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  1. Looking great! Finally getting rid of the long potatoes What does this actually mean for the performance of the game?
  2. You are probably glad about these ones
  3. Tawasuda


    Or just make a competitive mode, just like the warm up.
  4. Pay to win here we come
  5. Isn't every full hour on the real time clock the same as midnight in the game?
  6. Yeah, only in minecraft something like that is possible. I'm following this content though
  7. I'm at your side bro These players are just too frustrated to believe it..
  8. Well, what i described is just only the encounter i had, so this particular situation could be explained differently. The hitbox of the airdrop is gone, so you can shoot through, but the game itselfs knows there is an airdrop so the damage you deal, is not applied on the person. Proof for the airdrop theory; it is exactly the place where an airdrop could spawn. *NOTE: I'm not saying this situation is caused by the airdrop bug. And besides that, for the opposite opionion; in the last patch we were told that the airdrop bug has been fixed.
  9. Airplane wing has always been bugged
  10. Invisible airdrop is possible, although, on the mini map there isn't any sign of airdrop (could be allready gone though) I've had the same, but with zombs; a bunch of zombies trapped inside an invisible airdropcontainer, i could see them, but couldn't hit them.
  11. Status offline? And also, why pumpking hat vor 3k each they're in the shop for 315
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