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  1. we all know that disclosure is the lifeblood of the business! have you ever thought of a new tralier game? maybe even cinematic .. but not only showing pvp and sovrevivencia, but how it all started, how it started ... what generated the apocalypse the mutation of people in zombies newz is a classic should have a more complete story and we all know that a game trailer draws attention or not. a good product is a good product! but a good product with a story behind it is even better .. and seriously, a cinematic trailer of how it happened would be top of the most i play for years and i don't know if this already has a history or not .. imagine the beginning of the contamination the transformation the madness of the city car jams .. people running away people killing for food ... for weapons for surviving the city without power ... I believe the super zombie would be what? a guy from the gym? think about his transformation insane kkk
  2. on the loading screen, yes, but I think it passes quickly and it is not translated if I am not mistaken. it would be interesting to have a new tab on the character screen to let beginners know another detail is about the vips (premium) in the store if you click on one of them it doesn’t show basic information like double xp double gd logging into premiun servers that you can relive without cost. I have 2 newbies playing with me and they didn't know about these things. many beginners just download the game and don't look at everything. it would be nice to have this in the game every vip with its normal deluxe extreme vip description in the game store.
  3. we could have a new tab on the character screen (Weekend Event) I believe that we can only see the event on discord and facebook some players as new players don't know about facebook and newz's discord and don't know about the events.
  4. have you ever thought of the super zombie with wings, like a gargoyle? with big claws and that was flying in one location. could attack the flying player that he could also descend to the ground to attack and fly again that had a new streak of blows extremely difficult to kill because everyone becomes easy to kill by climbing on something insane! it would be possible?
  5. I already criticized the game about bugs! But tell me a game that doesn't have a bug? does not exist! You only talk about the bugs, but you don't talk about how many have been fixed, such as the riot bug, among others. I found several bugs in the game myself and recorded a video showing the bug and they were all fixed. my post is about the halloween skins event for the event better than criticizing would be to record and show the bugs so that they are fixed, all of them have been fixed. and about my skin attempts not because i did it but i would want a wererwolf top skin
  6. I returned! haha With halloween coming I couldn't help but give a new idea for the event, again I say I don't know how to mess with photoshop. I had the idea and tried to show my idea I thought of a heavy armor with the head of a wolf on the chest, in 3D. the head coming out of the chest (I couldn't do it) with werewolf claws on the shoulder. on the back of the heavy armor a wolf with a full moon We could have a rare item, silver sword and a hoot with wolf howl already to win the boxes join so many full moons. I sent some images: https://imgur.com/zrSh3bC https://imgur.com/daiGU3S https://imgur.com/cLi7tRM
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEJZ_5LU82o&feature=youtu.be
  8. Para completar minha ideia e que o x1 seja justo: quando os jogadores são teleportados para uma zona onde não tenha outros jogadores deveria ter um circulo vermelho em volta e dentro dele só deveria poder usar sniper! Facas. e outras armas são desativadas. https://i.imgur.com/FqrvlnX.png
  9. Já temos uma opção de colocar um valor como recompensa em um jogador, do mesmo modo poderia ter a opção "convidar para x1" Exemplo: clicar com botão direito do mouse em um jogador e ter a opção "convidar para x1" quando alguem faz o convite para x1, aparece no chat global a mensagem do sistema: xxx convidou hhh para o x1 Se o jogador recusar o x1 aparece no chat: hhh recusou o x1 com xxx se o jogador aceitar aparece no chat hhh aceitou o x1 com xxx nesse momento os 2 jogadores são teleportados para um lugar do mapa onde não tenha ninguem ambos devem aparecer com respaw, assim que acabar o respaw os jogadores podem fazer o x1 quando tiver um vencedor novamente aparece uma mensagem no chat global: xxx ganhou o x1 de hhh Parece interessante
  10. O problema foi resolvido. Windows 10 atualizado resolveu o problema, o erro era com windows 7 para quem tiver esse problema use windows 10
  11. sempre após o erro "Driver is not responding" o computador dele da tela azul e se desliga isso só acontece com o newz
  12. Chamei um amigo para jogar, ele estava usando windows 7 ele consegue jogar varios jogos arma3 entre outros.. porem o newz ele consegue logar na conta dele porem dentro de 3 minutos o jogo fecha com o seguinte erro: Driver is not responding testamos desinstalando o antivirus, permitindo o jogo pelo firewall, atualizamos os drivers de video, reinstalamos o jogo, testamos tanto pela steam quanto pelo site a instalação do jogo, então ele formatou o pc para windows 10 fez tudo isso novamente e o problema continua. fiz varias pesquisas e não encontrei nada sobre o assunto algo parecido talvez mas nada sobre esse erro... Alguém pode ajudar?
  13. nick te vy e lo sabes usando hacker em caliwood 002 sa alguem pode entrar aqui?
  14. O evento winter terminou? pois as bases secretas estão totalmente sem loot testei em varios mapas o evento acabou ou é um problema?
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