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  1. Yeah, this would be a ground-breaking addition. If you polled the players I bet more than 70% would ask to add this in. The reasoning would be more-so, imo, for the new survival mode where every bullet counts. Not only that aspect but adding in piercing would be a next-gen level.
  2. We have a private discord, anyone wishing to join the discord but not join our clan may do so! You will not be subjected to our giveaways but will have others to play with! Join us here: https://discord.gg/f7rm6Sd - Not a clan member [Please specify which you want to do - Join or just have fun with us!] You may also be interested in our ranking system which can be found here:
  3. I'm quite sure there would be a way to add it, in any engine - I like the one we currently use, tbh for this sort-of-game. Would not be impossible.. probably just really hard to figure out - or get done, even 1 pierce would be an improvement but would require quite a-lot of work once figured out.
  4. OmegleGuard

    FAC Issue

    I am on a pretty unstable connection, and not because I want to be. I have no money to buy comcast or any cheap internet so we use a friends "xfinitywifi" login, this is xfinity/comcast's public wi-fi Hotspot access.. it's 20Mbps down and 5Mbps up, this is enough to play your game.. however it goes in and out quite a-lot, there are unlimited users connected to it (My hotspot I think has around 400 users connected to it at any given time) and this causes my ping to go from say 65-85 straight to 1,500-2,000 for about 1-2 seconds then back down to normal.. then right back up. This doesn't happen all day long, just when a-lot of people are using the hotspot...and I have lost quite a-lot of premium items, and have been given some of the items back as compensation. But right now, with the newest update, I simply cannot play, and I am just afraid to play. Whenever I open a support ticket about a lost Item it's like I'm getting yelled at, sometimes. I generally get to the loading screen.. then the bar reaches 100%, on fast-load, and then goes another 30-60% of loading.. and then back to the home screen and I am dead. And I never even made it into the world! Or i will get into the world.. and within just 5 seconds to a few minutes "Anti-Cheat disconnection, connection too un-stable". And VPNs just slow down your connection, there is no VPN that increases your connections stability nor speed, VPNs just help secure your IP address and some data in reality.
  5. No replys from Fred, Mods? No one has any open comments on the above post about riot shields?
  6. As a former network security tech, coder, web-developer and white-hat hacker.. I can honestly say that your "anti-cheat" is disconnecting people who lose internet even for 3 seconds - understandably but when it comes down to people who reach ping, like me, of 1,000ms - 2,000ms for 1 second and then goes back to 60-90ms and this pattern repeats for around 5 minutes.. your system disconnects us.. and then when we log back in we find out we not only got disconnected... we died. And not only that but we lost all our items - Good or Bad. I highly understand what your system is doing, keeping connections constant, but in PVE this is not needed to be so strict. I know from testing that in official servers this is very strict and in premium servers it's not "as strict". This seems to fluctuate depending on what type of game and server you are playing on.. I suggest that when we create a private server we have the ability to create one in 3-12 locations, at least. This will give buyers/owners a chance to have the best experience since they paid for it.. I know on my own two servers I can barely play and only log in to farm zombies for around 30 minutes about 4 times a day.. anything other than that and I just get frustrated. So, please allow us to choose server locations when buying servers, please install more servers (not virtual servers) in many more locations around all the areas. Please add in a way to auto-select the best location based on ping, or by entering your zip code. This of course can come much later on but would be neat.
  7. I will update the page to reflect that we are not affiliated with your staff, team-members or developers. I do not want to give the impression that we are.
  8. This is a serious problem - More than most of the "real" problems. I think this will not only help the developers create bullet-penetration on Riot-Shields, but also create new riot-shield types, and introduce GC riot-shields (For like 200 + GC for those extreme PVPers) Not being able to pierce through a body is Insane, by exact definition, a human body is easily shot through with almost every single gun in this game except the crossbow and a few others like the 9mm pistol, for examples. However let's chat about those Riot Shields Material they are made from: polycarbonate Most riot shields are constructed from transparent, high-impact polycarbonate to enable the bearer to see incoming thrown objects, so the shield can quickly be positioned to deflect them away from the user's body. Let's talk real-world protection: Bullet Resistant Sheet ePlastics® sells Makrolon Hygard brand bullet resistant and containment grade polycarbonate sheet. Makrolon® Hygard bullet resistant panels are transparent, multilayer laminated polycarbonate sheets. They meet all security requirements with regard to protection against forced entry and ballistic impact. Features: Applications: High resistance, even when exposed to violent impact A real alternative to bullet-proof glass, owing to their low weight and good price / performance ratio Extreme durability High transparency and light transmission Banks and night desks Jeweler's shops Penal institutions and court buildings Museums Security vehicles Types of sheets: Containment Glazing grades (CG-): these sheets are particularly suitable for protection against forced entry with heavy tools such as sledge hammers and axes. Bullet Resistent grades (BR- and MS-): these sheets are specially developed for ballistic protection and can withstand even sustained fire from heavy automatic firearms. Rating Level Ammunition Weight (g) Velocity Min FPS Velocity Max FPS Velocity MPS Number of Shots Level 1 9mm Full Metal Copper Jacket with Lead Core 124 grains 8.00 1175 1293 358 3 Level 2 .357 Magnum Jacketed Lead Soft Point 158 grains 10.20 1250 1375 381 3 Level 3 .44 Magnum Lead Semi-Wadcutter Gas Checked 240 grains 15.60 1350 1485 411 3 Level 4 .30 Caliber Rifle Lead Core Soft Point (.30-06 Caliber) 180 grains 11.70 2540 2794 774 1 Level 5 7.62mm Rifle Lead Core Full Metal Jacket, Military Ball (.308 Caliber) 150 grains 9.70 2750 3025 838 1 Level 6 9mm Full Metal Copper Jacket with Lead Core 124 grains 8.00 1400 1540 427 5 Hygard BR 3/4" Bullet Resistant Level 1 Hygard BR 1" Bullet Resistant Level 2 Hygard BR 1 1/4" Bullet Resistant Level 3 Hygard MS 1 1/4" Multiple Shot Level 6 I think this will not only help the developers create bullet-penetration on Riot-Shields, but also create new riot-shield types, and introduce GC riot-shields (For like 200 + GC for those extreme PVPers) For "actual" 100% bullet-proof shields you would need a Tactical Ballistic Shield, a new Item that can be created. For more information let's look below for basic information. Also, the above, colored, item is also known as "Lexon/Lexan" Plating. Ballistic shields In a dynamic entry situation, a team of special police (such as SWAT) try to clear a room quickly and decisively. For example, one member would smash the door open with a battering ram, then step aside as the first team member wielding the shield entered the room and protected the door. The other team members would enter behind him and take control of the room. Tactics Riot control tactics vary between different police and military forces the world over. Generally, riot shields are intended to protect the user from thrown objects and projectiles and interlinked with others to form a physical barrier against rioters/protesters etc. However, they are also used to push protesters back, and in some cases, can be used as short-range weapons against threats to the shieldbearer. There have been cases of demonstrators imitating police shield tactics, as in the image on the right. The people in the image on the right have most likely divided road safety barrels, put handles on them, and covered the top edge with foam pipe insulators. Construction Most are a clear polycarbonate or multilayer Lexan weaves. These polycarbonate shields are generally made on polymer looms such as the RLCB30. Some shields are constructed of light metals with a view hole integrated into the design. So this is not only practical to have but almost a need for PVP and for Official Servers too - if you consider adding in Piercing. :]
  9. Yes, I am aware about the focus on the other game modes, and completely agree that this might come second. This will help all modes, especially survival mode..
  10. Feel free to drop us some questions about NewZ Map Locations, Loot-locations (best areas? worst?) or leave us a message about your experiences. https://ask.fm/playnewz
  11. You may be mistaken. I am a coder/developer myself, and am familiar with engines such as this. Coding and creating a way to pierce zombies would take some time, but would not be difficult at all.
  12. We just added Cloudflare and will be adding in SSL to our website.
  13. @kazmightONFIRE - This would be quite easy to add with their Game Engine. The problem being it would require "Friendly-Fire" on/off abilities in servers. Other than this I see no issues with this, and would make those big 'ole .50 cal's and PKMs much more life-like.
  14. Hello everyone! I am quite sure you are thinking the exact same thing as I am.. I have a line of zombies.. and when I shoot them.. only 1 gets hit by a bullet from my .50 cal? This post aims to fix that issue, granted the dev's will allow it. I propose for all guns that fire bullets we do the following: Take bullet distance into consideration Take bullet type into consideration Take into factor if a bullet does pierce, how many will it hit? Let's add in FMJ rounds Full metal jacket (FMJ or FMC) refers to the copper or steel alloy coating on the bullet to reduce lead residue left in the barrel after firing. PROS: Less mess than an unjacketed bullet. CONS: Greater penetration – less expansion in soft tissue. This round would be perfect for those head-shots that can line right up and take out multiple zombies at once, granted your damage will be greater than the formula's requirements, per zombie. This round also reduces bullet damage by 8% These bullets are VERY rare, and expensive in the store (I would estimate 4x more expensive than a normal clip/mag/drum) I would suggest the following information to be taken into effect or at least considered if this were to be placed into the game. Only snipers, rifles and machine-guns and pistols have these rounds. The hollow point round has a medium chance for penetrating, but much lower than the FMJ, while the FMJ has lowered damage but a higher chance to penetrate. Let's get into explaining how penetration could work: FMJ rounds start with 175% chance to penetrate for Sniper Rifles FMJ rounds start with 125% chance to penetrate with Rifles FMJ rounds start with 70% chance to penetrate with Pistols FMJ rounds are extremely hard to find and cost GC, or can be found in the world or from boss zombies FMJ rounds can cause severe recoil: Snipers are up by 15% more recoil, Rifles are up by 8% and Pistols are up by 6% FMJ rounds reduce damage done by 15% FMJ rounds are not something to play with, as you'll see below Each shot fired has a calculated distance, and the range-finder now can play a much more important role in the game Each shot that penetrates will reduce the velocity of the round and cause the next penetration to have a lowered chance to re-penetrate, as projected below. Sniper Riles: 175% starting base Penetration Chance, every 15 yards the target is away reduces the Penetration by 13%. Sniper Rifles Head-Shots reduce the Re-Penetration by 13% for the next target in line. Sniper Rifles Torso Shots reduce the Re-Penetration by 21% for the next target in line. Sniper Rifles Arm/Hand/Leg/Feet reduce the Re-Penetration by 8% for the next target in line. Sniper Rifles gain a massive recoil: 20% extra. Riles: 125% starting base Penetration Chance, every 15 yards the target is away reduces the Penetration by 18%. Rifles Head-Shots reduce the Re-Penetration by 17% for the next target in line. Rifles Torso Shots reduce the Re-Penetration by 28% for the next target in line. Rifles Arm/Hand/Leg/Feet reduce the Re-Penetration by 12% for the next target in line. Rifles gain a massive recoil: 14% extra Pistols: 70% starting base Penetration Chance, every 15 yards the target is away reduces the Penetration by 21%. Pistols Head-Shots reduce the Re-Penetration by 23% for the next target in line. Pistols Torso Shots reduce the Re-Penetration by 38% for the next target in line. Pistols Arm/Hand/Leg/Feet reduce the Re-Penetration by 12% for the next target in line. Pistols gain a massive recoil: 10% extra. OBVIOUSLY this is BASIC math and just shows how it could work out, but there would be SO MUCH MORE involved and a developer would have to perfect this, not me. What do you all think? By my calculation, based on this simple version, a sniper with 150 damage with normal rounds deals 150 damage, with FMJ rounds would deal 127.5 damage instead at point blank range, and reduces damage done by 8% every 65 yards - Not much at all, considering how far 65 yards would be. So the maximum penetrated zombies, at point blank range to the head would be: 13 zombies in a row - POINT BLANK RANGE, obviously you are not going to get more than 1 zombie at point blank range, making this math a bug - the actual would be similar to around: 6.25 zombies. Not too bad.. not too great.. But better than spamming grenades at mobs of zombies and allowing us to add in more tactical approaches to killing the undead. I would love to go into move detail but i think this post suffices. zGUARD
  15. Hello, ZGUARD [zGRD] is recruiting experienced players for PVP and PVE. We own 2 servers - Both are PVE servers, and we are considering making a 30 man PVP server. All applicants get the following rewards Free weekly give-aways Access to Private-Servers Access to free Sniper Rifles (max 10 per week, SVD or better) Free AMMO for any sniper Free AMMO and Attachments for all guns. Free E-mail from our domain "playnewz.net" Free skin drops. Come join a clan that will be #2 on google for "playnewz" and "newz" tags within the next few weeks or months. Enjoy your stay! Please visit our website for a clan application. http://playnewz.net We also own the following: https://www.facebook.com/iplaynewz/ | https://twitter.com/iplaynewz | https://ask.fm/playnewz | https://www.linkedin.com/in/playnewz/ | https://www.younow.com/playnewz/ | https://livestream.com/accounts/23555822 | https://www.pinterest.com/playnewz/ | https://www.periscope.tv/playnewz | and more to come! We are very interested in growing our clan and our out-reach to the community Of-course we are not officiated with playnewz.com or any aspect there-of, we just like the domain popularity. - We are part of another groups Discord, you are welcome to join and have fun without joining our or any clan! This however does not give you access to private servers or giveaways. You can join our discord by visiting: https://discord.gg/f7rm6Sd Thanks!
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