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  1. I like that you fixed that cliff which i reported and you put in my idea of exchanging in Survival. I´m really happy that you want to improve Survival and that you listen community (not always but at least on 80%). So thumbs up for that patch. PS: I dunno if you fix trees randomly spawned because i haven´t seen it in changelog, i mean trees spawned on the roads after patch 2.26
  2. NO i just made on Open World but just to group people
  3. Hi NewZ Players I decided to make clan just for Survival. The clan is going to be international. If you are interested in, let me know in PM. There are 19 available slots. In PM write me some info about you and also some game info. There aren´t requirements for age, playtime etc. You just have to be normal, not acting like id*ot. Example: Name: Age: Nationality: Mic: Yes/No Game playtime: Reputation: It´s just an example so you can write it in different way. Communication will be provided via Discord or Teamspeak. There is just one requirement and that is: English level on A2 at least
  4. Yeah finally i was able to got one
  5. Hi, i´m playing just Survival now. My game is crashing many times last days. I have different types of crashes but most common are: Crash without window of sending error (While playing firstly steam turns off and after some seconds or few minutes game crash), next is Crash with window of sending error (Most common for all players), I don´t know if the game crash but my screen turns black and flashes for few seconds and then stays black (Restart is needed, maybe it´s hardware related), next is Crash with message like not enough RAM (it´s not that common as other one, and i should have enough RAM and i have set really low settings). These are all types of crashes i have. It´s really annoying to die because of that. Maybe you could do something if player don´t leave throught the quit button but the game crash that he will be disconnected instantly. I have days when i have about 3-4 crashes per hour but there are days when i have about 1 crash per 2 hour. Does anybody have some advice how to prevent crashing? I did some things and i have optimilized my laptop to highest performance. Other thing is that i don´t have the best laptop but it´s able to run this game at 40-70fps. I have turned on Fastload (It´s recommended on worse PCs, laptops) but in comparing to turned this function off the crashes seems to be just as often.
  6. My idea for the currency is to add new one, special for Survival. These currency will drop on the ground and will be pickable/dropable. If you die you will lost all the money you had with yourself. You can add it as object for normal slot or some special slot or the way it is made in OW. Add to every map some special outpost when you can spend money for some goods. Drop of money will be low as possible and prices will be high based on rarity ofc (To keep economics somehow). Also you can try to do Barter (Goods for goods - You will change your goods for other goods in that outpost). These outposts will have opening hours. And offers will change every day, or 2 days. Or add sellers to shops in settlements. It´s upon you but i think that would be great.
  7. More servers mean less players on each one. You have also 4 regions so it would be 1 region = 8 servers, 4 regions = 32 servers. Also we have private servers. If there were many players i would be ok with that amount of servers. But i can say that in highest traffic there are approximately 200 players playing Survival (On official and private servers). Also i think that they have to pay to be able to have servers so it would cost them more money (I mean Devs). I would do it like every map once for each region (EU will have 1 Colorado V1, V2, Oregon and Cali, same for NA, SA, Asia)
  8. I just compared the Survival case with other items droping from SZ. So the rarity must be higher than rare. Because from 80 SZs i haven´t got any case. But i´ve already found people on Discord who were able to get that case so now i know that it exists.
  9. Question for players: Have you got the new survival case? Question for Devs: Is the survival case correctly implemented into the game? I´ve killed about 40-45 SZ since Weekend Event but i haven´t got one. You told me that it´s rare. Rare is for example Sig Sauer, Stanag C Mag or PKM 200 Ammo Box. This case looks like extraordinary (Same rarity like snipers maybe) instead of rare. I´ve got multiple times mentioned items from that killed amount of SZ. I also asked other players who killed approximately same or higher amount of SZ and their answer was like mine. Maybe me an other asked people had just bad luck.
  10. Hi i would like to give you some ideas how to improve Survival: 1. You could add new skill types into Skill Tree My idea is something like: Additional 2 Slots - 50k XP Additional 5 Kg to wearable weight - 100k XP Additional 4 Slots - 150k XP Additional 10 Kg to wearable weight - 200k XP 5% Higher speed - 300k XP 2. Adding new crafting items which will craft new items or ideas for crafting current items - Crafting very rare AR or Snipers through the gun parts (same as Heavy Armor), but still could be obtainable as now, or new guns with higher damage - Crafting food: adding for example some seeds, dough and craft from them bread. This is just one example you can find out other ones - Adventure Backpack or at least Hunter Backpack but with lowered wearable weight and slots like other backpacks 3. More Zombies to make it harder, because it´s not so hard to find a gun - Double the amount of zombies and add them to all the structures and also it could be great if they were also in woods, because it´s survival and in Apocalypse zombies aren´t just in towns 4. New bosses, half-bosses, types of zombies - Half-bosses like for example that they will be stronger than regular zombie but weaker than SZ (25% or 50% of SZ) These are just my ideas, don´t stone me
  11. That survival case looks incredible but i hope that it won´t drop from every killed SZ. IS this case droping from AZ too?
  12. I haven´t seen any changes made to loot on Oregon. Healing stuff drops same. Loot stays same. I don´t feel any difference but just with the structures which changed their positions and there are flying cars or trees growing right out of the car (I can provide with screenshot). I like that you are improving the game but i don´t see any difference before patch and after. Still finding too much food and ARs in civilian areas(forgot to screen, it was in Astoria, Oregon what looks like civilian area atleast for me)
  13. tomco2555

    Loot - Survival

    What is your feedback?: Hi first of all i would like to say that the new patch (2.26) is good step forward. As it was said there is so many loot in Colorado V2 and Oregon (Oregon is wasy too overpowered with that loot). It will be good if you reduce the loot in Colorado V2 by 25%-50% and in Oregon by 50%. Also delete weapons of higher tier (Stanag, AK weapons) from civilian areas. In police station just put some SMGs. Reduce spawning LMGs overall. Also try to work more on vehicle system because sometimes also unstuck(F7) doesn´t work properly. I don´t have screenshot but it happened on the bridge in Oregon. My vehicle got stuck and i pressed F7. It made sound of unstuck but it stayed on the sme place and when i tryed to get in it showed me message "Can´t enter vehicle". Also spawning of vehicles in Oregon seems so low in comparing with Colorado V2, V1. I would like to see that you use potential of crafting as much as you can. You could add some new items from which we could make food or water, maybe some "homemade" gun where we have to find gun parts etc. What map did you experience this?: Colorado V2, Colorado V1, Oregon(also that problem with car) When was it?: Loot last during whole my playing of Survival, car problem happened on Tuesday. Write extra info here: For me Suvival seems like Open World with lower loot rates. It´s a pity because the idea is great and awesome. As i have seen few topics i think that something like Hardcore Survival Mode would be great. Where everything is way harder to get. Where crafting is much harder. Where people would think about every bullet. But i like idea of crafting f. e. Heavy Armor and Personal Locker that it isn´t easy to get. It should be like that with more items.
  14. Try to overwrite code atleast of one car which will be usable, findable and able to pick up ASAP or try to write code for new one. Idk what is easier (I think that first option should be "easier"). But it would be great to have at least one driveable car till the problem will be solved. That´s my opinion
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