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  1. Good patch overall, my fps increased a lot also. On the snow map the main problem is the footsteps can you make them a it higher?
  2. I know its not mention on the thread but did you remove the night on rocky ?
  3. - If you could organize a weekend event, what four (4) feature points would you do? 1. Race car on event map/stronghold/tdm 2. 3x rep Colorado, airdrop droping in town if there is +10 players 3. 2x rep pvp map
  4. ?? Who care about GI @GENETICZZ XD Just remove PvP servers, whipe sniper
  5. Its exactly the same to farm on Survival its even more rewarding..
  6. FlowZ


    Yo; - Queue system for PvP servers instead of spamming. - If you have attachement in your backpack, automatic attach them into the weapons - Remove shotguns from Pvp servers
  7. Didn't we ask it since 2years now kappa
  8. What about competitive... You should really think about it. Imi tar HIGH Is planned for this patch or ?
  9. trash singer and song btw
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