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  1. I agree with most of the changes suggested however, these changes are rendered useless in the sense that they are not bad changes but most of the player base is spamming officials servers and sniping at nato military. BIG decisions need to be made with this game. Do you want this game to be a deathmatch simulator? If so continue what you are doing. If not then you need to remove open world and have survival be the main game mode for NewZ. The facts are you dont have enough players to have this many modes. Competitive was a clear failure, Battle Royale is ok but its not what ISS was and ever was going to be and it seems a bit out of place. PVP servers are the worst thing that could have ever happened to NewZ. The game became a deathmatch game overnight. Basically you either remove Official and PVP servers and make survival your main focus, or your game continues to throttle at the current playerbase and will unfortunately wither away.
  2. I agree but 2 things. #1 If they lose there players they lose there money then they cant feed themselves lol. #2 I I think you should keep PVP servers and replace open world with survival and make snipers rare. Open World isnt really fun anymore its just snipers only pretty much.
  3. @SvenThe patch was good for what you did, however its not what most are asking for from what I hear. Maby there are these people Ive never seen that want training maps and things like that but I think you are working really hard on things that are just not being asked for at all.
  4. oof Merry Christmas doh sven but the update is kinda doodoo
  5. I feel like the FPS and performance is pretty good atm. I don't know about the crashing but I don't have as many as others for some reason. Maby 1 a week 2 at most.
  6. If you asked me to give you and red apple every day, and they are easy to get, can be found easily, but I keep giving you a green apple that you don't want but I spent all day looking for one. If you tell me that you don't want it or the green apple is bad is that being unappreciative of my hard work and time? The answer is no, stop pretending like everyone is giving them un-justified criticism. You turned saying Merry Christmas to a jab at the people who are giving criticism to these patch notes. You don't actually care to say anything nice, you are being passive aggressive.
  7. This is all fine and dandy that you guys are adding a training mode and updating loot tables for survival. Having the Christmas spirit and adding new things to the game modes. Although we are ignoring that most people are spawn dying in rocky ford or sniping away in campos open world. Think we need to get rid of some servers to increase player population in survival. Feel like having Open World, PVP servers, and Survival splits people apart too much. We only have about 800-1000 people that play on a good day. Not to mention most are overseas so most aren't on at the same time as other regions so really you have like 500 people actively playing the game consistently throughout the day. I feel that competitive mode is a good concept but you pretty much said tough shit to anyone who has worked hard to get to a skill level in this game by making it first person and removing meds and shields from it. I feel you guys have good ideas, you just don't really ask the right people if its something they want or not. Sure any guy that downloaded the game yesterday is gonna say competitive is cool, but you need to keep in touch with the people who have been here since the start. I'm talking about people in HIGH, FG , ZT3X. These people have never left and don't plan on going anywhere. Just feels like we have been speaking up for a while but nobody is listening.
  8. Thats a good suggestion. I just feel that some people have over 20,000 snipers in there GI and buying more. It may take a little too long before it is beneficial.
  9. @TawasudaPlease explain why it is not a good idea.
  10. After reading your reply Im not sure if you have even read my post. Im talking about CURRENT NewZ prices will allow you on average to buy 60 VSS'S with 9M GD. That is assuming all VSS'S are sold at 150k. I got the prices from the trade wiki which everyone uses. Its not arguable numbers, It came straight off of a calculator. And survival is not "Harder" Its a joke of a mode that just has changed loot tables. My grandma could pull that shit off and shes dead. And you say you would be furious if you spent 20 million on snipers and such. In that sentence itself shows the problem. YOU ARE BUYING GEAR WITH CURRENCY THAT IS PURCHASABLE WITH REAL MONEY!!!! I am not 100% sure what your situation is but most people dont farm there blue money. So Im gonna go ahead and assume, you didnt either. If you are going to post a reply, make sure you read the post. And if you dont understand what im trying to say in some parts, I will gladly explain it to you.
  11. Alright guys, we have a huge issue on our hands here and we need to fix it. I wish it didn't take me this long to make a forum post, but here I am. Im gonna talk about the issues with NewZ and how you can fix the game for a very successful future. I watched the Q&A today with Svena and Chupa and Im gonna be honest, it was sad. It was sad not because Svena and Chupa didn't answer the questions correctly. Its that the people asking questions are asking about issues that are irrelevant to the reasons why people are leaving this game. Im not gonna sit here and just talk shit all day, but I am gonna tell the truth. The majority of the community that you should be listening to do not care about Christmas trees they do not care about Battle Royale skins and maps and they dont care about spawn protection colors. The problems with the game lies within the basic maps and mechanics themselves. First things first, WIPE THE GAME PLEASE. I promise you that no matter what you will not lose your player base by wiping the game. The reason this is a problem is that the game is practically a death match game with no care for gear what so ever. I lose a sniper and dont give a fuck. The reason this is the case is because I can just join a mixed server and pick one up again and just log out. Its that easy, and everyone is doing it and its undeniable. If you guys really want people to respect what you are doing on a serious level and have people feel comforted by knowing that you guys are hear to improve the game and not throw it in the trash can like all of the other remakes, then you need to wipe the game and tell the people if they dont like it dont play. The game has no loot value besides in game dollars, nobody logs out with a Blaser and says "omg im gonna go and sell this". Thats just the reality, nobody logs with gear unless they have a full inventory of VSS. Which never happens because by the time you loot one you are shot in the back. Another issue is Rocky Ford. The map itself is stale and boring and it needs to be changed up. I can only play the same map over and over for so long before I want to hang myself. And the solution is not to play another map because nobody plays any other maps. Clear V2 is a joke and thank god its being removed. And the solution is not just releasing another map, the solution is to remove it and replace it. A good point was made that you guys should use the original battle royal map as the PVP map. That map is well made with multiple options on where to PVP and you can replace AR, SNIPER, and MIXED servers on this map. Its perfect for all categories. The whole point of this though is that Rocky Ford needs to be thrown down the shitter forever. And the last issue I have is the loot tables. If you guys are not going to listen to anything I say in this post at least listen to this one. If you are not aware that your game is a sniper fest, well then I will be the first to tell you IT IS. You very rarely can get away with AR PVP on official servers. Especially with silent sniper rifles the game is basically snipers only except for usually one server that rarely is populated. So the point here with the loot is you either commit to a sniper game or you dont. There is no in between with those two options. If you keep the game the way it is you need it to be easy to get snipers. If not then wipe the game. If you are gonna sit here and tell me that Erckul farmed 500 VSS's, you are kidding yourselves. These people buy there gear and sell it all day long. I can put $20 on the game and I will get 6000GC. Which converted to GD is 9 Million GD. That gets me 60 VSS's to use all day long and PVP against people who didnt pay $20. That is by definition pay to win, and its not even arguable. I hope this showed some light on the issues with this game, feel free to ask questions I'll try and answer as many as I can. Thank you.
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