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  1. No, this patch is the worst patch ever released even its a small one.
  2. Only good thing i see about this is the new AK-M skin everything else is nah. When will you guys be adding EVENTQUESTS like on christmas back then when you were able to get the IBA CHristmas skin that INCLUDED crafting. All the recent event were boring as hell even visiting an old people chess club is more exciting. Sorry for the harsh feedback but it seems you are just copy pasting s*it every single time. -there are NO VARIATIONS in the events -they are boring -rewards are junk -suggestions dont even get answered and/or read -community is shrinking -friendly asked questions get harsh answers -barely english speaking ppl get elected as discord mods -crash when entering cars -every PROBLEM hast to get send via ticket a simple yes or no question shouldnt deserve a ticket tbh Thats just a part of the list of problems that i keep seeing all the time. I hope you guys will finally understand that the community takes also a part of the game and if you cant implement our ideas because you guys reached the border of your knowledge just say NO WE CANT and then things get clear. It cannot be that you guys, the DEV team are so locked and talkative, becuase you guys are running the game, but WE are the ones playing it and keeping it alive. I mean not everyone is kind all the time but some of the Developers have to change their behaviour if they dont wanna lose more players by pissing them off. Cheers Marcus.
  3. That Hypermonster skin was so sexy back then now its junk.
  4. Exactly, back then there only was Civilian, Bandit and Superbandit. (alpha time)
  5. To be honest, who didnt hacked back then? Shoutout to rei, Dr. Silva and l0wb1t.
  6. I totally agree with this, survival needs a lil upgrade with terrain and stuff, but especially i wanna see more crafting and maybe some quests that include crafting and stuff. I also like the idea with the new empty clips, but honestly nobody needs them because they are the average size, it would have been cooler if there would be mags bigger the size but they are always empty, like for example theres an empty Stanag E-Mag which fits 300 bullets or a Thomspon drum which fits 100 Bullets (like the one in real life has). It would also be cool if you could add Toxic Arrows to the game that slow down players if something would be possible. And as Arrowsky already said, more events would be killer but not only PVP sided events i also want to get treasure hunts or really deep and hard to solve quests with pretty balanced rewards. It would be cool if there would be something like the 4 part club commander mission but the objective is to get the air drop working and you need to build a signal from the antennas around the map to call it in. f.e. Mount Massive Weatherstation, no one ever gets there except you hop servers and the spawner decides you to set there. Please think about it.
  7. Recently i got bored again and tried my best on creating a new skin for the game that some people could really like. I did this voluntary and the shown pictures are NO GAME FOOTAGE, these were created with photo editing programms. This has no competitve or pirating background. Its about the Heavy Armor which got a lil Elit'ish touch from myself, i tried to recreate the Elite as best as possible. What do you guys think about it, please let me know and leave a feedback. If you have any suggestions for changes, feel free to leave 'em here. Greetz, isnt.
  8. EMPTY MAGS. GOD THANKS thats what survival needed.
  9. Maybe i will get the Ghillie Vindi. Maybe i will get it. Nice Event, keep it up!
  10. lame This kills the reroll function almost completely. Now i will never be able to get this frickin AKM Elite and the Elite Box itself. And by the way Nemesis box is still rerollable even if it has been removed 2 patches ago...
  11. why cant we reroll legacy boxes? this is pretty bad, would be better to reroll those so the feature gets used more often. i rerolled a red strike box recently and i was pretty amused! it would be really cool if they would still be rerollable. also where tf do i get the green orange blue and purple limited box? nice patch btw, will the legacy icon also come for skins and misc?
  12. I still wont open my nemesis boxes, even if theres a jackpot event. :b
  13. isnt

    Weekend Event!

    Thanks you too, nice event tho.
  14. isnt

    Sell Skins

    I buy all destruction bayonets and the unit karambit.
  15. If they dont fix survival loot now, it will die pretty soon. Make Weapons rare again!
  16. I liked the old G11 more with 2 spread and burst now its just a letterbox that shoots.
  17. Why do russians always type )) at the end of their lines?))
  18. Thanks Survival Players will be thankful! I really like the recent work you guys have done, the updates are getting better and better.
  19. Short and easy. Its the frickin same car, year by year just with a different paintjob. The only thing i realised that you guys have added to the game are those little Sharks of the SVD Shark Attack, the Wings on all the Gear, the small katana addons and the friends system. Not speaking of all the bananas which got added.
  20. @Sven pls do seperate events for survival like you did on christmas. And please add better rewards like legacy stuff.
  21. The OG HV BN looked fire but now it looks as lame as the other shiny skins.
  22. isnt

    Area 69

    I think it shouldnt be a reason for a ban, you guys just made a little mistake that he found, as long as he doesnt exploit this its fine for me.
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