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  1. Nice Competitive update waited so long !
  2. KingPlayer


    Don't know if this is a skin bug or a item bug and dont know if its just for me but the "M4A1" spawns as a "M4A1 Valentine" for me and when i pick it up its a normal M4A1. Never seen this before : https://gyazo.com/bde88392dbd929b873b6bfd0f6dc9bce
  3. Hello guys, My Clan with now 30 Members in game and active playing pvp and farming, are now searching members. We make live streams on twitch and videos on youtube, we are not big because we just get started. We have enough slots for everyone who want to join. You have to be good at PvP, but there is no rule that says you must have any special reputation rank. You have to be an ACTIVE player when you want to join the clan and you must speak german or english. When you are in the clan you can win better skins in our giveaways then normal random players. AND we make every month a giveaway for every member that is in our clan My twitch account https://www.twitch.tv/desertfire1503 so dont miss a giveaway. If you want to join our clan please let me know and make a comment on this topic.
  4. Hey I wanted to show you a skin bug with the QBZ 95 Fun Edition. Look at the Screenshots i make for you and you'll see. 1 . https://gyazo.com/4bafb25a2476be1b02e33d359ebfe6fd 2 . https://gyazo.com/829eb164b03feb6877452a1dc9e51a91 3 . https://gyazo.com/dbcd6c1d99c96ae940a92f5998d9b546 4 . https://gyazo.com/436f669135319fd4e16b9025bc0c694e You see from picture 3 and 4 that the chrome and the green texture that is on the rear sight and grain ( so there where you look through ) dissapear and there is just the normal metal from the weapon whithout the skin. Sorry for my little bad english and hope there will be a fix because i like the skin .
  5. Hey I have another question to you guys. I saw that you can get "Life Time Premium" when you pay at least 100$ on the offical website of newz. But my question is when i pay ingame so on steam 100$ did i get "Life Time Premium" then too ? Thanks for your answers.
  6. Thank you Glad PS: love your videos
  7. Hello i wantet to ask you in the forum if you could say me if using a macro for placing a riot shield in Infestation is banable reason. Thanks for your answers.
  8. A friend of mine has a main account and a second account and i am wondering if it is allowed to have a second account because in other emulators my second account everytime get banned because you just were allowed to have one account.
  9. Hey i saw today so much teamer in BR but i was thinking that it is not allowed to team, so i want to ask is it allowed to team in BR ? Thanks for answers
  10. Character Name: KingPlayer2 Screenshot1: https://gyazo.com/29fbd738fa40e346d04abc8baa9f72e8 Screenshot2: https://gyazo.com/51bd10102902f9bbbd0a712ae0e6cf8a Screenshot3: https://gyazo.com/1522ff521d2f2b30a59e114c292cdf7e Screenshot4: https://gyazo.com/336a58c7e20d433d7e01e0fbbbe2a849 Screenshot5: https://gyazo.com/cf2d7ddbdf7b8a79268374eccfc11998
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