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  1. I remember it was working in Open World the attachments when equipped actually showed different values than unequipped. Don't know why it changed. Ye thanks Pac
  2. Is it also this way in survival? I assume then it's a visual bug right?
  3. Ye I see what they buff, but I don't see the stats changing when my weapons have attachments equiped, in fact nothing changes in the stats
  4. Hey, Sorry if I'm wrong but didn't find anything on the forum so I'm making a new topic about it was wondering if the attachments had the same effects on weapons (reduced spread etc.) as in survival game mode
  5. Hey, Searched a little on the forum about where to find good weapons and such, but didn't find any relevant information about it, just killed a guy with DX's and a FN Night Stalker but never found any of those while looting airport etc. Can someone tell me where to go?
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