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  1. So i havnt played in forever and im looking for a grp or clan to join who will put up with my noobness! would be nice to have a grp of easy going guys/girls to play with
  2. thanks guys will check all the places later!
  3. Awesome thanks! Places are still them same then !
  4. So i haven't played in a long time and was wondering where is the better place to go and farm for gear now>?
  5. Oo atleast you can sell it and get ur money back! Thats kinda lucky
  6. Yeah i will for sure! Anyone you recommend?
  7. Normally dont listento stuff like this but you actually post some good stuff
  8. Or getting infected and having to search for a vaccine
  9. I guess i do sound like a 12yr old boy on ts it could be confusing haha
  10. Welcome how are you enjoying the game so far?
  11. Sooo i must have super bad luck spent my last bit of gc on the 2 mystery skin boxes and got 2 bloody light gear forest skins..................how does that even happen 2 in a row </3
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