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  1. Hey there, You have to submit a ticket at https://playnewz.com/support - they can help you there. Greetings,
  2. For everyone who has issue with starting the game because of Windows Defender. We wrote a email to microsoft and got an answer: Analyst comments: We have removed the detection. Please follow the steps below to clear cached detection and obtain the latest malware definitions. 1. Open command prompt as administrator and change directory to c:\Program Files\Windows Defender 2. Run "MpCmdRun.exe -removedefinitions -dynamicssignatures" 3. Run "MpCmdRun.exe -SignaturUpdate" Alternatively, the latest definition is available for download here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/definitions Feel free to contact us if you need help with these steps. NOTE: This problem started happening with Patch 8.0 //NUC Staff
  3. Create a ticket at https://playnewz.com/support
  4. Terrain settings are server-sided and I changed them for the upcoming patch. You can fix it for you right now by changing the overall setting higher or just the terrain quality.
  5. Steve

    bug pass

    That problem has been fixed already, sorry for the late answer.
  6. That has something to do with the optimization of the game. You ran the game on potato/low and that is why it happened. I increased the quality of the terrain now, which will also decrease the FPS a little bit.
  7. These servers are running as my private ones. They went out of time, I forgot to check them, Sorry.
  8. You have a timeout, so something is not allowing the connection. Try to flush your DNS and/or restart your internet.
  9. Steve

    Weekend Event!

    You know that is just a part of the weekend event, just to yolo and have fun, these changes won't stay. So jst give everyone the same chance.
  10. The Ghillie camo has been already updated with this texture. The look of a skin is also depends on which map you are and which graphic quality you run the game.
  11. Hey community! We've been discussing a lot recently about Survival and how we see the future this game mode. We want to change something so more people will enjoy this game mode. Our main idea is to bring a bit of the original I:SS feeling back. The problem is right now the loot and the amount of weapons/items people have in their Global Inventory. Here comes the point where we need your help and opinions. For example: the loot is not a problem, we can change/fix that with one patch, constantly patching it till it's perfect. But then the new players won't stand a chance chance against the old Survival players which have tons of weapons in their GI. What do you guys think about: Reworking the maps and loot and only bring the original maps back (Colorado V2 and Caliwood). Doing a full wipe? Meaning that we'll wipe all the items from the Global Inventories. Partial wipe? Which means we only remove a part of the weapons. For example if you have 1000 Night stalker, we change the stack to 50. Adding a currency and stem cells. We understand, some people might not agree with us but we have to do something in Survival to bring more players in there. PLEASE NOTE: These are ideas, we don't do anything if the community doesn't want it.
  12. It is like this already. Every game mode has it's own loot table.
  13. I missunderstood your post, I am sorry. I thought you wanted us to make a new battle royale map.
  14. That is definitely possible. Right now I am working on a Caliwood version for Survival and maybe I can make a new BR map after.
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