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  1. I welcome other players to also post screenies here, but my suggestion relates to average joe and his clothes The ultimate thing would be is to actually be able to customize characters to be more unique: ie, you can choose the colors of clothes etc, but in the interim, see below Above: Hair clipping through moto, back of hair clips through nvgs etc, Tattoo's pleae remove them, they are ugly, it should be optional ' above: This hole bugs me so much, please just cover it up, it shows through heavy armours aswell, and whats up with the Orange arms?
  2. Update is greeat but i will never give up the positive rep fight
  3. I would love screenshot proof of someone using it, or even any random player posting here saying they do use it
  4. Nobody quite plays attention to the little positive rep players there are However I think the Rep Table needs a few adjustments - Sheriff being at +500K rep, The title Sheriff just doesnt fit in here - Deputy is like +50 and all the ranks before Sheriff are "superior" - The massive jump from +500K to +1M Rep for the next rank is just silly. Either, add more ranks to after +500K or lower the "God" rank.
  5. So we have safezones for like 5 people. Nice. Logic dictates nobody makes use of it.. if so 00.00001% of the total player base... worth it? I think not.
  6. you sure this is accurate? Kazmight is not devin with +400k rep
  7. Where's an up to date one? If i google, you get different ones, most inaccurate.
  8. I do miss Safe Zone trading and the memories of campers on the borders lol, but I think its time to address Safe Zones right now. They are practically useless, my suggestion, Remove SafeZones and remap them - maybe a mix up between loot / pvp type areas.
  9. Or just place a shield and crouch into it, next best thing, you wont stand up
  10. I tried this twice yesterday on premium servers. In death vallley, (could just be me but it doesnt seem like it) So you agro all the zombies in Death Valley using a car, once you get a massive group, you will be unable to exit your car and it seems you will lag, often causing either death or your car to blow up. Once i grenaded all the zombies, things went back to normal.
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