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  1. First of all Nostalgia. Also this mapsize is so much better for stashing and moving around the map in general. This is why I think this map would fit Survival mode perfect. Much better terrain and better textures imo. Dont really have anything negative to say about v1. Everything is just great about it tbh.
  2. Muhammedtv

    Maps - Survival

    Yeees please! This is what all the people I talk to want aswell.. Would be so nice if we could get this back ! ++1 for V1
  3. okay sounds good, wish you could keep some Colorado V1 server aslong with the new map. Thats what the war z feeling is about
  4. You will remove all of colorado servers?
  5. Hey, I just wanna hear what you guys think of Colorado V1 as map for Survival simply cuz the other map is way to big to running around and alot of people want old map for the old feelings Give me ur opinions. Colorado v1 were always better, and with the bus system between safezones it would be perfect. Would love to see this happen.
  6. what heppend to this? Anyways if your not gonna change map I would LOVE to have Colorado V1 as map for survival. I know alot of people agrees with me on this point.
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