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  1. Thank you for your words, that is exactly what you have set out, I just want some feedback from the staff on what they can do.
  2. Hello everyone I am W4RDOGS, official partner of the game and I come to ask to remove the spawn of cars from the official servers since they do not bring any benefit, many players are threatening to stop playing because of the trampling that are disrupting the PvP in the cities. I repeat! Cars are not helping at all in the open world! I ask you to analyze, I brought this post to request several players in the community. A hug! @Sven @Steve Ecke
  3. @Sven Can we announce in the title of Stream the coming of the new Patch?
  4. Hello I clipped a bug on the Nato Airforce tower where it is possible to enter the wall and see the entire interior to the top. Follow the clip below: https://clips.twitch.tv/ZanyEvilUdonYouWHY @Svena69 @kazmightONFIRE
  5. Hello everyone, I was playing NewZ yesterday and I had to shoot 4 times in a player to get his head hit, as I was with the open stream I asked for a clip of what happened, I'm going to leave the clip below for the game development team to see . @Svena69 @kazmightONFIRE @Silenterror https://clips.twitch.tv/BlindingLittleAnacondaCoolStoryBro
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