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  1. Tagassi

    Hacker Report

    Reporting TR REAPER TR Reaper is using some sort of speed hack moving at 100 steps per second, and most likely is using other hacks as well.
  2. It seems some are facing a FPS drop while shooting and or while getting shot at. It's been 2 years already. When is this going to be fixed? When is the "blame the computer, don't blame the game," mentality going to stop?
  3. Relax. I don't even play PVE. You guys are hilarious. I just said it to get a reaction out of that player. Troll for the win.
  4. There is literally no such thing as "sense," in this game. Almost everyone is either in a group or is camping alone or is in a group and camping. 5 man standing in one spot to kill one spawner. Yeah, that makes alot of sense, it sure gets their adrenaline up.
  5. I didn't think it was rude. I thought he/she really could use one. What is the big deal with the loot? There are a million of them lying around and in the end, when the server shuts down in 2-4 years from now, you're gonna see them all disappear anyways.
  6. I didn't know there was a thing called "sportsmanship," in this game. Haha. Okay....
  7. How do you deflect a running zombies 1st hit? Seems buggy to me you can't melee it and stop it from hitting you first.
  8. Because it is fun distracting others. You need a psychologist.
  9. You're a good man El Chupa, but let's be honest, some of these bugs have been around for 2 years and it hasn't been fixed. You guys had 700 day and night to fix them.............
  10. Yes, thank you! So now, we can probably say it is the graphics engine or compatibility issue with alot of cpu or graphics card out there. If this cannot be fixed, a proper statement from Fred saying he can't do anything about it would be great, instead of leaving us hanging.
  11. Well, if the game had less disconnects and fps fluctuation 2 years ago than today, they might be able to do something about it. You don't work for them, you don't know, so go bother or argue with someone else, just not me.
  12. Alright, thanks for the clarification kaz. When you say cheat, what do you mean? Do you mean feeding kills?
  13. I know that lawl. If I can afford a CPU, I would have. I have mortgages, utility, car payments, property tax to pay as well lawl. What I am saying though is what I said. You won't understand if you are not on my side with an old computer, and I am not alone. Don't argue with me, don't explain anything to me, because everything you know, I most likely do too.
  14. I appreciate the reply, but I would make certain, because they were specific 1 year ago about two accounts from the same IP address being an issue, an issue that could result in a ban.
  15. Tagassi

    10 fps

    Now that is the shit I need. Unfortunately it costs a fortune! Honestly, I don't think half the players in this game even have anything close to that. Hello, I see more 3rd world countries' and their players playing this game than most others.
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