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  1. This update for survival is disappointing tbh
  2. Yeah its been changed but i bet devs will deny it,airdrops are really bad now... I got a G36 cmag
  3. Bring back the moss atleast in V2 it looked amazing I miss it
  4. Tautvis


    So theres people going up on top of fivestory with shields and camping with lockers and snipers my suggestion is to remove the stairs since theres no use for them and remove the lockers from the top or just put an invisible barrier on fivestory,its really bad for campos since you can't fight against those that are on top of it. heres an example
  5. yeah ive been playing since the release of warz miss it man
  6. Soooo about the radiation zones,its a nice addition but..the time that you give 10 minutes is bad, for example me and my friend decided to run from campsplinter V1 to boulder city since there was a toxic zone,by the time i got us gas masks from my gi with another char and got into the town,the zone disappeared...can't even try it since I never make it in time even with cars... Also the clean sweep(lvl4)...So I crafted it yesterday it took some time and was a grind unless you already have the supplements if not then good luck since getting super zombie heads actually takes time and glue... glue is really rare no joke so for that i feel like it should be damage 100 no matter the skilltree at the moment you need the whole red skilltree to have it as a 1 shot,its not rewarding in my opinion,it actually takes time to get it and I was very disappointed and felt like it was a waste of my time to craft it after i realized its only 80 damage thats almost the same as a katana, so yeah hopefully you make some changes regarding this.
  7. Id rather have fun pvping and playing instead of focusing only on rep and tryharding for weeks to get into top 10 or a new rank and not sleep day to day,but thats just me
  8. But why do you guys care so much about rep ?
  9. I just don't believe that my luck was that bad at that moment,up until that i was getting nice weapons like scars/sig/imitars/pkm boxes/armor from every superzombie but yesterday i killed 50 and only got stuff like m16/m4s and BananaJoe was streaming at that time and even he got the same drops... And you should stop ignoring the "new players" we are not hiding behind them,why do you think there's no new players? there is, a few days back I met a new player with 30 minutes playtime in survival and he told me he has no idea how this game even works or what should he do so I played with him for 3 hours in survival just to explain him the game like showing how safezones work,explaining the zombies,looting. Theres new people coming and leaving everyday because they don't really understand the game I think you should talk with your team members and make a full tutorial(video) that new players could use that explains inventory system,maps,safezones and zombies.I even get asked if we can build bases here so its proof that players of games like dayz are trying survival out but don't really understand this, and I think its not easy for a new player to understand this game without much detail.Survival is the way to make the game go to the right direction. I don't really understand where did it go wrong after the GI wipes. It was so fun,cliffside with ars, snipers extremely rare...good times what can I say now its just the same as before the wipe in late 2015 when we had high jump and snipers everywhere.
  10. Right right so I have been playing the whole week up until this day only survival,farming and stuff and suddenly i get bad luck on this day for 50 straight SZ kills and even the streamers that were streaming were getting the same m4s and m16s yeah must be unlucky..
  11. Alright....sooooo you decided to change survival superzombie drops without saying anything or talking to the most of the players. Survival is already expensive as it is,you are just promoting GD trading and scamming and possibly blackmarket by making superzombies drop only m16 m4 it will impact the economy, the prices will go up, and don't tell me you didn't change anything I killed 50 superzombies with a contract got 3 imitars rest m16/m4s pkm/m249 ammo boxes and a few other weapons....Why do you think that this change is needed ? Us players are not here to survive or grind for hours to find a scar or a sig(having rare sigs/famases/imitars is okay and it wasn't a problem until now...) we are just tired of open world it has no meaning,no fun,nothing,snipers have no value so we switch to survival that actually has that ISS feeling or atleast rare snipers/some of ars. You don't have to make every weapon too rare there's no point to make superzombie drops bad it only ruins the experience. Imagine a new player joins survival, he could find a kruger,p90s eventually get enough ammo and kill a superzombie,oh wow look its x2 m4s great I will pvp he thinks, he joins the server and everyone has redstalkers,sigs,imitars,l85s,famases why do you think this is okay ? Instead of making "sneaky" changes atleast do a poll to see what the survival community wants. Hoping to hear your reason behind this,thanks for reading.
  12. So ive been making alot of new characters to get a spawn at smallville/campsplinter but i mostly get my brand new characters spawned at this point of the map,had around 15 characters spawn there out of 30 or 40 i feel like this section at the bottom of the map has too many spawns. https://gyazo.com/eb8f197ff1ee8c052f4d862d07541479
  13. Finally,something for veteran players,been playing since 2015 and now its worth it
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