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  1. I have gave up begging, asking, arguing and fighting for this game to be fixed and resume its former luster. I had hoped things had changed while we were gone... clearly not. The Devs  want to cater to a very limited base, so be it.  I will came back periodically to see who is still hanging around and IF the game even still exists, maybe play IF the mood strikes me now.  Found new things to do in my spare time. Glad to see youre still at it @CampersRUs. Sorry we haven't been around much. 

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  2. 11 minutes ago, TheWraith said:

    With that Vending Machines you fix scamming,waste time to trade servers, and one lil bit funny reason that personally i think is very annoying: Beggars! "Donate sir!" Lazy players who run in front to your face and dont let you trade with normal players.Is one reason i stop going to trade servers...only in game

    Exactly!! Those that had been vocal against this idea are the very same people you see in trade with VET TAGS annoying the living S%@# out of you with " Please Sir, free skins?" "Donate Sir?"  "Please Sir I need $$$"   BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!  Oh and before anyone defends such behavior... Just bc it isn't against the rules doesn't make it less annoying NOR does it make you look anything less than LAZY when we see VET PLAYERS BEGGING, PATHETIC!! 

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  3. 13 hours ago, JKS said:

    Maybe the huge discord community don't like this system.

    You might not believe this as much as I HATE DISCORD I DO FOLLOW IT. SO Not quite.   Before the forum ever though up the way to use and abuse players on the atrocity currently  known as discord the idea was quite popular on here as a way noobs could make $$$ instead of begging in the trade lounge and so players could thin down inventories without wasting time hanging out in trade or trying to sell crap no one really uses anymore. It could have helped the Devs too if they gave a damn bc players could have cleared inventories down and used up less storage. But  hey... what do I know. I have been around a long long time. A lot longer than some think. I remember liberating towns, cooking foods, base building, getting water, growing crops on Aftermath. Honestly @CampersRUs is right... it was one of the best aspects. but seems like other parts are what they want to mimic. 

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  4. 21 hours ago, CampersRUs said:

    I think it would be a great addition. Maybe players would stay around longer if it was to become a part of safe zones. Note: I'm not talking about having to exit to a trade zone. Make it an integral part of the safe zones that exist on the maps.

    It's all up to the devs and admins.

    We all hoped beyond hope long ago back when this was a busy game theyd do that. I remember super popular players even asking for it back then... All I can say now is "we can dream, right?" just like I said way back then after dozens asked. I love the idea... just not holding my breath anymore.   

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  5. SO @Steve Tells us take comments over to the "feedback" section... IE their version of " File 13".  Basically the place were comments go to be ignored  @CampersRUs. History has shown us the "value" of the feedback they receive from us.  Now you see why we aren't back here much?? Why bother? Im playing a little bit now but if it keeps going the way it has... I will return to other priorities. 

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  6. On 11/24/2019 at 11:59 AM, CampersRUs said:

    Yes... you, me and @JKS seem to be the only ones that care.

    They have caused a LOT of us to stop bothering to come here. I wasn't joking when I said before I wasn't spending anymore on this game, now I put other things on a much higher priority. I always made time to play before. I also made time to check this board, Now IF I have time and I am BORED its now something to do. Things like the "balls" taunt were just over the top for me. They enjoyed offending players now they can deal with the fact they did so. Sorry @CampersRUs but enough was enough with them and I chose not to do more. 

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  7. On 11/23/2019 at 12:57 PM, TheWraith said:

    Something new to motivate players...Yeaaa i seen this before..."Say ideas....make suggestions.....and in the end what we get????So many good ideas droped in the past but absolutly nothing happen....(Did you notice @CampersRUs that only 2 of us still say somthing about game?Probably others was bored :)

    No, not bored. PISSED. PISSED that ideas are ignored. Pissed we have been told this or that to appease us then nothing done, Pissed they put profits over players and wonder why we quit playing regularly, quit wasting our time commenting and QUIT WASTING OUR $$$ on a game when  its clear the DEVS don't care they are offending their player base. THEY KNOW.  

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  8. 15 hours ago, Sven said:

    Okay so you consider the secret spots in every map, in every game mode NOT PVE? All the items you can find? All the zombies you can kill / get items from? This is all FULLY PVP in your eyes? What about the super rare blue scythe item that players can find? Double XP is also kind of PVE related, which for Survival started yesterday. What about the finding / returning fingers in for Halloween 2019 boxes? That not PVE related either?

    For the 3rd time.... read it slowly and less defensively. The majority of what you named doesn't start until on or AFTER the 30th. Dear GOD @Sven You are a smart man but you are getting so defensive you aren't even reading what I SAID! 


    I NEVER SAID IT WASNT THERE to DO. I pointed to start date. I haven't been on survival or pvp in forever. Not since a player took me and Kat out at one time on survival. She wont go back I we like being on same board. So pointless there. Survival player ran 2 players off at once. Congrats 2 him. I haven't played on PVP in months. Go check my acct. SO when I returned to PVE only and the dates all start the 30th or later don't try to tell me theres stuff to do TODAY. THERE ISN'T. 


    The Rare blue Scythe. Nice... I have I better chance of finding the nearly non existent boxes than I do that thing. Its nice, its pretty yes. But for someone who has played as many hours as I already have and found no more of the boxes than I have... I am not going to hold my breath on this thing. 

    On to my private server statement. Here is what I mean and this is my final explanation and comment on this:

           I have had / purchased private servers before. Then we maintained ours for nearly a year. We had one during last Halloween and Christmas Events. We did let it go for a month or so while debating if we wanted to renew again. During this time we have watched loot get lighter and lighter, event loot became scarcer and scarcer. We went from having huge events with very busy trade lounge and busy servers to where the Hell is everyone?? But again... that happened as you followed the advice of the  " Make Loot Rare!!" crowd. Now you have. Congrats! You have server owners who "WERE" loyal not spending their money here anymore. I hope your crybabies that wanted things like this put their money where their mouth is. I am, or should I say I am stopping it. Apparently its the only thing that gets through to you guys!!



    Oh and Sven, I haven't been on the board in over a month until I posted the other day. My daughter had a baby and I have had FAR MORE important things going in my life. Check my game log ins, check whatever you like. I have no idea what happed 2--- 3---4 weeks ago. II played a couple of times from her place but very little in weeks and not on here since God knows when.

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  9. 14 hours ago, Sven said:

    What about:

    - Double XP and GD in Survival, Open World.

    - Free premium weekend.

    - The fact that you have a chance of getting the box for free, which is GC.

    - The secret spots in all maps / all game modes.

    - Further Halloween items like the blue scythe and the hate mask, etc.

    - Halloween themed lounge, and pvp map.

    - The daily login reward.

    - The giveaway.

    - The live stream event.


    ^ All things players can participate in without spending a single $. As far as I recall pretty much anything you COULD spend money on is cosmetic based.


    What if I told you we made the boxes more common? Players won't notice this anyways unless we make it so they find 100 every round they farm. Loot is chance based we can't control this. A random dude that never plays could log in and find 3 in one run, and a guy that farms the spot 10 times can only find 1. That's just how it is.

    If we increase the chances and not say anything, no one will notice. If we say we did increase them, players will complain saying nothing has changed anyways.

    The box is purely cosmetic based, no advantages / disadvantages, there is a small chance players can find it in-game. That's it.

    Im going to say this again... There isn't anything for PVE til after the 30th. Check what I said again. I also know how this box mess works and also that they are cosmetics. I am not a NOOB and I am not a kid. Please don't treat me as though I am here. I don't NEED an explanation of what boxes are or what they do or don't have in them. I am A Vet player, an adult not a noob or a kid. My point was that players come and play solely for the free stuff. Apparently you missed my point and went way off course there. Players used to pile onto this game bc it was cool. Everyone could get the ultra cool skins, and you didn't need to be a money player to do it. Then you guys made "some" skin boxes that cost GC. They weren't thrilled , some left time went on. Now here we are. As we sit you just tried to tell us that ALL skin boxes used to had to be bought in game with GC. I was here on a friends acct back when trade was still only in DX and the sniper wipe if that gives you a better clue . I have been around a minute or two.

    Oh and you said  the players wont notice?? How about yes they will when they play for 3-4 hours and don't find a damn thing. Makes it pretty pointless to play when the whole point to making sure we even rented our server was so we didn't have to compete with others for boxes. SO if Im not getting boxes bc im competing for them with others for FREE why the HELL would I PAY SERVER RENTAL and have the same result?????  

    SO your right. Nothing has changed. Nothing that us PVE players have discussed at length with you has or will. You guys keep catering to this crowd that keeps cramming PVP and BR down everyone's throats then wonder where all your long time players are going. ASK you PVP crowd where they went.

  10. 16 hours ago, DNI_Adrian said:

    Thanks for the feedback. I've seen more people report they are disappointed there is only 1 secret spot per map. All I can say here is thanks for pointing that out as well. I know the reasoning for this is mostly due to the size of the secret spot. Either way, most importantly is sum down that there is a lot of people reporting the same thing

    @Sven I really don't see how this became an issue. When you guys did the Viking event you changed how the size and arrangement  of the settlements and they worked out just fine. Why couldn't this have been done for the Halloween event?  Just a question, just a thought. I don't like there being only one spot either, Even on a server with only 2 people that isn't enough especially wen you guys cranked the box numbers down to near nil being found there. Its almost not worth it to go. I does look cool.... just an issue being so far out and only the 1. I cant imagine what its like on servers with 8-9-10 or more people. You wouldn't find anything.

  11. ***edit***  comment is in reply to : "Sell the boxes. Never open than."                                                                                                                        -JKS


    Not the point here. The point is it takes forever to collect enough fingers to get a box or to find a box and its worse than its ever been with only 1 spot on the map!! 



    On 10/26/2019 at 9:04 AM, v1j3 said:

    Well. i need to say this ..... I'm really dissapointed about this event and so far this is the worst event in the last 2 years. Rare items, big spawning rate, only one zone ... OVERALL NOTHING TO DO AND A LOT OF FEELING BORED!!!


    I agree totally!


    On 10/26/2019 at 5:37 PM, Sven said:

    There is A LOT more than just the release of this box. Have you read the rest of the announcement?

    Let me just note here that it's not impossible to find, I can confirm that players have found these boxes.

    You're saying the box is too rare? Feedback noted.

    @Sven Yes, there is A LOT of other things there....IF you spend money. The new char clothes are all for male characters, you brought back older one for female characters. Nice...if you play male Char.  IF YOU PVP plenty to enjoy as always. IF you BR there is that. IF the ONLY thing you do is PVE then No Sven, there isn't until the 30th! I HAVE a private server and on it so far I have found 4.... 4 whole boxes!! Yes even I noticed every single event boxes get rarer and rarer. Always plenty to buy though!!


    On 10/26/2019 at 5:45 PM, Sven said:

    Thanks for the feedback. I've seen more people report they are disappointed there is only 1 secret spot per map. All I can say here is thanks for pointing that out as well. I know the reasoning for this is mostly due to the size of the secret spot. Either way, most importantly is sum down that there is a lot of people reporting the same thing. Perhaps we can work on a solution with @Steve and some how hotfix more secret spots in. I don't really see any other solution here directly.

    The reason the box is rare, is because it's for GC. The reason the fingers are rare, is because they can give you a box in the end, which is GC. Perhaps the chances are a bit too low on these items, perhaps not, but the only thing we can do here is run tests and wait for feedback from the community, like you are doing now.

    This feedback can then be used to decide if we will higher the chances on the boxes or not. Sad part is that even if I higher the chance from (just an example number here) 1 to 2% people are still going to complain because loot is chance based and there is still a chance they will find the same amount.

    Bottom line. Box is rare, this is intended, and as a GC box, it's nice that players have at least a small chance of getting / finding this box for free. In previous year(s) / event(s) we have made it that the box linked to the event was NOT findable and ONLY buy able and I recall players would rather have a small chance of finding it as well next to being able to buy it.

    Oh where do I start with this? The box is rare bc its GC. SO basically  instead of events giving away items like they used to and drawing players in with free stuff ( like skins they actually want); the goal has become tease the players with something they might want and hope they buy up boxes??? Between boxes and fingers being so rare its getting boring and its getting there quick. 

    You mentioned that boxes used to not be linked to events and were only buyable. Please tell me when you are referring to. It must be before my time bc I remember boxes being FREE and laying everywhere. Everyone had popular skins to trade the trade lounge was busy, the game was busy, you guys had to expand server space for server rentals. You wanted to know what changed…. THIS!!!!! THIS CHANGED. You guys decided SELLING BOXES to money players would be a better deal. Well... now you guys have ran off other prospective buyers who might have spent $$$ down the road. And you wonder where the players have gone... ( Shaking my head) There is a difference in making money off this game ( which I understand you need to do to keep it up) and getting to where money means more than your player base!

    Nice to know. Enjoy the last of my money Im spending. We aren't renewing and I darn sure not buying more GC after this event either. 





  12. 11 hours ago, CampersRUs said:

    Do like I have done. If you have a character that is maxed out on XP, create and build another one.

    I do this already. BUT... what ends up happening is you learn what is the quickest way to build up and somehow end up doing it and maxing out. That's exactly how I finally got bored enough to TRY survival and BR in the first place. LOL now you know how that happened...You know what happened there and how my exp went with that! SO back to PVE I went, and now once in a great while I get bored enough to deal with the AH's on there I go back just not often. 

  13. @Sven The above rant is by no means a slap at you. You are always the one to listen and are always fighting for us players. My anger here is for any of us being told to try to push yet more thing on you so that you basically end up telling us you are just too busy and we gotta deal with what ever Steve dishes out. Sorry but after the way things had been done before, this is what I see being done. Heads up No this isn't acceptable at all to do this to you either and I am calling this out publicly!!!

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  14. 9 hours ago, 3lias said:

    Hopefully you can motivate Sven to participate in the weekend event planning, he did write a list with personal PvE event ideas after I asked him. Steve and Luan are currently taking care of the weekend events, but I'm happy to give Sven a go if he shows any interest to do it over a longer period.

     @3lias First off why should we HAVE TO motivate Sven, or anyone else for that matter??? On top of that, you just got through telling us just "how busy" Sven was at work and how much was on his plate when we discussed the icon reworks. Remember?? Yeah. He was so busy he couldn't optimize an icon here and there but now he can take this AND do PR on the forum for you??? All because Steve refuses to be ALL INCLUSIVE and respectful with ALL PLAYERS?? You state here that Steve and Luan are running the events. @Chaos&Mayhem Had a really good idea there, one discussed before his/her time on here. One that we were told was going to be the way events were... yet here we are. Should I begin a copy paste file??  I see what you're saying about the servers but hear what we are saying as well. We were told a while back these money items weren't going to count anymore … we trusted that.

    9 hours ago, 3lias said:

    This weekend it was meant to be the "Private server sale", maybe you don't feel like it's enough but we've been trying to keep you guys in mind for the weekend events as well so that's why it's annoying to constantly hear that you're not being listened to.

    We had talked about this at length before, on so many topics. There are SOOOOOOO many events and we could go back and do a survey of just how many were PVP or BR heavy. Yes, most of your PVE players do buy a lot but our $$$$ is not all we are good for and that is what is beginning to feel like! So please listen to your players. 

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  15. 11 hours ago, Sven said:

    Now, I am not sure why / what happened to the so to say "PVE / Loot / Explore" part of the weekend event format. I remember having good discussions about this under earlier weekend events and I was quite certain the idea was simple and I think we all agreed (including us as staff) to make the weekend event for at least 1 of the 4 points something related to a PVE, loot, exploration or new content part.

    First thank you for taking time to respond. We know you are busy but at least you cared enough to reply. Yes, Sven...Our exact thoughts here. We had this sorted out... over and over. Then somehow the minute you step away it reverts back like our conversations never took place. We try to be nice about it... "well ok... it was just this weekend" until it happens again. And again. Why?? Why do we have to raise hell on the board before its like ok... yeah...bad idea to ignore them. Im not talking about you Sven, BC for some reason, you are one who ALWAYS LISTENS.

    11 hours ago, Sven said:

    It has unfortunately happened that other staff members feel 'attacked' by these kind of comments so I'd just like to point out here that this is in all transparency my own point of view.

    Hmmm well. Here is my take here. Anger doesn't just quickly dissipate. Worse, it builds. Over time it continues to grow, especially when then same person / people does the same things to inflame whatever group. Basically continually waving a red flag in the middle of a bull pen then wondering why you caused a stampede! Week after week we find ourselves back here rehashing this. I mean, at some point its going to be copy paste conversations! 

    Then add fuel: It has been noted how some are so busy chatting on discord even as hell was breaking lose on here. I was invited there to see that another user had SAID on Discord to "Silent" someone needed to mod the board. NO ONE CAME.  There were comments after not only by Silent but others, Any of which could have come. SO, if someone feels "attacked" bc the group here is angry after we were called every name in the book and even called staff ourselves here bc some new guy came here to flame the board and not one staffer defended your regulars... so be it. Anger still brewing through many here... deeper than you realize.

    11 hours ago, Sven said:

    You guys replying like that is unfortunately a result of something that could have been avoided from our end completely. Next to that I am very sad to see that no other staff member has replied to any of these comments. Unfortunately.

    You are right! This COULD have EASILY been avoided! Maybe if the staff members who feel so "attacked" actually spent time getting to know US as YOU have then maybe they would realize in the end we all just want a game we can ALL enjoy not just certain modes!!

    11 hours ago, Sven said:

    People might say; ah yeah Sven is just defending himself so HE doesn't look bad but others do but this is not the case at all. First of all these kind of things deserve replies, and discussions from us as staff; I am giving that. If someone else would have replied already I might not have had to write all of this in the first place and it would have already been resolved / processed anyways.

    Sven, we can spot phoney a mile a way. There is a reason we settle down and talk with you. Even when its bad news you are honest like "hey guys come on...." "You  know I wish we could but...." You don't play the "we'll think about it" game.  We do deserve answers. Most of the time the forum is just us talking to the wall or each other. ( Unless its a good comment on an event then well... Devs, Mods, or other Admin show up)

    11 hours ago, Sven said:

    the community deserves complete transparency especially given factors that; in the past posts have been hidden, locked, moved without replies - opinions have been suppressed - we as staff have promised many times to fix and improve things while in the end, look at this example literally NOTHING changes.

    They don't want noobs seeing that us old dogs aren't just bitching to be bitching as its often played off. That this isn't a one off thing here. Those old posts show we were promised change and what changes and by whom. Also who is who mod/ dev wise from way...WAY back. Why hide things?

    11 hours ago, Sven said:

    I think you guys deserve and NEED a reply like this.

    We do, yes but we also need to see change Sven. We appreciate youre reply but we would appreciate them doing as they said too! It would be nice if when you stopped by to chat it was about suggestions or ideas not having to rehash this over and over and apologize for your 5 min away.

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  16. You know what happened @CampersRUs….. We get told another story to appease us then when it comes down to brass tacks the " partners" most of which are pvp  players or BR players reap the major rewards. We ask for admins... they sit and chat up buddies they play with on discord. Next time I will screen shot it... and next time I will record the favored as they talk crap about the game and the Devs on stream. Guess its ok.... Hey... maybe I should start streaming all the crap I see that I get told I don't... Hmmmmm

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  17. On ‎8‎/‎7‎/‎2019 at 3:06 PM, JKS said:

    Sorry, but what is "TL"? Trading Lounge?

    Totally agree. The PVE players want a hard surviver game. The system should be make a sense. Zombies stopping run because you jump on a box at 0,7m from the floor, is ridiculous. We have a "easy cry PVP system" because we have PVP players at every change coming to forum and crying because the number off zombies or "a car kill me". 
    For me the SZ should be kill at 3 hits, more fast and all zombies folow a sniper shot at 300m. I not see on a movie zombies like on this game. There are stupid and they are traped with other in doors or stairs. 

    I see a loot of ideias in forum to OW. Radiation is the last great idea applyed in game, but we no have some litle changes to increase the interest off this "way". I like more tipes off radiation, zombies. Thinking all the time in make the game more harder and necessary prepared to play in some zones. You can enter in any way "naked" and get a full loot to PVP and no get damage. Come on, 50 zombies runing for you and you don't need panic, just a Katana and automatic rifle. Zombies must be killed at head.  

    The game is in easy mode. Make more interesting and harder to play and explore the map.

    Yes TL Trade Lounge.  You got exactly what I was saying with the rest too! Awesome!

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  18. Ok here is the point I want to make. IF you want to change the game on PVP have at it!! If you want to change PVP play on OW, have at it!! That being said leave PVE play out of this craziness as well as areas we have to frequent ie TL. Its funny how the people who wanted to make the game harder is PVE players and PVP players cried its too hard. If they want to make changes to PVE then talk to PVE players! Leave the changes to the players who play each of the different options. Did you not see the survival vote about servers?? Yeah, people WANT options. They don't want to be PILED on top of each other. They can join popped servers if that's what they want or an empty one if not... why is this so hard to grasp??

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  19. On ‎8‎/‎1‎/‎2019 at 8:23 PM, Stan Mammon said:

    So hopefully that didn't come across too harshly, I love this game and want it to thrive. Pretty sure the devs are nincompoops and a large chunk of the playerbase are reactionary and traumatized after reading the last few years of forum activity.

    Lets check out what he really said about the Devs: 

    Are You a nincompoop?

    A nincompoop is a foolish person who lacks common sense and can be described alternatively or synonymously as a jackass, idiot, dunce, imbecile, blockhead, dummy, numbskull, birdbrain, nitwit, dimwit, dumbass, bonehead dumbbell, silly, moron or any other negative word to describe an ignorant simpleton.

    Reference: innovateus.net/innopedia/what-meaning-nincompoop

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  20. On ‎8‎/‎2‎/‎2019 at 2:36 AM, DNI_Adrian said:

    There are NOT any public FREE OW official servers. ALSO, moving from server to server it changes your spawn point. So basically  no, you wont "spawn into a safe zone" UNLESS you have a character dedicated to that server or its been whatever the magic time is now that they created to prevent stream snipers.  Being an ass isn't going to shut any of us up, insulting us proves we are right about PVP players being nasty to others. So by all means...keep proving out case for us. Your condescending tone, talking down to us, being sarcastic.

    Proof, I answered you prior but you are too busy being condescending to admit this. Im the one who actually "LIKED" some of what you typed. YET here you are being an insulting ASS!!  YOu cant seem to read to see who said what, and yet called us "unsufferable retards" "Idiots" "stupid". You admitted you came here to cause trouble and even accused me of saying something I in FACT did not say which was to QUIT. BUT since you don't like the Devs  the "nincomepoops" as you called them, and you don't like the players, you don't like the game flow, and you want to change how players play and force them into interactions they DON'T WANT maybe it wasn't a bad idea.... Im not quitting BC if you. No matter how much of an asshole you decide to be, no matter how rude or obnoxious.. Im not. Also since the Devs don't want to step up and do what they need to do with you I have no problem telling you to GFU. 

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  21. On ‎8‎/‎2‎/‎2019 at 2:34 AM, Stan Mammon said:

    Plays an mmo multiplayer game, spends the entire time running away from any chance to meet or talk to players. Pretty sure you want a solo game buddy. You won't even need an internet connection for that. I can tell you one thing though and you won't like it. If you are playing a multiplayer game to avoid all people you are literally doing it wrong

    There is no set of rules for how people chose to play. IF SO, then please show ME where it says just BC you play MMO means you "HAVE TO be SOCIAL"?????? Where does it say I MUST MAKE ONLINE FRIENDS????  I chose to play a game to spend time with MY WIFE. YES, I have made a few friends, they are the few that took time to BUILD a friendship. Ask @CampersRUs , it took a LONG time to become friends. Better yet, Campers became friends with my wife before me. just bc you know how to send a friend req doesn't mean Im a " friend". 

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