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  1. Hello at Svena.I feel so lost because someone stole my GC Airdrop unexpectedly I left my steam account at a Net Cafe.Im a Regular buyer of GC.Can you do something for me to have the GC Airdrop back?Ive sent a Ticket ready and they say they are not responsible for the lost.I Failed but I wish you developers can Help me?
  2. My GC AIrdrop was missing on my Global Inventory.Please I need help.
  3. CHARACTER NAME: JiennahScreenshot1: https://imgur.com/MuTkDUj Screenshot2: https://imgur.com/a1NhqrL Screenshot3: https://imgur.com/OOv4F9Y Screenshot4: https://imgur.com/NIRPZ9H Screenshot5: https://imgur.com/oljHG8q
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