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  1. Good patch overall, my fps increased a lot also. On the snow map the main problem is the footsteps can you make them a it higher?
  2. I know its not mention on the thread but did you remove the night on rocky ?
  3. - If you could organize a weekend event, what four (4) feature points would you do? 1. Race car on event map/stronghold/tdm 2. 3x rep Colorado, airdrop droping in town if there is +10 players 3. 2x rep pvp map
  4. ?? Who care about GI @GENETICZZ XD Just remove PvP servers, whipe sniper
  5. Its exactly the same to farm on Survival its even more rewarding..
  6. FlowZ

    Genel FPS DROP!

    Salam brotha ananisikim orospucu
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