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  1. Just because a player goes onto an open world server does NOT mean they "want" to PVP. Sometimes they go due to lack of options for PVE only play. WHY? Because so many players abused private servers, stripping ALL LOOT, collecting all high priced items and screwing over the owners by farming every thing that moved. Also,when talking about the Survival mode, how about referring to the VOTE they did a couple weeks ago. The players spoke. Simple. Quit crying bc they chose more servers and not to be treated like cattle and corralled onto 1 or 2 maps. By the way... I DO play on survival. I HATE PVP on there. I AVOID GROUPING or playing on popped servers for that very reason. If I want PVP I know where to find it, and CHOOSE NOT to go! Funny, those "useless" modes often have more players than OW. Players like me LOOK for empty servers. Maybe you should look at WHO is playing on the servers. How many VETS have Civillian rep?? What an inconvenient truth... They are choosing NOT to PVP.
  2. You want another vote? This time for OW?? I guess you missed how the survival vote went... Those who wanted fewer servers, and specialty maps sure did not get what they wanted.... The spawn points ARE an issue. They NEED to make that way more random AND Add new ones that rotate in so "spawn campers" lose their advantage. I agree on night spawns as well... Should be grey scale or blacked out. Sadly they have chosen to charge for each spawn color. People might be more willing to buy if spawn colors came in packs and they weren't so flipping expensive.
  3. Basically a GI wipe to even achieve, and how many would quit if they considered wiping what they worked hard to get either buy farming, buying, ect… Did no one learn from the sniper wipe?????? Normally when this comes up, at least 1 or more Devs come back on and remind us they, THEY PROMISED they would NEVER do that again!! The game was DECIMATED last time. SOOOOoooooo many QUIT. Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it!!
  4. I think half the issue is PVPers discount just how many players are JUST PVE, or like me only occasionally PVP. Its funny when they put up PVE Servers for an event, they were the among MOST populated!! You are right about the "rare" items though. No one plays them bc theyre too expensive or difficult to replace, or hard to get ammo for. They become either a trade lounge show piece or something to clog up your GI. Any he wants more useless crap in game.... Also, the NA servers pop during events bc players come back for special stuff. Those over all numbers continue to fall as event items are getting harder and harder to get. People don't want to play a whole weekend and only get a box or 2.
  5. How many players do you intend to cost the game??? Look, those players who don't want to group WON'T. The players who don't like PVP on large map servers WON'T. The ones that ONLY play survival in PVE, WON'T. PVE only players WON'T... People like the way they play, and if forced onto a HUGE MAP with 100, 200, 500 people... WILL do EXACTLY what I would do.... QUIT. I already quit paying for my server due and premium to the disrespect of PVE by certain Devs and players pushing ideas like this!! I REFUSE to HELP pay for the game to push a stupid PVP ONLY AGENDA. They go that route... fine. I know quite a few on here enough to know they would QUIT first. As I said before, there are enough cookie cutter games out there. For God's sake lets keep this original... Where players have a choice in HOW the HELL they play!! I'm so sick of they lets destroy the game posts.
  6. Don't feel bad, I found excessive force, 1 box and about 3 of the new optic! Oh and in the box... a sheriffs hat!! So yeah … same here!
  7. Thank you @CampersRUs ! I too wondered why he answered for them. Many of the other issues she brought up I have addressed much of this before in my previous posts. I don't understand how this " bunny hopping" doesnt use stamina but all other movements involving the legs does. I would LOVE to see vid of @Steve or any of the devs ACTUALLY TRYING to do this movement in REAL LIFE and then come tell us all about how it DOESNT REALLY use WAYYYY more energy to do than running ALONE! But hey, if he wants to put the "realism" of a "survival" game into this convo… them MAYBE HE SHOULD PHYSICALLY show us how its done! He wont. Nor will they. Climbing instead of jumping makes wayyyy toooo much sense and that would handicap their top cheats I mean players who don't know how to play without it and macros so they can quick DX or riot to keep from dying. This game has a lot of "HAVE to" cheat to play issues including having to have 5 characters to play instead of just one. Also, notice how quick he was to try to PUSH PREMIUM?? Wow, and they wonder why I REFUSE to buy it again. P2W or P2P is NOT the game I signed up to play...and every day it goes farther and farther from the game I fell in love with. Just a matter of time till I get sick of it and just go play something else.
  8. I THINK.... what she was getting at is trying to explain why more people aren't playing survival especially those that are PVE only players crossing over to TRY it. I convinced her come try it with me. She and I BOTH had premium and until we see changes we have been promised it remains off the table. We know how Survival WORKS, and understand that. ( We aren't kids who need to hear this is how its played...) Again, you failed to see the feedback for what it is... why are new people NOT playing survival after trying it, Why does it FAIL to bring in more players. Instead of looking at what she said and taking a moment to realize ( she is not alone in her opinion or issues here) Maybe a few changes would make Survival PALETABLE to more players . Also 7 min... where are they shooting from the other side of the map to NEED 7 min??? Really??? Again, your reply makes no sense in some of the stated issues. To the PLAYERS of survival: Killing you OWN GROUP MEMBERS is KILLING THE GAME for new players. They DONT COME BACK. THANKS!!! Survival game or not, many that try to cross over are NOT PVP players and DO NOT want to PVP. ( I know, shocking right! ) That's the core of WHY they are PVE only players and you wont change that by killing them off to "show them how fun it is..." Finally, @Katryna247 Not every player you encounter is such an A$$HOLE. Giving up lets them win... Something I will be damned if I will let them do!
  9. Prime example on why I don't befriend many on here either, I tried with one person other than the one I msg on here and they took what I said wrong bc of language issue with typing. They didn't let me finish what I was saying then got mad. I watched people do and say all kinds of stuff theyd never say in person.
  10. If they can an do ban macros for other things it would not be hard to outright ban macros. Yeah, they keep allowing it for riots and healing but other uses its banned, lots leave that are like me and don't want to HAVE TO cheat ( using macros is a cheat) to play at all on PVP. I may "suck at it " but every kill I got was clean, and I didn't use a macros to hide behind a riot or to keep from dying by macros-ing DX to get it. You want a REAL EVENT, do a weekend where macros is totally banned. NONE at all allowed. Then you either sink or swim... but its ALL up to the players skills.
  11. It also needs to be disabled in trade lounge BC as many as get incensed about trades, I can just see people using the Bounty system from there as well. Don't believe me. go check out the report scammer link on discord. It has been so bad that people were posting peoples FB pics. SO yeah, I can see it being abused there as well.
  12. So whats up with the FAC issues caused by the patch? I never had this, now its non stop.
  13. I hear ya on discord, I absolutely hate it! But, my point was they tried.. winning back old players would be better. Shut down things that run off new players and old. I have made comment after comment about some of this. This game started coming apart when boxes became only something to purchase. But hey, what do I know...
  14. @Sven Thank you for at least listening to and considering this! Also, if not on this item, then maybe on future items/ skins that include armors, armor skins, and cool special items.
  15. I dont come on the forum all that often now!!! Makes no sense why its limited to premium only users anyway,i assume to get people to get premium to try it out but that will not work in the games current status imo. This was on discord, facebook, all the socials....They have done their best to inform and invite everyone to try it. I understand why it was limit to premium servers, I just didn't agree with it. But Not my call so I could just shake my head and go on.
  16. I would! Plus I love that I can more through buildings and not trip over 200 clan lockers in each building as they fit every one they could in one. It gives better mobility in the PVP areas like Rocky, Smallville, ect. Plus they cant just stand in one place and grab more ammo, or more meds ect. This forces movement OUT of the stronghold areas if they're going to die and need to stash their loot without running to a safe zone they might not make it to. I just began trying out Survival a few weeks ago. So far, I love the improvements.
  17. My point is much simpler; every new skin for armor is either " rare " or " Epic" meaning expensive as H#ll.. We have a TON of " rare " and "Epic" items that NO ONE uses bc they are limited, expensive, and too hard to get so they flaunt their "prized rare loot" in the trade lounge. The rose, the scythe, the devils trident, bunny suit just a few that come to mind... All "Rare" items. DO you see ANY of them in game?? NO! Too big of risk to lose! SO they get limited viewing in the trade lounge. Those items are " Okay " but I would much rather have something "useful" than another "useless" prize to flaunt in trade. Oh, and before someone says Im just mad bc I don't have them... I have all 4. They just aren't useful anywhere else. SO it makes a sniper have to work for it, so what. Need to do something for people who want to play clean and NOT hide behind a macros cheat. ( don't even get me started on that)
  18. Thank you for listening and giving us PVE servers!! Just wish it was a perm thing!
  19. Plz, make it rare. Don't put the item in store. Why does every new armor or skin need to be rare? Are there not enough " rare" and "epic" armor skins and items already??
  20. Those would be more significant in a players eyes. There is a reason I swatted back at @3lias, bc the answer saying Chup is taking it serious but they don't have manpower to deal with/ look at all the complaints. I realize other games have nasty trash talk, but do the Devs here really "want" to be one of them? There are so many things can be done yet he did not offer any kind of fix. I like the ideas, maybe add taking rep, but do in stages. Example: 1st offence 1 week chat ban ( doesn't seem bad til thy realize they cant trade) 2nd wipe XP and Rep 3rd Wipe GI 4 Ban This could be done for like 3- 6 months time frames. What ever the set time frame the penalties are they re set X calender time. Similar to how employers use occurrences.
  21. Thank you! This is what I was looking for @Sven. I could not understand why this could not be fixed by the filter which I believe I suggested before. I understand its not your job you also have enough on your plate! BUT now that someone understands why we are complaining and how to fix this maybe it could be! Again, I not really even advocating for perm chat bans either. Maybe a week or so. Something to say " this is not ok!! " . I was reading on discord people there complaining about "only 3 day bans" and others laughing saying its " only 3 days, NP" so maybe a week on chat ban. I like the ideas above otherwise, now if we can just get whoever does the coding and the Boss on board ! ( It would cure one of @CampersRUs, @Katryna247 and my gripes. One or two less things to hear us repeat over and over! ) Again, thank you.
  22. Then how about expanding the FAC or chat filters to pic up variations of words. Common ones like T H I S, words the filter already rejects that uses spaces between letters and TH!S where an explanation point is used as an " I " . Also, the name involving Hitler/ Nazis... how did that get through any filter?? Better yet WHY?? Also having the filter on trade chat block the words sell GC or selling GC or Trade GC that doesn't have the word airdrop after. Even if you don't have the manpower to go through all the in game complaints, you "could" make changes to the filter and that would help a lot and would probably reduce his work load. There are ways to do this. There is an old adage " where there's a will, there's a way". I have no doubt he ( Chupa) takes reports seriously, and I am not even demanding BANS, I am pushing to make names that are VULGAR, or RACIST have to change their name. Im pushing for some sort of change, that makes sense. Why is the name " Cassie" blocked and one with Hitler Or NAZI allowed? I don't advocate for bans of players but advocating for changes to curb the verbal abuse I am all for and that IS something you could stop if you wanted....!
  23. This could make life interesting...
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