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    Improve the economy - If you lost even a single round you're out of money, prices are too high, to get fully geared you need to win 4 rounds in a row, this is too much for a 10 rounds match. An in game dollars as a reward after every match would be nice too I'd like to see how many ppl are in queue
  2. Hey guys, as all you know there is ability to walk - It's kinda annyoing when you cannot hear any steps because of it I'd like to get a footsteps sounds to it (maybe more quiet?) What do you think?
  3. 150k xp is 30k zombies for non premium users If you kill 1 zombies every 2 seconds of playing it would take you 17 hours of just pure 3 melee hit zombies It's kinda too long, don't you think so?
  4. Heya guys, as you said you're going to take the skill tree from old ISS - As far I see hardened in survival gamemode costs 150k xp instead of 15k is it a mistake or to make it harder to get?
  5. Nebek

    Spawn Zonen

    Just add "stash to global" button while in safe zone It was in ISS World i believe
  6. Nebek

    Car spawns

    I know that I was just wondering how much spawns are in game - In classic infestation it was around 60
  7. Nebek

    Car spawns

    Found one in sleepy crest
  8. Nebek

    Car spawns

    Hello there, as far we know car spawn on survival are different than in old ISS So - If you find any car just screenshot it and post it here (we can make a map later?) I wish devs would give us an advice how much car spawns are in total 1. Sleepy Crest - screen 2. Fallsdale (Needs pic and confirmation) 3. West Boulder (Needs pic and confirmation)
  9. after killing a super zombie in camp splinter there's a loud sound (of dog? idk) which i can hear in 500m radius pls fix
  10. Hey guys, i'd like to get an ability to move items from backpack (when inside of the safe zone) to vault It's nothing really necessary but it is kinda comfortable so I would be happy to see it back in the game
  11. Currently - Survival zombies are kinda too OP, sometimes they glitch through attacks (stun locks are broken) I know that they're ment to be hard but in my opinion this is just too big buff for them, that makes the game kinda not enjoyable
  12. Hey there, Im loving the new forum and I think that you shoul've add some features 1. Shoutbox would be nice, don't you think so? 2. As is the "official" fredaikis forum I think that there should be more sections (music/graphics/fredaikis stuff/etcetc) 3. If possible - Change captcha text bar background because you're unable to see the letters (dark letters on dark background)
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