push by a handful to try to get rid of us and "focus on survival and BR" bc that's what this small group harped on nonstop. SO much so most of the new weekend events have next to NOTHING for the PVE only crowd. ( Here have a discount on buying boxes counted for what was offered for PVE.) LEARN where our IRE at you is coming from then come and address us. How about actually listening to what we are saying and stop making statements where you want to "force player interaction" Your words Sir... not mine. Stop trying to make excuses why there can't be a PVE ONLY server ( if you really are "for PVE" ) For over 24 hours I have heard this on this thread and the other. You also keep saying that we want something back that was "free". NO. WHY??? BC there was NEVER a PVE only server for Survival, even though they had many PVE players excited, believing it would be an option.. Till the announcement came. There was NEVER a "free" PVE option that the GAME offered. Players, some streamers who became partners, ect offered their own for use but that certainly wasn't free...SOMEONE ALWAYS PAID THE BILLS. Go to the "OFFICIAL" server list, where is even JUST 1 for PVE players? There has NEVER BEEN ONE THERE, not since I joined. PVE was always someone's unlocked server, Not the GAME saying "here is a place for PVE players. There is a reason our side is angry. I somehow think you should have become more familiar with all of this before purposing such drastic changes AND ALIENATING the side that DOESNT get a "free ride" here unlike PVP & Survival ( which always have).
  17. @Thisisjoetv The problem with this is if you play small map pvp nearly everyone has a neg rep. WHY? BC they shoot EVERYTHING that moves that isn't grouped with them. ALSO, I guess you haven't been here long enough to realize those same players have accounts with multiple charactors, Good/ Neg/ and Civillian trade only accounts. Hmmm not trade with the NEG rep... great idea until that same player shows up in trade with his/ her trade only character that has NO REP. Now what? Or it maybe someone who like me tried to play and saw the player pop at its worst and said shoot em all BC by the time I look, good guy/ bad guy im dead. Im trying to address the problem, and what I complained about VIOLATES the game rules. I guess they suddenly get a pass for acting like jerks because its "adult". Sorry, even adults don't want to see gay bashing, racist or anti women names. Im sure that someone who glorifies HITLER belongs here too by your standards, right?? It was a more approvable sample that @Katryna247 gave. Most of what Ive complained about isn't acceptable even on the Biggest GAME TITLES ! Your asinine comments show your own lack of maturity especially toward the VET players. We aren't on here telling you or anyone else to "play our way or else", we are saying we played this game bc we enjoyed it. Advocating for Removal of the aspect we enjoy, you are asking for a player revolt. Worse you don't care. If this idea of yours were to happen you're setting up for a similar reaction as the sniper wipe. Go ask the DEVS how that went over.... Today there are higher numbers because it the weekend. Play the game a but longer and you will see that a large number are only here weekends or for events... IE times when there is some sort of actual incentive to play...IE double GD, Double XP, Double rep, holidays... watch those same servers Monday when the adults who aren't older or disabled or unemployed for whatever reason all go back to work. WORLDWIDE. Check all the servers! This game has become "abandonware" multiple times under multiple names. One of the games, War Z Game DEV Sergey Titov explained more eloquently than I can what happens when you ignore and dismiss your most loyal players. ( If I get kicked for this then so be it) Go read where your arrogance will take this or any game Mr Super #1 beta tester. In an open letter to the community he wrote " Along with that thanks, though, I need to admit that we failed to effectively communicate some of our plans and actions to both our existing players and to our new prospective players. This failure to communicate resulted in some very negative feedback from some members of our community, but while it might be easy to label them as “haters” or some other dismissive term, in all honesty this is my fault. I became arrogant and blinded by the early success and quick growth of The War Z, our increasing number of players, numbers we were getting from surveys, etc., and I chose not to notice the concerns and questions raised by these members of the game community as well as others. This failure is entirely on my shoulders and if anything I owe thanks to that vocal minority and admit that I should have paid attention sooner. I chose instead to concentrate on the bigger picture – my dream of turning The War Z from being a game developed by a small indie team into a large online venture, instead of addressing small things first and staying focused on the game issues. At the end my arrogance led us to the moment, when all those small things finally caught up and created a “perfect storm” that affected all of our community members. For that I’m truly sorry and apologize to all of our community as well as the larger PC gaming community that is not yet playing The War Z. I do not take this situation lightly, and last week events were especially humbling for me. I’ve experienced a range of emotions, most of which centered on regret for not having addressed some of the issues differently than we did, but we can’t change the past. The only thing we can do is to be sure that we won’t repeat the same mistakes in the future. I have realized that as the leader of this ship, I missed all early warnings that were saying, “Your community is not as happy as you think they are, you need to alter course.” I was too focused on how great we are and how a small independent team got their first game to over 700,000 users in a two-month period. Though that is something to be very proud of, allowing that to overshadow the existing community and their satisfaction was poor judgment. .." https://www.denofgeek.com/us/games/the-war-z/40836/the-war-z-developer-sergey-titov-sends-an-open-letter Bb What happened to you telling @Katryna247 You were not trying to force players to do anything. Your true colors just came out. What part of my statement did you ignore, or fail to read? I PAY for a server NOW and have for almost a year. Up until a the last month or so I held a Premium acct until I was disrespected. It was the shot across the bow sort of speak that I was VERY UNHAPPY with a particular staff member. There is a reason I have not re-bought another premium acct for me or my better half. They already lost the sale of 2 premium accts monthly. @CampersRUs has mentioned over and over about paying for private servers and his Extreme account. He also shut down cash flow due to being disgruntled about the same issues I did ( and a list more) . I guess you never ventured onto the private server list. Maybe you should go see just how many "PVE only" servers are there. I was going to count them, but im not wasting my time when You wont go bother to look anyway. Many of those servers people play other times of day,I have been on all hours, I have seen how many play at different times. Most like mine are password protected. Currently 2 other players and myself are all that have access. Most of the PVE servers are like that...IE not social scenes. Those that abandoned the game came here and complained as well. The majority of those that did was a mass exodus over the sniper wipe. Something that hurt their bottom lime most so far and here you are pushing an agenda to make more leave. Theres Not as many PVP private severs ( it looked quite different ) to measure up. Odd... those awful PVE players like me buy servers to GET AWAY from being "social". I can go to trade if I want to socialize. Also, I don't go to trade often as I used to, so your gripe about me complaining about PVPers then going to sell to them.. Youre off the truth there. I already explained why I don't go. ***** Edit***** Also, when I do go its to BUY something 99% of the time.
  18. Just went back and looked, the Survival side already has typically 4 servers open in each region so I am lovin the poll. Now, due to the amount of people on those servers being up, I have ZERO interest in playing there. SOOOOooo I'm going back to my private server I PAID FOR bc I have zero interest in the PVP aspect of Survival. @Steve right there gave me reason to either not play this game at all or OWN a private server. I don't like playing where there is a bunch of people for reasons Ive stated over and over. Until those issues are resolved NO. Now if I was to let my server go...I would just go play another game. ( Im not the only one like this Im sure)
  19. Oh they could, but it might offend some of the top players to crack down on the crappy behavior and abuses. Being a horrible person, having racial bias, or having offensive names that would get a players youtube ( just an example here) video a strike, demonetized, or removed entirely yet have zero to do with "mental capacity". If it did, then hate crime folks could get off charges because of their issues. Even the law sees this as a separate issue so no, I will not give them an out for being a horrible person. They aren't threatening people directly, but they do use the rep system on discord to abuse players, and the scam reporting link for the same. I have lobbied, I was told to "report" in game. I have before, and watched the same players spam chat, attempt to scam others, had offensive names even an anti women one, an LGBTQ slur, and sexual connotations many using numbers to slid past the filter stay on for hours after a report, and even seen them days later!! @Thisisjoetv by the way, when was the last time you looked at the poll ( yeah the real reason for this thread)? Players are speaking loudly and clearly.
  20. @Steve Actually what your doing is DISCOURAGING players like myself from RENEWING my private PVE server, and seriously considering QUITTING the game altogether. I PAY for a private server and YET I STILL VISIT survival. Unless I PERSONALLY KNOW a player, I don't really want anything to do with "grouping" or "co-op" as too many have shown me they ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED. I think maybe I have found less than I can count on my fingers of those that CAN be since I began playing this game! Adding a PVE server gives new players a chance to play without idiots "bambi hunting" for "EEEZZZzzz " rep. At the end of the day, when new players get killed over and over and loot taken there is ZERO incentive to stick around. You either don't take them into consideration or don't care. Hell, even players who cross over and TRY to play are dealing with it BEFORE they have anything to even protect themselves with! But hey like I told the egomanic above, It don't matter a damn how many players you "bring" to the game when other issues like the racial slurs and offensive names even when reported go ignored. I am beginning to do vid recording and screenshots of what im talking about here. I cant even post them here on the forum without getting a warning or getting BANNED HERE for repeating them! But hey, those issues don't count, PVE players opinions don't count so why should my hard earned dollars be counted on to help you achieve what many of us have said NO to without considering the PVE and NEW PLAYERS. Oh, and before you go on and on about the " warm up server" often those who are recruited by friends / family want to play WITH their friends or family... that server is nice but many don't go there for that reason alone. Also before I RENTED my server I played on FREE SERVERS, so don't assume because people start playing for "free" that they wont BUY GC for item boxes, servers ect. MAYBE they want to try before they buy! Run them off though, that seems to be what the PVP and survival pvpers want these days.
  21. @Sven Ive been loving the majority of the reworks ( Im glad youre talking time to get to item optimization a little at a time too!!! This has been needed for such a long time, and we realize it would be overwhelming for anyone to try to do all the items at once ) Have a Great weekend!!
  22. That's the wonder of the console games... I don't HAVE to play against anyone I don't choose to, I have plenty of options there. …..and yet you wonder why games via PC are dying. Choked out by consoles. I was looking for a game to play when I found this one and I chose to play this game, and I chose to spend money to help keep it going, but there is a host of other titles to choose from in a very competitive industry. Ive stated this on other posts as well. I play pvp ON OTHER GAMES. The whole draw to me with this one was that I could play on my PC and I didn't HAVE to play PVP to enjoy it. This play "my way or else" mentality will sink this game. Not that you care, you haven't really got anything invested beyond a few bucks to buy your premium and a small amount of time. Oh and to answer your question, I will go back to the other games, trusted titles that were, and are PVE and have no interest in forcing players to "Change" just to play.
  23. He's another play my way or else type. @CampersRUs Seriously debating letting my server go and walking. I don't want a damn thing to do with sponsoring this BS with my money. Regardless if PVE is the majority or not, Im not spending money to help this game if its going to continue to PANDER to him and his mindset. He can foot the bill.
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