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  1. Thanks for every screen and support! I am going to update it ASAP.
  2. You must be either on premium or private server to be able to pick up a car, when you are, just hold F5 to pick it up.
  3. Adding it today! Thanks for feedback.
  4. Cars are still flipping like crazy when turning, is it supposed to be like that? Plus, the bug that causes you to teleport high when exiting vehicle is still here, happened to me yersterday.
  5. up to six, with fast load
  6. As I was playing NewZ for quite a long time, things have changed. They added more skins and guns are more easy to find. Pain in the ass is trading. Typing on discord you are selling something and waiting if someone is gonna respond or you just spam on trading lounge to sell your item for an hour or two. What I would make is just some sort of online market, where you can sell things, putting your own price and let time do the work. It was here once, but never fixed and then removed. For other players, it would mean that they can buy things from other players and it could be so easy to do so. Another suggestion I would make is global inventory management. Not able to move my items in it, change position or unload the gun directly in UI at main menu makes it a lot more time consuming. If it is on purpose to have players spend more time in the game, then I understand, but none would spend like an hour every 2 or 3 days to sort his inventory to make it not look like garbage. I would add some sort of sort button that would stack all the same clips or the whole inventory. So many times I had an issue that one C-MAG had 100 bullets, another 100 bullets and they just won't stack at all. Another change would be an player-server integration. Why would server want connection for every change you make in GI. Instead I would let it just for client and when you are done with the inventory, then update changes. It would save a lot of time gearing up or putting guns in inventory. Maybe my suggestion are a bit over the top, but it is for sure, doable. ADD: Please make at least guns reloading at lounge instant so I don't have to wait for ages to load my guns. Cheers.
  7. Great point but on the other hand, my experience was that I was getting killed by AR campers on Spring Valley and on PvP servers, sniper servers are rarely occupied. Making snipers more rare would just make no difference for a long time since people own so many and it would just make people loot on private servers if someone kills one with a sniper. Personally finding snipers are a little bit rare because for the time I was looting for a past week I only found maybe 5 laying on ground or in item boxes and about 5 got dropped by Super Zombie, I do not count Alien Zombies because it requires private server to get decent amount of loot from them. Just my look on the problem.
  8. Thanks man, still working on it!
  9. I know but I did not know exact ones, added them now!
  10. Hello everyone! Since I ran out of cars I thought it would be a good idea to make a spawn location guide since I have not found one. Currently I am working, adding new spawns and images to make find cars more easily. As far as I know, there are currently only 10 cars spawned on the private servers at a time and it is good to have a private server. I inform you that I am going to add as many spawns as I find, if you know a spawn location then comment this topic and if you can take a pic, where the car spawns exactly it would be also helpful. Spawn map: Photos of verified spawns: Rocky Ford Parkerville Oak Mountain Rest Stop Clearview Smallville Campos City 1 Campos City 2 Fallsdale Whitestone Mountain Pleasant Valley Rotten Valley Ridgeway Airport 1 Ridgeway Airport 2 Camp Splinter Norad Military Base Glenwood Springs Frosty Pines Blue Ridge Boulder City 1 Castle Pine Sleepy Crest Superior Junction text in green signatures frequent spawn of cars
  11. Hello, Is there any way I can limit my FPS without third party software and without enabling VSYNC because of input lag? Thanks for answers
  12. BONO

    Trading place

    I would suggest making a trading place in main menu so players can trade their items faster and more effective.
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