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  1. Hey, Mosin kills one shot to the head only if you dont have full skill tree military backpacks are only dropping from superzombies I think. They're decently rare.
  2. Due to my university and exams couldn't get the time to update it yet! Sorry guys!
  3. The price check is outdated currently
  4. I kinda agree BUT in my opinion the guns should be as good or close to as the rare ones. I honestly have no issue and it doesn't matter to me wether im being 3 tapped with an M4 or a Sig. I like the fact that I can pick up any gun and outplay someone who will try fighting me with a sig because i'll be better at aiming/moving around than him. But it would be nice if the community speaked up and voiced their opinion
  5. Pac'

    Survival Loot

    I mean - i think the idea is to bring the players something they've always enjoyed back in the day. Gameplay without millions of snipers + millions of dx's and shields. Just like it was before but WITHOUT CHEATERS. The game was always PVP focused and we/you can't do anything about it.
  6. Pac'

    Survival Loot

    The thinng with completely random loot doesn't kinda make sense - how to you expect to find heavy military items like custom / l85 etc. in civilian houses for exeample. Looting specific "higher traffic" areas like camp splinter or norad wouldn't make any sense. When it comes to rare loot at this moment there are snipers, l85, an94, qbz, aug, b93r, deagle, woodhields, customs etc. - but i think there should be more veriety in killing superzombies. - The quests will come eventually but now the main focus is to polish survival to the point where the basic and essential features are in. Best regards, PaC'.
  7. Wrong section of forums over and over again. When you post your videos do it in off-topic section of forums. Thead moved. Best regards, PaC'
  8. You can still get your camera fixed by pressing "space" while in the car. I honestly think the cars drive way better now - so it'd be nice if you post actual issues instead of just " the cars are broken, they were better in last patch" Best regards, PaC'
  9. Hej, z czystej ciekawości dlaczego często zaczynasz nagrywanie zanim kogoś poskładasz? Nie lepiej włączyć system natychmiastowej powtórki ustawiony na na przykład ostatnią minutę? Troche irytuje co chwile "rozpoczęto nagrywanie" Dobry filmik
  10. Here's my opinion as a survival player (rank 10 in reputation so I've spent quite a bit of time in survival): I think, that the private servers will surely boost the momentum of survival. Let's face it - since forever the gameplay isn't about surviving and helping each other. It's about PvP mostly. Private servers will draw more players to the gamemode and help it grow. Remember that in old WarZ there were privates and considering the fact that the loot is always the same as in open servers it shouldn't impact the economy that much. The snipers are still really rare and every AR is good at the moment so it doesn't matter if someone finds 10 sigs or 10 m4's both of them are really good. So yeah.. In my opinion the privates are a good idea sooner or later.
  11. It'll be updated somewhere this week
  12. Antibiotics + painkillers PM me
  13. 30x l85 what can you pay with? I've updated the shop just a second ago
  14. I kinda don't understand... they literally answered with thir own personal thoughts. There's nothing about this happening or not. No need to get all fired up Best regards, PaC'.
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