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  1. Sir my problem continues and the error message is still displaying after the screen finishes loading, i have been trying to enter the game for almost 2 hours. I also noticed that the text above that is supposedly the name of the server displays only the word "Connecting..." please i need some help.
  2. I need some help on fixing this issue, i have been encountering this error for a week of playing Infestation, the error message says "Couldn't connect to server, Please try again in a few minutes" almost everyday i spend 1 - 2 hours trying to enter a server in this game. I already check my internet connection and my ping is just 50 - 100 on other games. I just can't figure out where is the problem. PS: Recently i noticed that i can only enter 1 server which is in HK pve colorado. When entering this server i only need 3 to 5 times and i can enter the game with a ping 100 - 200. After i quit on that game and join another server my problem continues and spend again almost an hour trying to connect. Your response will be greatly appreciated.
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