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  1. Lets have some fun djude
  2. There are already 4 Servers on most regions besides EU. Why do you make a poll if you give the oppurtunity to vote for 4 servers, but then you are saying many people think there are to many servers. It doesnt make sense to me. Lets face the fact that this community is small and its already split up in 3 other modes. By adding 4 servers you will have the same thing as it is now and especially having 4 maps is just ridiculous. Lets divide by 3 modes 4 servers and 4 maps. I think having 3 servers with 1 Pve and the other 2 pvp is a great solution. By that you get an overview who is actually farming and who is pvping. The maps should be rotated every 2 weeks, so that everyone gets there satisfaction and have different experiences every 2 weeks when it comes to pvp.
  3. Id love to see that what you stated arrowsky, but some more stuff that might not be bad. A decrease in different maps in the official server would be a good addition. Instead of having 3 different maps only having 2. A change of lighting on V1 would also be good. It is very redish. As recommendation this lighting could be used : Adding different terrain, textures and plants would be a cool thing to see on V1. On top of that making the new high end melees one hit to zombies. Otherwise there is no use for them. Other than that I cant wait for the survival content within the next patch.
  4. 3 min is better. If you die you gonna spot for 60 secs over the death cam most of the time. Then you load back and there is 1 min left. So giving the extra 30 seconds will mean a lot. I agree for normal players 10 min is just to long. It should be 5 min.
  5. I didnt know I would every say this, but this is a good patch. Thanks for it.
  6. There is a very simple solution to this controversy. Right now the majority of Survival prefers a clan system with max. 5 people in a server. The most important things are keeping the current player base and still attracting new people to the gamemode that will stay. The current player base are not huge clans. So what does this tell us. First adding a clan limit and then seeing how many people are interested due to the clan system being added. There can be still changes done to it. Going with this decision wont change the game mode and it will be the same as before. The only thing that changed is that you arent forced to find your friend in the list to have a group. For me Survival is the only gamemode that is beginner friendly and advertisable for NewZ as Infestation being a Survival game. Sadly the game is being advertised as whole and not the mode. Especially seeing what can be done from Thailand creating Infestation New World and getting out of nowhere 5k-10k players playing just shows the potential. Advertising Survival as such will consider in such a jump of population too. The only difference is that Thailand used money to advertise their game and NewZ clearly doesnt and if they do it is pretty minor.
  7. Max. 5 people of a clan should be able to join the server.
  8. You are not a female. There are no females in this game.
  9. Hello, Ive been trying myself onto some video editing and id like to get some feeedback. Video:
  10. How did i get there Iam ready to lose and watch my career of a NewZ Player to go downhill.
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