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  1. the rest of our Clan finally completed the Event too , ill upload for them! CHARACTER NAME: MiSSiLUUF Screenshot1: https://imgur.com/TjGgh2Q Screenshot2: https://imgur.com/dSQsi9B Screenshot3: https://imgur.com/FtN7SYm Screenshot4: https://imgur.com/AFwagOn Screenshot5: https://imgur.com/hX8EUE3 CHARACTER NAME: ANIKANINCHEN Screenshot1: https://imgur.com/HfcOTUh Screenshot2: https://imgur.com/KCHLMUx Screenshot3: https://imgur.com/w4gphfg Screenshot4: https://imgur.com/lJbvjqq Screenshot5: https://imgur.com/hytTOfW
  2. 4 friends and the Pumpkin Event, going to post for all of my friends, I hope that is fine! 1. (mine) CHARACTER NAME: Mutsel Screenshot1: https://imgur.com/tw9AMQV Screenshot2: https://imgur.com/EcquLbJ Screenshot3: https://imgur.com/QQnqg1W Screenshot4: https://imgur.com/sknMbeL Screenshot5: https://imgur.com/S9fw3eB 2. CHARACTER NAME: Slowmaster Screenshot1: https://imgur.com/Zbjv3E9 Screenshot2: https://imgur.com/SufyOyL Screenshot3: https://imgur.com/DsB8fsO Screenshot4: https://imgur.com/ANQLO4a Screenshot5: https://imgur.com/LuwjYmm 3. CHARACTER NAME: Lumpi Screenshot1: https://imgur.com/srbhPYf Screenshot2: https://imgur.com/he4BnYc Screenshot3: https://imgur.com/DRneAtN Screenshot4: https://imgur.com/lowaX0o Screenshot5: https://imgur.com/hFx5bQw 4. CHARACTER NAME: Wolfsjaeger Screenshot1: https://imgur.com/78NoDRK Screenshot2: https://imgur.com/vrqKgpr Screenshot3: https://imgur.com/v33Tbnd Screenshot4: https://imgur.com/Ogttx8b Screenshot5: https://imgur.com/FDs5Eot
  3. any ideas what the prices are going to be? (for any piece)
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