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  1. I think you should keep NOW only 2 maps: (Colorado 2 - because more balanced and optimized) and Oregon (your new map and there interesting to explore and shoot at her) And we still waiiting Caliwood map here! Hype!
  2. Nice one! Please add only one server on Survival to each region (cause now very small online on EU survival with other maps) Maybe you should leave one server for each map? Colorado 2 Colorado v1 Oregon Caliwood I propose all this as now, on the same server, there is even a peak of 30 players, its sad
  3. i think in this mode like said guys upper, it would be better to make timers 3 minutes for Premium players and 6 minutes for simple players. Because it Survival guys, not 2nd Open World Also in Patch 2.28 u make great thing (increased zombie amount on all towns , its great!) it remains only to reduce the number of firearms and ammunition + increase the number of crafting (gunpowder, metal, bullets), and so on. Make normal survival, so that this mode corresponds to its name in section and not to be the second Open World. Ideally, you need to make a server like in the old version Infestation (when you entered the server without access to the GI and survived exactly what you find in the game) the mode was called hardcore, it was very cool) + there was only 1 person mode) P. S. lay out a separate post about improving survival better)
  4. We asking you Clan system since you release Survival mode....but it better than nothing from you DEVS. I can say only one - JUST DO IT
  5. What is your feedback? (Please be specific): hi hi! Happy New Year everyone! I would like to express my opinion on the battle royales, and specifically loot: I know that you are currently collecting data on loot, how it should be the toughest or so now, I would like you to return such guns as spawn, Aksu, ak-47 (it is possible since now he is not so strong because of the nerf), as well as for pistols: b93r, anaconda, st eagle, semi-automatic rifles: mini kruger 14 and Kruger rifle .22, almost all types of helmets from the open world: such as M9 (forest, urban, desert, blue and others) to have skins is also important for someone); smg: veresk, evo-3; I hope my review will be heard by admins, thank you for your attention) PS I myself often like to play this this mode of battles royales What map did you experience this?: Tropico and Arena When was this?: --- Write extra info here: On the whole, the loot is not bad, but I also consider it necessary to remove such low-grade medicines as a 5% restoring food, leave only 10%, and there is not enough more water with electrolytes, I also want to note that there are a lot of such modules as bullet comptsator, iron forward grip, simple reflex sights
  6. Renatuss

    Loot - Survival

    Hello. Guys, I wondered here why in the open world & survival there is only one type of Good armor (only Custom Guerilla now) for 20% protection? And a smaller protection 15% (Light Gear, Custom Vest and Medium armor) our whole species! You can take, for example, medium armor and give it 18% protection like Iba & MTV, but slightly cut back the rep of this armor, for example, in the Thai version, this body armor is as protective as the Custom Guerilla (and you will also be able to release skins on this armor, for example i like this new skin for Medium armor Christmas 2018) P.S. My comment now concerns only the survival mode, but you could also apply this idea to the Battle Royal mode (think for yourself 3 types of 15% of the armors, 2 types for 18% armors and only one for 20%, and then in the Airdrop)
  7. Renatuss

    Loot - Survival

    im partner and farming mainly on private partnership server
  8. Renatuss

    Loot - Survival

    What is your feedback? (Please be specific): Yo guys! After last patch, from zombies dropping so mane painkillers, bandages, i think you should reduce amount of spawn rate, but still it on medical biuldings, fire engine, if it, its ok. What map did you experience this?: (colorado2, v1 , Oregon dont login)
  9. will waiting next patch 2.26 ! Its awesome guys! Keep it up!
  10. i think you just need some work about this vehicle system
  11. I really enjoy it! keep great job, guys!
  12. agree with iKaraman Loot should be lowered, cause its broke all trade mechanick and should be rare like on Colorado V2 and Oregon. Please decrease it, thank you) We dont need second Open World on Survival. P.S. Streamer Survival
  13. OMG guys! Please turn it back! (Old trailer park an Rocky Ford pvp yeaaahh!) + Oregon showed himself in practice 5-12 people max on it (removed stop), and colorado 2 has only 1 server for 30-40 people, it's sad My opinion you should keep 1 Oregon server, 1 Colorado2 and 3 Colorado v1 servers, will be great)
  14. Hyped for Oregon #Survival Hell yea! And i wanna some weapons from Open World (for ex. VSS Compact, FN-Fal, Scar-H, AK-12 and other) will be fun =)
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