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    NewZ 36

    Zecrasta you playing again!! Nice
  2. Thanks so much Sven. I appreciate this
  3. I dont mind it, and this its a nice feature, but: I think the revive timer shoulder be a bit longer. Why -> If you kill a group, they are pretty much on your back in a matter of seconds again before you have time to do anything. (open world) Else just remove it completely from open world. (PvP server) I dont like it at all in small PvP maps like rocky BUT not because of the system, but the to low timer. Because you can pretty much kill someone, and then he might spawn right behind you after a few seconds. But a higer timer would help in this case. But i do like the idea, because in pvp server...... if you died alot, you watched that loading screen way to much So overall i like the idea, but the timer needs to be way higer the smaller the map. But even on open world. Because if you solo, or just co-up against a group of 4+, they will be back on you non-stop and you will end up loosing pretty much because there is no "hole" in the fight, to pick up meds and ammo again.
  4. Many times good luck once more with you clan PAAAUUULLOOOH!
  5. https://imgur.com/a/VJIqL or see picture below (had some problems uploading it) Thanks flowz Day of the Event - 29th December at 18:00PM GMT +1 1 Event: Co-op PvP event - Avoid The Elf Map: Event Server Small Info: In a 2 man group being 5 teams total each round, best the map while making sure the Elf survive, if the Elf dies, the round is over! And, if a team win, but only 1 player left from that team, only 1 get a price. (The teams will be made of me!) Rules: Will be told on my stream! 2 Event: PvE event - Find The Lost Elfs Map: Colorado PvE Server Small Info: 2 Elfs are lost! I need your help to find them! But wait, they have shattered clues around the map! Rules: First player to find one of the two elfs, win the "price". With that being said. One have to "find and stand before the elf" take a screenshot, and send it to me on my stream More rounds of each event will be done! More Info will be said in my stream for those who wish to come by and have some fun! Merry Christmas and HAPPY New Year!
  6. Yeah i understand you. Sadly they did try to get around this. But people abused it. What to say. People are heartless in this game
  7. My oppinion. This happens in every game. Cant really say more to that.
  8. Iv had this happening to me once aswell. Its just a bug. Because my teammate was telling me he was just driving around at that time. And ye i talked with him on TS while it happened
  9. Shaleh

    Supply Drop

    I think he ment that they are bugged and that they "explode" up in the air.
  10. the only reason for why the backpack skins are not there is because the backpack themself are different from "Open World mode". Its not that they "dont" allow them.
  11. Sadly we got to many under this "description" and we cant accept just everyone. And at some points we have to many trials at once and have to turn some down. Alot with only warmonger rank has already joined. Im sorry you dident get accepted. But as i said, we try as much to keep to the "req"
  12. Hey for some reason i cant PM you. Can you please PM me
  13. Sadly this will destroy the servers They cant handle the "loads"
  14. Just use the discord they have. Seems easy enough if you ask me. You just type what you are looking for or what you sell, and people will pm you if they see anything fit. No need to stand in lounge all day.
  15. To be honest i dont care if someone use macro or not. Now let me tell you why. But before we get started lets get one thing clear. Macro is not a "hack", its not a program /aka file you download and inject in the game. (I will be stating this out from those macro that is not ban-able!) So lets begin So what is a macro. A macro is using 1 button to add a single instruction that expand into a set of instructions to perform a task. These things are used many places. And to take one up that i use alot -> "Photoshop" Photoshop has ALOT of macros aka. commands to bring out a tool quicker for you to use. And in NewZ people use this aswell. Why you ask. People use macro in alot of games to make things "easier" just like WoW for instant. And NewZ is no difference here, And again, macro is not against the rules, pretty much because no matter what, nothing can be done. Oh if macro is ban-able?. Alright they just make a bigger "delay". Then it can pretty much not be seen, but will still have same function as before. So to that. Lets just make it easier for all - Macro is no ban-able offence. Dealt with. Now move on. Next. Marco is no hack, as i said before. And why I personal dont care if someone use it or not Is for this very simply reason! MACRO DOES NOT MAKE YOU INVINCIBLE! Now understand this! You might be killed by someone who use macro. Alright, but that dosent mean you could not kill him either. He can die just as easy as you, if you get the shots in. A macro does not give you more health. A macro does not make you tank more! - They still have the same cooldown before they can med again, or use a shield, just like "you" without macro do. What macro changes to be more precise, is that you can do a action quicker than normal. But again, you can fuck up just as much, and still be killed. Wanna try something out, but not macro. Do what I started out doing. I learned myself, if I changed button "4" the shield button to my mouse, then i could med quicker without macro at all. As i could spam the med button at the same time i place Shield (button 4 moved to my mouse instead) but that also means, if I stress in a fight, and press button 4 instead. Nothing happens. Since that button is not in use at all. One just have to change the "keybindings" ingame. Back to the macro itself and the player that use it. Watching players that use macro, and dont use. They die just as much. And I can for sure tell you they dont use it to think they are "better" People in most games use macro if they may, or if it somehow can make the game experience easier in any way. Thats just as simple as it gets. What makes me "tip over the top" are the "bugs" ingame. People playing with insane ping, while they use macro. But thats not the macro itself that is the problem here. And some players also just has an insane game style, and is hard to hit.
  16. makes no sence why they should start to change gun names >.< They are bussy enough with more importend stuff
  17. Shaleh

    RIP #2

    ehhh make a montage next time. This is boring to watch
  18. Shaleh

    hackers in frosty

    Run over by hackers? Are you sure he is hacking? Because i barely see any hackers in this game. Maybe show some "proof" before you spread out the game is, as you say "overrunned" by hackers. Id like to see that
  19. He spawn there again yes. It was a bug that he suddenly disappeared.
  20. Im referring to survival aswell. And for the normal servers. I see no point either. Because that would mess up people farming on private servers. (might do) And for Open world. People pvp there. Not fight zombies. So it will hurt those farming on private (might) and it well mess up the PvP there. I dont see your idea as stupid or anything. I just dont see to point of it. As it will mostly mess up the aspect of the game. Thats all
  21. I dont think many would like this idea. And for this type of game. I see no point in it. Not even for survival mode. As super zombies are already a pain in the butt for most in there (iv heard. I dont play survival myself)
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